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Changing of the guard!

May 28, 2010 12 comments

My 2 80’s. The priest, Liyhe is the elder of the two, started back in summer of 09?


The paladin was more of a joke alt. Never really intended it to be leveled more than a few levels. Until Del and Lyssi started to level. Then decided to pick the paladin up, was originally going to go prot/ret. Haha that didn’t last too long. She has gone from Prot/Ret, to Prot/holy, to Holy/Ret, and now back to Prot/Holy. I don’t mind tanking I really do not (I had a tank in FFXI), but I am not good at mob tanking…and I have THE AoE threat tank…yeah…I am loltank. Single target I think I am ok.


I have to say…being a paladin healer is hell of a lot more fun then priest healer. The healing style is more reminiscent of white mage in FFXI. Although, paladin’s do not have the AoE spells of a white mage, the constant casting and btute force healing play is like coming home.

It’s ironic my paladin is not as old as my priest but the paladin has seen more of ICC 25 then my priest. And for the most part has all the same achievements my priest does. Gear wise i would say pretty comparable as well…only things lowering Orange’s gearscore is shield trinkets, and cape.

Back to the priest, I have decided to drop having to healing specs. Going to go with Disc and Shadow. (She started as shadow, then World of Snarkcraft had a great guide to lvl as healy priest, respecced and went to it! When I got duel spec, she was Holy/Shadow, to Disc/Holy, and now to Disc/Shadow) With the amount of healers now in guild, having a DPS spec to throw into the mix should help out with setups.

Last night in ICC 10 i was able to pick up a few pieces of caster DPS gear. With those equipped I am at 7.85% hit and with the 3 percent hit from shadow talents I am at 10.85% Looks like i need quite a bit more to get to that hit capped. Also more haste is needed sitting around 637 and crit rating of 25.22%.


Wand of Ruby Claret

And from a PuG VoA 25

Sanc. Crimson Acolyte Gloves

Time to grind out EoT for some t9 and save remainder of EoF for T10 associated gear.

Back to that ICC 10…lol..i think i had a blond moment…i forgot my keys..muscle memory was gone for a few moments…I was looking for my Holy Light Button etc….

Oh no someone needs a big HEAL…HOLY LIGHT INBOUND!!! But instead…oh wait…Bubble and heal…lol definitely took some use to.

And for the chance a fellow priest reads this. For Shadow is the rotation, apply DoTs, Mindblast? then either mindflay or the mind sear depending on if single target or trash. Then reaaplly Dots? or do not even bother with find blast? Also is PW:Death not used?

But today is friday and tomorrow morning i get to see my favorite lock. 🙂 She can lifetap me!


Oh yes and Phil’s BBQ

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May 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Harmony is defined as agreement; accord; harmonious relations.

Harmony does not only apply to real life but also within and also with in MMO’s. Well lol that is my own twisted opinion. Without harmony, we might as well live in anarchy as a society of hunter/gatherers.

 Del in his post also mentioned….walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Understand where the other is coming from. You may not agree with it, but nothing is wrong with trying to understand their thoughts and ideas.

Criticism is good when constructive, bad when not. If one cannot take it (criticism), one probably should not dole it out either.

If one is not an “expert” on something, don’t comment on it as if one is. Suggestions to where advice can be sought are always nice. However, not learning and not researching and relying is also bad.

“He who learns but does not think, is lost! He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger.”

Researching things is good and all, but flexibility, adaptability, and an ability to listen is also needed. Things are not set in stone.  Inflexibility is bad. Organisms must evolve to survive.

                “Be not ashamed of mistakes and thus make them crimes.” Confucius

                “Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.”

Moderation in tone of voice is prudent as well.  Words can cut someone the hardest, especially when close.

                “When anger rises think of the consequences.” Confucius

Making decisions not in the right mental frame of mind, when physically tired, or upset, will never yield a good thing. Haste makes waste.

If you are a ruler, lead with honor, and act as such. Garner respect and adoration.

                “A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.”

If you are a soldier, listen, but if something is not right speak up. (I admit I am not good at this one, the speaking up part)

Allowing old wounds to fester, it’s never a good idea, allowing wounds/feelings to fester…corrupts and pollutes good old memories and feelings.

                “Forget injuries, never forget kindness.” Confucius

Copying a line from my intelligent bear friend Del, hope he doesn’t mind. 😛

“It is easy to win an argument and lose a friend. I would prefer to lose the argument and keep the friend. But that’s up to you.

Please keep all this in mind the next time you (ninja edit) deal/interact with your fellow guild mates.”

PS. Read with an open mind. I may step on a lot of toes with this, but things must be said…if i am to be a villain and alienate people I care be it.

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Midweek recap: the return.

May 12, 2010 17 comments

For a nice concise wrap from me GM:

Funny stuff in there….wut is Penance? 🙂 Don’t hurt me boss!

What is awesome about last night is 2 our of normal DPS’ers (?) helped out by swapping to their alts.

1st off my favorite lock turned hippy on us and went on resto druid. (flying green leaves for all!) HoTs and cows…what’s not to like? /wink. She got a chest upgrade. (hmmm…gig…ugh i dont know how to spell that word)

Our intimidating GM, Arioch, logged onto to EPIC HEALER Selwyn. Got some nice upgrade her priest. (So i guess i get to retire meh priest!)

I went on my lol holy pally. No shield dropped, but healing the lower spire was fun on 25 man. Constanly casting healing bombs of win….is quite exciting. /alone time.

Festergut and Rotface dropped without too much trouble 🙂  The biggest thrill for me at  least was Blood Princes down on 25 man on 2nd try. I think not a lot of people had seen that fight before…it was awesome.

Prof. Put we gave it a good try…he will die soon enough.

 lol…why iz I not fail angel….lol boss.

At the end of the night…i had enough for my second piece of T10. Decided to go with the pants…or is it PAHNTS? Anyways, 2 piece bonus is quite nice….had a crit of 27k…someone hand me a towel. LOL.  Tir…get me a shield…me be your best friend forever 😛

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Monday…not too bad. :)

May 10, 2010 4 comments

I don’t really have much to say…as Arioch already said. I am lacking as far as WoW stuffs etc. Other then the same old random, dailys etc.

All I will say is something good happened.

Work is busy but I dont mind. 🙂

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Friday thoughts….

May 7, 2010 6 comments

ok TGIF. This has been an interesting week. Lots of changes here at work….we’ll see how the changes go. This has felt like one long ass Monday.

1st off Tuesday went off pretty well. The people from TD were an awesome bunch of people. Also has our resident lock met their match?

Wed – we will get LK down, just a matter of time. As for as this past Wed. Lets just say we tried!

Thursday – 2nd run of ICC 10 for SR. rofl stomped majority of the citadel. A few hiccups here and there  but much loot was gained….well once we got out of the lower spire! Zari finally got a cloak. Grats mohawk dude! Healing team of Selwyn (Foxtail add +1 to epic heals) and Tattia (Cowtail adds +1 to epic heals) owned things, I foresee 2 LK fights for SR in the very near future.

For VDW I think I have gotten the orb popping figured out. I do not know if it is my poor vision or my latency, I cannot swim thru the center of them to get them to pop. For me I have to swim thru the upper half of it..or to the side of it, for it to pop. Does not make much sense to me…why would it not pop if you swim in the center of it. Also if you miss one…do not stop and go back…keep on moving and AIM for the next target. If you got time..head back. Don’t waste time going back and forth if you miss one.

I myself was not to thrilled about my DPS, but my ret set is BAD…..just hit 4k GS. Any melee DPSers out there have any hints to pass along? target switching and the like?

Also this week…I guess I am a brute force healer lol. Comparing my fellow priest Tir to my own on 25 man Fester….it does appear that way lol. But in my defense, I had to spot heal a lot more then normally 😛 But I would agree looking back…I do tend to force things. Then again there are more then one way to skin a cat!

For my own personal project of working on the 4 healing classes….has kinda hit a snag….druid is painful to lvl…and my shaman is sitting back at lvl 9 lol. Sorak mentioned maybe I should level a ranged DPS class…I took the advise and am trying out Hunter (my 1st character when BC came out was a  BEhunter/2nd was a dranei Pally, vanilla it was a forsaken lock/tauren warrior)…nice and easy to play so far. I just fear the long waits in the Q for a “pure” DPS class.

I wish I had a JP button to do amazing things…..

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cata will fix it….

May 6, 2010 22 comments

If you have not had the chance to do so. Check out all the nomnomnom screen shots over at MMOchampion. If you dont like spoilers I definitely recommend not checking out.

The Worgen models looks cool…and what are they doing to my Org T_T

Deathwing…..yeah….lets run way now!!!!

And partial spoiler… – …….dundundun!

The new enchanting recipes look awesome!

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Midweek Recap

May 5, 2010 15 comments

Well its Wednesday. In the middle of the week, the hump as one would call it.

Its ironic…the group I am in is heading back in to face the Lich King again tonight…I think we are also right at that point where one moment of clarity and we will coast on down the hill or the hump.

ICC 25 last night. Our 1st grouping up with memebers from Team Dyslexia. Definitely a good time, they are a good bunch of people. Stomp the lower spire once again. Go to Rotface and boom he exploded. Best part was the ooze explosion at the very end after he was dead….lol wiped out most of group 5.  Festergut…gave us some trouble but in the end got him down as well. I will admit I did get a little heated here. 😛

Went to give one try at the Prof…I think we did decent. Got him down to phase 2 before things went bad…just need to get use to the adjustment from 10 vs 25 man version of fights. Nice loots were given out. Slo somehow made a lot of shaman gear drop!!! /glare Slo!

I think I should make a point to choose which set to gear up 1st…playing holy last night..I forgot how much fun it could be.  /ponder.  Its nice to see all those #’s come up when casting CoH etc. Maybe I should drop disc. 😛

Bacon Soap!!

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