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Stormwind is a confusing place….raiding Crits Edition.

March 28, 2011 11 comments

OK….I will start out. No Sorak I am not scared to compete with your rogue. Sorry I am a mage and we don’t do it from behind. We burn your face with FIRE!

Friday night…I have transferred and faction changed the mage, to help fill in for Crits as needed. (I am a raidoholic, raiding is the one of the primary reason i play any MMO).

Log in…hmm. What race to make the alliance mage….

Hmmm. Night Elf…nah, but I was tempted.

Gnome, no thanks, Dwarf, no thanks.

Human, warmer – I do like their casting animations.

Space Goat – even warmer – WAGGLE!!!!! 1% hit…self heal – meh…its no arcane torrent.

Worgen – 1% crit is nice. Darkflight – 40% movement buff….score!

Picked the same name…good to go…log in…..


(ok that maybe a bit of an exageration.)

Setup the UI real quick, re-make a few macros. Good to go.

Head on out to Blackwing Descent

1.) Omnotron
2.) Magmaw
3.) Maloriak

Good times overall! 🙂 Conversation is a bit quieter and a G rated. Quite a nice change from the usual SR dirtiness. 😛

A few pulls on Omnotron, kinks are worked out and boom dead. Grats to loot winners.

Magmaw – dead fried worm!

Maloriak – had some tanks who have not tanked him before, but once again kinks worked out and boom! MAOR LOOT!

2nd night

BoT and the throne of the 4 winds!

Halfus and V&T

Once again some kinks that need to get worked out but we did get them down in the end. 🙂

Throne – this I was nervous about. Never have done this fight and its has been weeks since i have read this strat. I was told what to do and followed around Fahala around. And 3rd pull boom they were dead. Not too bad. 🙂

I like raiding, but what is interesting to do it from a role other then healing, and a different raid team.

As DPS some issues I was having…

1.) Hit….misses make me angry….such an annoying thing!
2.) DPS tunnel vision. OMG! Make sure this Dot is up, make sure this is up! OMG A PROC! BLARG HAVE TO MOVE NAO! ARGH! lol
3.) ….wanting to hit PW:S…..
4.) Seeing humans, spacegoats, and Night Elves running around, as opposed to Orcs, Blood Elves, and Cows running around.
5.) Not used to heaing certain people in vent.

HEALING IS EASIER! I can just play…whack a mole!

Let me deal with incoming damages etc…tell me to interrupt, Spellsteal, swap to adds…and I am like wut?????

But overall I think I did ok? At least I hope I did lol.

Another interresting thing is to see how others deal with Raid mechanics. It always fascinates me as to how one group does it compared to another. 🙂

When does one group to use Bloodlust and when to save etc. (BTW…hearing it called Heroism over vent…I was like? WUT IS THAT?)

Name? Race?

March 25, 2011 12 comments

Bacon is win!

So ok the mage is now on Winterhoof, pending a faction change….ewwww I am a barbaric Alliance now! (again)

Anyways…how do you pick a name?

I used to always want a name that was Rpish i guess. I could never really understand the reasoning for naming your toon a funny name. However, the more I play MMOs that stance has changed and I have some odd names: Orangeslice, Melonslice, Bigbadworgen, Limeslice, Nattysilce (named after Natural Light)

I am not saying a “normal” fantasyish name is bad…but it seems not having one is just as common now. From odd names, to toons named after words – Nation, Tribute etc.

Choosing a race seems to be very biased. People appear to pick the cool looking race or the pretty race. Races not featuring these characteristics tend to be on the low end. How many femtaurs does one see? Dwarves in general? Or people go for min/maxing picking the best race/class combo.

So what should I name my “new” alliance toon?

Some sort of slice?
A new name?
Same name they were on Drak?


Should I stick with aesthetics? Or min/max?

Dranei – the 1% hit is nice I will admit. Gift of the Narru i meh. bonus to JC….

Worgen – the 1% crit is ok, Darkflight is nice. Skinning bonus…..

Human – the reputation bonus is nice. Spirit bonus is blah (mages get no benefit for it). Expertise – BLARG!, although Every man for himself would be nice if i PvP’d more. But no real PVE benefit.

Gnome – no…..not going to be the Sorak equivalent on Alliance. Although, female gnomes are teh cute. Escape Atrist – ok i guess.

Dwaves – Stoneform…cool i guess. Gun bonus…. >,<

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….yay or time for a rant?

March 17, 2011 7 comments

This is what Omnotron did to us last night. ^.^

remove DK’s from WoW…just kidding! I like the class as a whole.

In my guild, it pretty common to have a 5 man with a healer, and 4 dk’s or 3 dk’s…

On the outside…ok this is awesome!

Let me state from experience…it is not as fun as it sounds.

From my own taxing experiences…the damage Dk’s take is proportional the amount of DK’s in your group.

Heavyarms (Arv), Cayle (Sorak), Zevaris (zug), Arelin (repgrind)…I am scared to heal all of them once in a 5 man.

They must have a unknown debuff – Drives ’em Crazy – Causes your healer to panic and go mad. Cause soul break to your healer.

HAHA in all fairness it is funny and amusing when they all get together. 🙂

Last night’s raid was a different story…10 wipes on a boss that is on farm normally? Omnotron? Not sure what happened there….oh yeah slimes didnt die, etc etc. Oh well. Still one shotted Magmaw, and Chim. Atra seems a little wonky as well. oh well! everyone raid has an off night from time to time. 🙂 (and I forgot to swap to Holy for Atra – fail priest!)

Grim Batol…..

March 7, 2011 17 comments


The pain is still there. My soul is still shattered. My heart a withered shell of what it once was. My cuts are still bleeding. The light has abandoned me.

On one fateful day in Azeroth in lovely sunny Orgimmar.

“Liyhe, let us go and smite the evil within the halls of Grim batol! With us we shall take three other stalwart and heroic companions with us! The tenacious Zevaris, heavy handed Heavyarms, and one member of the cow mafia Rarm! With this setup we shall litter the field of battle with blood and the pieces of our enemies!” – Cayle

“Ok, let’s own this place!” – ill-fated Priest Healer Liyhe

Ok…it was not that bad….oh wait it was….Usually when i run a gulld Grim Batol, it is quite easy and I dont have to drink or have mana issues.

When you have a group makeup of THREE Deathknights, and one prot warrior and one disc priest, apparently hillarity ensues.

I guess all the plate pulls the brain matter from their skulls to somewhere else…like the epeen.

Plate = tank…so we DKs are plate wearers….ok to tank!

But I digress, it was not so much as they were trying to tank…they just didnt watch threat I think? or watch for bad…or whatever lol. At times it was quite amusing, I have to admit. They were flashing death meters from Recount.

What really made me laugh was when they would survive a wipe…they would call themself – “THE BESTEST DK EVA!” LOLOLOLOL!!!1111

On that note I don’t think I ever saw Cayle (aka Sorak) survive a whole fight? Maybe one or two?

I have to admit, I pulled a page from the Tattia Healing Playbook…let people die!

It was not easy to heal….especially with the forgemaster….when he puts bad on the ground…aka fire…in his mace phase…..having all melee dps….not fun…..

If you now excuse me…I will be super glueing the remnants of my soul back together.

What do you think of raids and problems?

March 7, 2011 8 comments

Well to me personally, I am glad they are not like ICC…pity buff…lol

Anyways I am glad for the higher level of challenge.

In ICC, one could to an extent, if you lost someone, recover, stabilize and win for the most part (normal difficulty). Or if you failed at a mechanic you could still win many fights. Prime example, taking too long to free people from bonespikes, or improperly standing in bad in blood princes, and my favorite getting hit by Prof. Putricide’s ooze thingees he throws at you.

In many of the Cataclysm fights, a death or two and it is game over.
(well except for that Omnotron where we lost a tank and 2 DPS in a minute and managed to recover somehow was amazing!)

Magmaw – is actually pretty easy, but fail at adds = wipe. Improperly handle “Mangle” = poss wipe.

Omnotron – failure to pull Arcanotron out of puddles = death, Getting hit by an ooze = death, improperly healing a target from the single target flame thrower from Magmatron = death.

Maloriak – not properly controlling interrupts = death. Not properly stacking up or run out = death. Improper movement on phase 2 of the tank and the raid not watching out for bad = death.

Chimaeron – well…this is a lot on the healers…not paying attention to low health = death. Moving to early from the feud phase = death. Not watching threat to see who is next in phase 2 means death and a wipe.

Atramedes – not hitting a gong during searing flame = death. Improper kiting = death, not watching your sounds meter = death.

With the Cataclysm bosses so far, there is no get out of jail free card. You pass or fail. Losing 1 or 2 people in a 10 man raid is quite harsh and might as well wipe it up. You will more than likely hit an enrage timer (Maloriak, Magmaw, or run out of gongs in the Atramedes fight)

I for the most part like the punishing aspect of these bosses, keeps you on your toes. No carrying people thru until higher gear levels.

For my next thought….how does your raid handle issues? Strategies?, Mistakes?

For the most part (in Shadow Rising), people own up their mistakes, and we all give suggestions to the main idea and follow thru. Furthermore, I think we have raided enough where people are able to take suggestions etc. and asked why what happened there to an individual.

In other groups, keeping outside the raid is a better alternative, in a more private setting. This keeps people who do not need to know, out of the loop, and keeps things under the table. This method maybe best for the more shy, introverted individual, and probably the “safest” method.

For others, just calling it out in the open maybe the best. Sometimes shame/anger is the best motivator for improvement, and the most controversal.

Every raid is different, made up of varied personalities and ideals. Every officer, GM, raid leader, will have to use different methods on how to handle criticism and evaluations of each other and their raiders. At times there is no way to improve your raid without breaking a few eggs and a few egos.

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