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April 8, 2011 16 comments

That is what I thought after reading about Blizzard’s “fix” to the DPS Queue time.

(yes, yes I know a lot of others have written up responces to this)

*cough* Anyways, no matter what game you play, be it MMO, or traditional Pencil and Paper RPGs, the “tank” and “healer” to DPS issues always seems to show up like an bad case of crabs.

The inherant issue of a “trinity” system bottlenecks players into a system where you need “X” amount of this to proceed.

To prevent DPS and Healers getting killed, there is usually a role or class which will stand on the front lines. These roles draw the attention and ire of enemies so the healers and DPS do their jobs. this job is dirty, at times difficult, and does not bring any glory. That unfortunately, goes to the DPS. There are tactile means to measure DPS, but there is no way to effectly show oh boy, good job Mr tank.

In this world of meters and gearscore, all people see are DPS #’s. Hell look at the site (Sure there is a healing portion to it as well, but HPS does not mean effective healing all the time.)

Another issue in this world of Cataclysm, Wrathbabies (I know this term is degrading and generalizes, however, when used is specific ways, it can represent a feeling or playstyle), is the mentality that Wrath brought upon. The GOGOGO, pull the whole instance, AoE things, push one heal spell thing. For a guild group I can say one can do this, but when dealing with the grab bag, LFD , more then likely you cannot do this. For some off reason, people in LFD still think this can be done. 😦

Lack of comminication, etc brings the LFD tool to its kness in Cata. Hell I don’t even want to use LFD as a healer, and I think I am a decent healer.

Another reason as to why this “fix” is meh, is that it punishes people for playing a role they ike to play, DPS. All I can see is this bringing about stories of princess healers, or snobby tanks lol. Sure if you are a hybred you can take advantage, but how many people actually know how to play an off-spec well? (Not too many I would imagine.)

Also with the grouping of servers to form the LFD tool….the anonymous nature of it itself also makes it a dangerous beast. With no reason to be patient, polite, etc. The random grabbag iof players can make for a bad mixture of players, with varying levels of skill, politeness, and patience.

Does Blizzard want people to know every aspect of the class? (by allowing LFD even in lower levels) Good I applaude them for doing so. However, the way in which they have setup the game does not show it. Using a primarily, quest based system, one does not have to group up with people prior to the “end levels” showing there is no way to teach someone their class. (also people don’t want to listen to advise etc, and many don’t have the patience to teach.)

Sure you can group up in lower levels, but how many times have those turned into people facerolling the dungeon and pulling packs of mobs….

(I know many players do not want to “grind” their way to endgame, but at least with “grinding” you did have to know how to play. You cannot just hit random buttons and hope to win. I personally think playing FFXI for 6 years taught me how to play. And for many of those who may have played even older MMOs understand how to group. Furthermore, by pulling from a random group of people, there is no way to “weed” out the baddies. When I played FFXI, if you were a “baddie” you were doomed.)

I think until there is a way to teach people how to play from the get go, and fix players overall attitudes, the pain of the LFD will never be fixed. Furthermore, unless there is ever a way to get away from this “trinity” system, players will always be plagued by this. There always seems to be a shortage of tanks and healers when compared to DPS. Why play the support when you can be the slayer?

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I must be sick….

April 5, 2011 11 comments

I am more interested in healing on my druid then DPSing on her…..

So on Drak’Tharon – 3 healers.

Liyhe – Holy/Disc Priest/lolshadow

Orangeslice – Holy/lolprot

Melonslice – Resto/lolBalance

I think I need to stay away from the healers….but when they “fix” shaman I may have to start up my shaman project again.

Is there anyway to break the healing bug?

Even on my mage Velineda…I find myself wanting to BUBBLE something. Iceblock is not quite the same. 😦

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Priests – Now in Disc or Holy flavored!

April 1, 2011 7 comments

The only class in WoW with 2 dedicated healing specializations, the Priest.

Why would you want to be a priest?

1.) We wear dresses duh!
2.) Bubbles….
3.) Lazor heals!
4.) Big yellow BUBBLE
5.) Huge circle of shiny on teh ground!
6.) Wings to look purdy!
7.) We don’t smell like cabbage like the other classes!

Ok now that you want to be a priest, which race should you make your priest:

Night Elf

Human: ok acceptable. Some humans will have the sense and elegence needed to become a priest.

Night Elf: Sigh…the skin clashes. Long armed, and necked Nelfs look like giraffes. no.

Draenei and Worgen: Hooves. Claws. Horns….no they should stick to being in the freak show. Not on the runway!

Dwarves and Gnomes: Wait do people play gnomes and dwarves? I haven’t seen any…oh wait…that’s right, one has to look down to see them.

Blood Elf

Tauren….seriously…no. Don’t even consider it. Cows and dresses do not mix. If you want to see that – Check out People of Walmart.

Troll….again…no. Why would you want to be a race that does not have the elegence needed for the fancy dresses…*ahem* robes. Also whatever they are smoking…makes them smell like cabbage. Also they have poor posture!

Forsaken…..not going to go there. Should be obvious. Also they suffer from poor posture and bad breath.

Goblin…see troll. Besdes the greenskin clashes with everything. FASHION IS #1

Ok this brings me to the only race deserving to be a Priest.


1.) Epic hair.
2.) The attitude that works and brings everyone in.
3.) The right figure.
4.) No claws, hooves, horns.
5.) No ugly facial hair.
6.) No huge foreheads, gangly arms, and Mullet
7.) Like did I mention, the EPIC HAIR!

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