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Update? Wut?

August 31, 2010 4 comments

Ok open beta FF14…postponed…lol not surprised. And just like SE…they give an ambiguous answer as to when it will resume. XD

WoW news….

Sick…missed raid last night….sinuses….evil….

Otherwise lvling alts has been fun.

My cow druid hit 53….woot! almost Outlands!! Healing as a resto druid….pretty easy but that may change once into I get into Outlands and Northrend.

My own DK project….hit 68 and started into the Tundra. I have to say…JC is a pain to level. Never again. Also as far as being OP while leveling, DKs are up there in terms survivability with pallys.

I did like the Blood spec…but with it going the way of the dinosaur, I went to Unholy…but did not like it. Tried Frost for a while – but with a lack of info on Frost…went back to Unholy. Setup Needtoknow and boom not too bad anymore. Spread those diseases!! Manage runes and boom things die. Still unhappy that I could not break 1k DPS in a Outlands dungeon!!! grrrr….I bet I could have.

Is it IT, PS, SS, BS, BS? Obliterate somewhere in there? Reapply diseases and start over? Seems like it is working…will look up the rotation once i get to do more dungeons.

Hunter hit 33 – It’s ok…not sure….but something is not clicking…when does hunter become exciting?? LOL. Weird thing is ranger was one of my fav jobs in FFXI.

I think I know why…maybe cause I dont like pet jobs by nature? I do not know. Or maybe cause Hunter does not have a lot of buttons to hit at this level? The Unholy DK at least has some buttons to hit! XD

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FF14 fatigue issue updated!

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the official word from SE.

The older ones were based on half infomation, rumors, people blowing things out of proportaion and poor translation.

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WoW’s days numbered?

August 25, 2010 3 comments

No this is not a post saying the giant internet dragon is going to die anytime soon. This is more like that my days of bubble priesting etc. may end soon.

Too many neat MMO’s I want to try out coming out soon.

As I have mentioned FF14, I am eagerly waiting for. I have seen the issues and I do not care, I am FF fanboi at heart 😛

On the issue of fatigue in FF14, I see nothing wrong with this. I think in the beginning especially that a way to get people to see all aspects of the game instead of rushing to max lvl is a good thing. Furthermore, what game on release has actual endgame material??? And for people like me who like to lvl…this will only benefit us. 🙂

2.) Tera – ooo sparkly!
-looks impressive, on par with Aion and FF14
-the combat will be A LOT more active then other MMO’s. More akin to an action game like God Of War. Players will have a block move, and will have to watch visual and audio cues from mobs to know when to block, move, stun a mob.
-I do have reservations as it maybe grindy to an extreme. (Hey it is a Korean game!) Aion was a nice looking game, but lacking.

3.) Star Wars: The Old Republic – Force Push!
-Its Star Wars! Jedi! Light Sabers! Come on!
-Its made by Bioware!
-….Bioware is owned by EA ><
-Bioware has never made an MMO.
-Advanced job system sounds cool and space combat!

And good ol' Cata…needs to get here sooner! 😛

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What are you people typing into google??

August 13, 2010 6 comments

So…yeah….what are you people looking for there in the internet world??

One makes sense….alliance paladin funny. Yeah I do have a paladin etc.

The other one – ostrich may bite…wow people really? lol. But yeah seeing an ostrich bite people is funny when I think about it.

Link Love!

RS made easier! – From Dreambound by Kae

Throne of Tides video! From Kurn’s great site. Great info on hunters and holy paladins!

Crickets pets! Why Del why!!!!

Sunset!! taken from my fav lock’s site, nice SS as usual!

Great noob moments! the troll with the bestest mohawk! Check it out. Great humor and insight!

Da POOP! As usual Rivs delivers his wit and the laughs. Besides he is/was a WAR player. thumbs up! Blood for the blood god!

And lastly,

FF 14!!!! Check it out! nice podcast etc!
FF 14 char pics

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August 12, 2010 2 comments


Ok I work for an insurance company…in claims….why would you call me while driving in rush hour on your cell phone…people i swear.


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Dry eyes and raiding do not mix!

August 12, 2010 2 comments

Note to self: remember to take out contacts before raiding. Dry eyes = mistakes and mistakes = wipes.

25 man ICC….good times as usual, except for dry eyes.

Downed last night:

Lady Deathwhisper
Valrithia Dreamwalker

I admit I was feeling off….it hit around Dreamwalker, fatigue and contact issues in one big hit. But me being stubborn me ignored it. Heroic Sindy – seems very similar to normal, with a few exceptions.

1.) Unchained Magic – if you get instability stop casting and get our of the raid. Each stack on instability not only causes dmgs to you, but also to raid members with in a 20 yd radius. Don’t cast 5 seconds prior to her pull in ability with stack of instability.

2.) 6 ice blocks in her air phase and they have a butt load of HP. Also Frost Bombs will basically one shot ya. Beware. (Maybe I should pick up from frost resist gear).


Very similar to to normal, with of course some differences.

1.) Bone Storm – Run away to not stand near him. closest to him will cause 13k dmg/sec.

2.) Bone Spike will still be used during the storm. So the raid needs to split in an orderly fashion, Split up the raid to head right or left, so there will be sufficient individuals to kill spikes.

Lady Deathwhisper

Very similar in p1. it is in p2 that things change.

1.) Don’t get hit by ghosts if possible – they will explode and cause to anyone with in a 20 yd radius of the person hit.

2.) DPS watch threat – LDW is untauntable in p2. Misdirect and etc to the approp tank.

3.) Adds and Mind controls will still occur in p2.

4.) At a certain point, the raid will want to still hold add but focus fire LDW down.


What can i say its lootship. Do what you do in normal and it will go down. Kill cannoneers, kill mage. One thing to watch for though is do not stand in the spot where the cannon lands, it will bounce you back.


He generates Blood Power fast! So get rdy to heal people with marks early in the fight. Also he spawns a lot more Blood Beasts – 6 if i recall. Burn them down fast. Also if you are getting chased by one. Don’t stand there and get hit. Hits generate a lot of bloodpower. Also as beasts get dmg’d they will enrage and get a speed boost.

Valrithia Dreamwalker

This fight is chaotic on whatever version….from what I can recall….the frostbolts must be interrupted!! Also the less dmg the raid takes will make this fight easier. Communicate on when certain dangerous mobs spawn! Also 3 tanks needed as adds will also appear from the back.

Also in heroic – when swimming the orbs will be red and will still make you uber…but will also place a debuff on you. So getting too many stacks will kill you. The healers going in have to balance their stacks.

The orbs will also damage Dreamwalker if not popped…so they will all need to be popped.

I gotta say…I am glad I am not swimming…did not like it in 10 man normal even!

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Happy Hump Day!

August 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Yay FF14 NDA released! Some great info released so far.

Screenshots and crafting info!

The above link to has some nice screenshots and info on Guildleves, crafting and armor.

The guildleves sound like a blast and promotes grouping. Also seems like a decent way to get items and gear.

Crafting sounds like it will be a blast. Crafting minigames! Makes crafting interesting then in other games where it is gather this, craft this.

It is cool to note: necklaces, rings, and earrings will be dispalyed on your character! About time! 😛


Nice info on recent changes…one thing I liked was more character creation options! RAWR!

I cant find it now but apparently FF14 may have a Emblem/token system like WoW? So excited!

In WoW news still working on 25 man heroics. Still unsure about 25 man raids but still fun nonetheless. Can’t wait to see what falls tonight!

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