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Slice is a slacker! aka A wild Slobro has appeared!

January 4, 2013 6 comments

Yes, it has been a while since I have posted. I blame Lyssianna! Her slacking is contagious.

But since my last post, priests are now considered OP and going to be hit with a nerf bat in 5.2! What happened lol!

Shadow Rising is now 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 in Hof. We are planning on holding the lockout for more time on Garalon. With Zug’s new strategy the bug will go down quick! (Well I hope!)

Also I am fully invested into the crack known as pet battling, 12 level 25 pets and more to come! Also for some reason this caused me to get archy to 600….time for more tol’vir farming…must get that creepy claw!!

I have a confession to make, I cheated on WoW for a bit with the pretty young thing known as Guild Wars 2! It was fun, will have to see if I continue to play, but considering it’s free, it’s easy to pick up and play when I want to. Of course I have mazed out the # of characters lol. So I began to ran out of name’s….so I began to look for new names to steal….errr borrow. So of course I stole Lyssi’s name! Also a certain Femtaur name! Navimie! πŸ™‚ I was going to post screen shots but I don’t know exactly where GW2 stores them!

2013 goals in real life and in gaming!

1.) lose weight!
2.) Break 10k cheev points in WoW!
3.) More max level Alliance toons! Yes I said Alliance! (I only rolled Horde because of Blood Elves!)
4.) Play more Magic and table top games!
5.) Blog more!
6.) lose weight! Yes i listed it 2x cause it’s important for my health!

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…..MS paint is win…..

August 29, 2011 10 comments

never trust a goblin......

Ok here is my entry to Looking for More! All i gotta say…MS paint is win.

(Cure Disease) Can i have it?

August 9, 2010 5 comments

Ahhh good old Professor Putricide. Everyone’s favorite crazy doctor. His clever, whitty sayings, he says over and over again. A dedicated family man, look at the attention and love he shows for his “sons” is heartwarming.

F that…this bastard needs to die!!!!!

He is irritating on 10 man, a bastard on 25 man, 25 man Heroic…../wrist.

In Heroic version, the Professor and his slimes have a lot more hitpoints.

He also starting in Phase 1 throws out “Umbound Plague” – great another new things to pay attention to. Trust me this is a nasty disease. I am so going to pick up the addon to help manage this.

His slimes also hit for a lot more and with the added craziness of the UB going around it can be a bit rough. The slime explode for a lot more…I need to get better at stacking as well. I was only hit for it 30 times last week. Need to get there faster >< I think if a slime expodes its about 250k damage so..yes you need a lot of bodies to soak up the dmg. From lock pets, hunter pets, ghost wolves, elementals or snake trap and the raid…you need bodies there to share the love errr the pain!

The transitions are also a pain – 2 slimes out instead of the normal stunning gas. So if you still have a slime out from before…yeah wipe city. Also in the transitions he places a debuff on you so you can only DPS effectively the same colored slime. So if you are orange you can only really DPS the orange slime and vice versa.

Also the p3 damage is high…so he needs to die fast. too many stacks and boom down goes the raid know.

I am sure he will go down soon. πŸ™‚ As someone once mentioned – "The fight is not hard, it's all about managing the mechanics." Truer words have never been spoken.

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Back from the grave!!

June 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok back from the grave!!!!!! Being sick with sore throat and some kinda of nasty nasal infection not fun!!! 90% back to normal. can’t talk too long for at this moment.

Going to do a cop out post. going to copy this from Del!

1.) I like country, and I am not ashamed of it! I own a belt buckle!! woot!

2.) I used to be a ranked Magic player…yeah…i shoulda kept on playing. Lots of the players I played against…not very good. Then again, I am a decent single player, but team games is where i shine. I think the last tournament where I won 1st. My partner and I did not lose a single game. Simple comp…he brought the early pain, the fliers, and some creature removal. I brought the heavy late game hitters, counterspells, and more burn (ie creature removal or damage straight to the other team).

3.) Korean food is my fav….dont knock it till you try it!!! Kimchee!!! /drool

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Changing of the guard!

May 28, 2010 12 comments

My 2 80’s. The priest, Liyhe is the elder of the two, started back in summer of 09?


The paladin was more of a joke alt. Never really intended it to be leveled more than a few levels. Until Del and Lyssi started to level. Then decided to pick the paladin up, was originally going to go prot/ret. Haha that didn’t last too long. She has gone from Prot/Ret, to Prot/holy, to Holy/Ret, and now back to Prot/Holy. I don’t mind tanking I really do not (I had a tank in FFXI), but I am not good at mob tanking…and I have THE AoE threat tank…yeah…I am loltank. Single target I think I am ok.


I have to say…being a paladin healer is hell of a lot more fun then priest healer. The healing style is more reminiscent of white mage in FFXI. Although, paladin’s do not have the AoE spells of a white mage, the constant casting and btute force healing play is like coming home.

It’s ironic my paladin is not as old as my priest but the paladin has seen more of ICC 25 then my priest. And for the most part has all the same achievements my priest does. Gear wise i would say pretty comparable as well…only things lowering Orange’s gearscore is shield trinkets, and cape.

Back to the priest, I have decided to drop having to healing specs. Going to go with Disc and Shadow. (She started as shadow, then World of Snarkcraft had a great guide to lvl as healy priest, respecced and went to it! When I got duel spec, she was Holy/Shadow, to Disc/Holy, and now to Disc/Shadow) With the amount of healers now in guild, having a DPS spec to throw into the mix should help out with setups.

Last night in ICC 10 i was able to pick up a few pieces of caster DPS gear. With those equipped I am at 7.85% hit and with the 3 percent hit from shadow talents I am at 10.85% Looks like i need quite a bit more to get to that hit capped. Also more haste is needed sitting around 637 and crit rating of 25.22%.


Wand of Ruby Claret

And from a PuG VoA 25

Sanc. Crimson Acolyte Gloves

Time to grind out EoT for some t9 and save remainder of EoF for T10 associated gear.

Back to that ICC 10…lol..i think i had a blond moment…i forgot my keys..muscle memory was gone for a few moments…I was looking for my Holy Light Button etc….

Oh no someone needs a big HEAL…HOLY LIGHT INBOUND!!! But instead…oh wait…Bubble and heal…lol definitely took some use to.

And for the chance a fellow priest reads this. For Shadow is the rotation, apply DoTs, Mindblast? then either mindflay or the mind sear depending on if single target or trash. Then reaaplly Dots? or do not even bother with find blast? Also is PW:Death not used?

But today is friday and tomorrow morning i get to see my favorite lock. πŸ™‚ She can lifetap me!


Oh yes and Phil’s BBQ

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April 6, 2010 10 comments

Ok we have all made mistakes, from the disastrous to the hilarious.

These mistakes can wipe a raid and/or bring laughter to peoples faces.

For me these are the most common mistakes!!

1.) As Paladin – forgetting Righteous Fury – very important lol. A certain lock always pays for my mistake πŸ˜›

2.) Very minor error – forgetting Inner Fire as priest

3.) Β Fall off the edge in FoS…yes it can happen.

4.) Getting hit in the face with an empowered fireball and standing there watch it come towards me lol.

5.) Umm..nothing else comes to mind.

In other MMOs

1.) Facepulled a bunch of mobs in Dynamis-Bastok, in front of Auction Houce…..death ensued.

2.) Fell asleep drunk in a middle of mission, smack dab in an area full of angry mobs…how i did not die till i woke up…amazes me.

3.) Being rex’s and the dying 2 seconds later from 10,000 needles…3x…..good bye XP it was good to know thee.

4.) Accidentally using ninja’s 2 hr ability Majin Gakure (you explode, killing yourself, doing damage to the enemy in the process), in the middle of fight..which in turn wiped the group.

5.) Bought a 100 gil item for 100,000 by accident ><

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