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Raid Kitten pt deux

March 30, 2010 4 comments

Go read the inital part for a refresher. Take it as gospel, the koran, etc for being a raid kitten.

Also check out

I agree with what Tir has written. (he may have a temper at times, but the man does know his stuff, and he is genuine when he wants the guild to succeed and besides he is a nice guy).

I admit that I do not think I am a “good” WoW player. It takes me a while to learn mechanics, as Slo mentioned you can read and watch all the videos, but till you actually see the fight first hand, all that other stuff is fluff. The written strats and the videos are reference materials only and really should not be taken as gospel.

Raid Leaders and members must: Learn, adapt, and evolve as appropriate. Otherwise we die. A raid is a living breathing organism composed of its members, when one faile, the raid dies.

Be prepared when you head into a role you are not used to, be it healer or DPS, or tank. Spec, gem, enchant appropriately. If you are not used to DPSing – spend more time with it. Not used to tanking, do more of it…(yeah i know i need to tank more).

Watch your threat meters, don’t get tunnel visioned into lifebars (I am bad at this sometimes), procs, etc. Dont stand in front of a boss (if it has cleave) or behind it (if it has a tail attack). 

Also learn the habits of your fellow raid members if possible. Learn to think what would they do in a certain situation. For example, Ari and I were targeted by the ice tombs. My reaction is if someone runs toward me and we need to be spread out, I will run from them. Forgetting Ari can blink, she can move faster then I, should have allowed her to move as they are better equipped for the task.

When possible keep raid channels and vent clear for raid information that needs to get passed on.

I do not want to sound like an ass here but there is no other way to put this. Joking and fun is all good, but please can the chatter when about to pull or when in the middle of combat. If you talk while in combat…and hitting that push to talk key  – you may miss something you need to GTFO from, cast a critical spell needed,  or cut out someone trying to relay an important piece of info to the raid.  Combat time is srs bizness. I don’t care if its lolNaxx, or totc 10 something can happen to screw the raid over. (like a certain Paladin or Shaman not being in a healing spec 😛 still cracks me up)

If you are getting replaced or not picked, do not take offense. Means comp is not working and need to try something else out.  Once the kinks are worked out alt ways can be worked out etc. If you are getting replaced, take it as moment to Learn, adapt, and evolve. Is your spec off? Rotation off? Gemmed, enchanted incorrectly?

The game is not about the loot. Its about, as Tir mentioned, beating the “endboss”. If loot is your driving goal. You may wanna review why you are in a guild. If you just want loot, join a PuG.

A guild raid is a beautiful thing, a guild is like a family. A guild is like that security blanket one can always rely on.


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10/12 woot?? Monday morning raid report.

March 29, 2010 4 comments

3/29/10 Shadow Rising went into ICC 10 to kill some stuff.

I know myself…I was tired. Was tempted to ask for a replacement, but meh manned up and went thru with it.

Wiped once on Blood Princes….not quite sure what happened…Kinetic bomb maybe?

2nd try was poetry in motion. Couple of times I did lose track of Soth. /panic.  I also wanded a ball as well. (ok that does not sound good, but meh will keep it in)

Then went onto Prof. /pwned.  Got me a new belt.

I want to be knocking on Arthas’ door soon, not playing with his pet dragon.” – Arioch from Clearcasting

As you can see, we hit a brickwall. Ground Phase and Airphase seem to be going ok. Just slow down the DPS on the tombs a little.

Also the draw – in ability she does. Seems like we are getting that down, noone is dying from that anymore for the most part.

Protip: As soon as she does it, rotate your camera to the direction you wish to run. Hit the ground and zoooooommmmm. GTFO.

2nd phase at 35%…I know I messed up. Note to self: leave room behind for people to hide.

People need to move as soon as the ice tomb is broken,  and also get away from the person being targeted with the tomb.

I am sure we will get her down. 🙂

And then hello Lich King! Can we borrow some sugar for lemonade!

Also for some early morning excitement check out Its “stimulating”


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Shield calculator

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment
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Melee? Caster? Healer?

March 26, 2010 23 comments

In any game, be it an MMO (WoW, FFXI etc) or a console game, how do you prefer to play? Does our own every day persona affect what role we like to play as well?

In a console RPG i tend to prefer the characters who are not as loud or out spoken/flashy, they also tend to be the caster or the healers in a lot of games. (go figure).

In RTS I do tend to take the defensive path and unit conservation.

In MMO’s i will tend to pick caster/support type classes before venturing out into a melee or tank role.

IRL I admit i do tend to blend into the background doing my own thing, not really being outgoing till i get to know a group of individuals. Also helping out people IRL is important to me, so a backline job in games is something that comes natural to me.

My younger brother on the otherhand, like to be on the front lines, bashing heads, tanking mobs. When he did play an MMO he was a Paladin in FFXI. When he wanted to kill things – he played warrior and bashed things with a great axe. IRL he is the outgoing one.

Looking at my own guild Shadow Rising, seeing people in their class choices and then hearing them on vent, I can see for the most part why they are the class they are. Although there are a few exceptions.

In games does your class match your personality? Or does your backstory behind the character more your personality? Or are you a complete opposite of your character?

raid update – VDW down 2nd time! Our Shamans are pro. *nods* Rotface down with a paladin who has never kited the slimes before. Pro kiting Arv 😛

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Melting Pot

March 25, 2010 5 comments

 Hmmm..recipe for 10 man raid says.

2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and the rest of the raid to consist of a mix of ranged and melee DPS. Mix well and serve over ice.

Now I dont know about tanks…I assume you can take any 2 and you will be fine.

For DPS will want a  good mixture of both.

Healers….hopefully your guild has a good mixture of people you can bring into the raid for a variety of heals, abilities, and buffs.

In Shadow Rising:

1 Holy Paladin off spec Ret

3 Resto Shamans, I think all 3 have a DPS off spec

1 Holy/Disc Priest

2 Disc/Shadow Priests

0 Resto Druids

I am sure if you take 3 resto shaman…probably be ok. Especially if it is the 3 resto shaman we have in Shadow Rising. (Hex, Slopole, and Sorak), but will be missing some pretty sweet buffs for the raid.

However, all the healing classes besides their buffs and spells, provide the raid with variety. This being  how they “heal”  also benefits the raid.

You have Holy Paladin’s heal bombing targets, Resto Druids padding the raid with HoTs with lovely HoTs, Resto Shaman doing what resto shamans do (I have no idea how they heal), Disc Priests – hitting one button: Power Word: Shield (yum dmg mitigastion), and Holy Priests…helping with AoE heals.

 Having a good mixture of healers, will in my opinion cut down the stress on your healing team. Taking 3 holy paladins…I am sure can be done…but might be a bit hectic. While swapping in a resto shaman and priest will help not seeing health bars dropping down too far. (dmg mitigation > direct heal imo)

Got incoming AoE dmg…Bubble, CoH, a pre-cast PoH, a druids HoTs will help out.

Know your tank is going to get hit hard real fast? Holy Pally!, PW:S, ES?

Got that DPS who like to Whirlwind? PW:S, ES or some HoTs. Beacon?? LOL

In this game, variety is good. 🙂 Trust me.

Also WTB Resto Druid pst! paying well…we haz Pie and Tir.

And today I have not messed up with the reply system. 🙂

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Now for your daily squee…*insert earplugs*

March 24, 2010 1 comment

For  Koala and Ari. Enjoy.

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March 24, 2010 8 comments

Ok being nicotine free has really sucked so far. I can tell my patience is a lot thinner right now. (although it will not show XD) Hopefully soon this will be all over and not feel any cravings for the Nicotine.

Last night…I was pretty grumpy/tired. SR went into VoA stomped it to the ground, or course priest never drops T-T. Then off to Naxx…yeah we wiped!!! jk. (Would have been kinda funny if that did happen :P).

Then onto 25 man ICC. I dont know why but serious 25 man raids (ICC and i guess ToTC), really stresses me out. Not sure why…probably cause it brings flash backs of Dynamis and Sky. Also with 3 pro shamans…didnt feel like i really did anything lol. Just shielded things. One thing that did kinda confused me was why Tir didnt want shielded and PS when he was hopping over to the other boat?? The add tank, Arvash, does not require lots of heals, a shield and a heal or two is the most needed at times.

On the death dude – on the rolling. I was tired and I apologize…i missed that the dude was trying to sell the mark off, missed that in chat (even though raid chat is in orange). And i stupidly type didnt he win it? I meant that, cause i thought the mark was given to sorak with a lower roll. I was really weary at that point, sorry to SR if i sounded like an ass.

*I should have taken a nap before raid time :P*

On a positive note. got my new shoes!!! 31% base crit. nomnomnom. Better then golden grahams, and lucky charms, but not apple jacks. Now to buy a saronite to pay back the guild and buy the other shoe cloth pattern for the guild.

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Lowered Expectations….

March 23, 2010 2 comments

As players are we expecting too much from developers?


Are devleopers promising too much and not delivering?

Take a look at alot of the “so called” WoW-killers: EQ2, AoC, WAR, all three of the games pale in subscription numbers and failed to bring/keep players in.

In the same vein as these fail games: Champions Online.

What did these games do wrong?

1.) they overhyped themselves. (WAR…lol wowkiller wutt? RvR game…wut???)

2.) too many bugs and technical issues at launch (….WAR, AoC…)

3.) Poor balance in gameplay at launch (ugh evil witch elves and bright wizards in WAR, missing abilites etc in AoC)

4.) lack of content, and cut out things they said would be in. (WAR 1 capital city -per side rather then the 3 per side promised) (not enough quests in Champions online to reach max lvl)

5.) Released too early, probably need more beta time.  (Stares are WAR and AoC)

Will other AAA MMOs fall to the same fate? StarWars: The Old republic and FF 14?

With Bioware/EA making Star Wars…I am not so sure. Bioware has a good track record of console games…but nothing in MMOs. EA…destroyed WAR…

Also EA recently announced for Star Wars to be “successful” the only need 1 mil subs…sounds like the same damn thing they said for WAR…

I am not going to keep my fingers croseed for it….the corporate monster will always win in the end.

FF14 on the other hand I do have faith in. Made by SE who does have a successful MMO under their belt. FFXI they stated was their experiment and pay to play beta (ok that is what i called it). The recent SS and videos i have seen, seems to be a blend of WoW and FFXI? We shall see, and I cannot wait.

With Cataclysm is Blizzard going to fail? Stepping  back…it is quite a bold move and a large one. Lets mess up the original world and totally replace it with something else. Major overhauls etc. Lets make old instances redesigned for endgame….I have my doubts that they will deliver. They delivered their annoucement with all the bells and whistles associated with such annoucements, but we shall see. I don’t have a lot of faith in devleopers in the MMO sphere.

Maybe I am just being cynical, but no MMO that i have played has met up to their own hype or my own expectations. Only 2 that have kept me subscribed for extended lengths of time has been FFXI and WoW.

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10/12 bosses killed. Arthas here we come. Can we borrow some sugar?

March 22, 2010 3 comments

*knock knock*

Arthas: Who’s there?

*smash, slash, SoC, AB, etc*

Arioch: All you loots belong to us!!!!! *que in evil egomaniac laughter*

*rest of raid kittens looting da loot and sugar, for lemonade of course*

I know has nothing to do with actual post…but come on…bird biting stupid dude…FUNNY

Anyways. In the real world….Sleepy slice is sleepy. After a 3 days weekend…feeling very sleepy and lethargic.

As Ari and Millea have pointed out SR is now 10/12 in 10 man ICC. 2 more and Arthas we coming to steal your lootz!!!! (I gotz SS at home)

New boss down…time for a new one…fun time for me. time to look up strats and mechanics. I think for the most part everyone does a good job in knowing the fights. But as I have said before, reading and watching does not compare to actually doing the fight live.

Tankspot videos make the fight look like a ballroom dancing competition. The 1st few tries SR comes to the dance floor it looks more like half off lap dance hour 😛 (ok maybe not that bad) 

I do say the kill attempt on Blood princes was very flowing ( is that correct use of the word?), please did not move into one another for imp. shock vortex for the most part. Zug gobbled down blueberries like pac man!! (And sorry Ti, healing Zug on his warrior was easier then healing your DK it seemed – although on the kill Hex and ES babysat Zuggy) While poor Ti getting doubled teamed on his Femtaur (o.O) took a beating at times. People avoided unnecessary dmg, so time/mana could be better spent on tanks. (1st time killed them…i had to burn every mana regen cooldown, this time only 1)  2 tanking this fight made it a lot shorter.

Dream walker fight…finally downed! 3/4 healing team was not fail..I could not stay alive….felt like i was trying to beat Sorak’s record for dying in a fight!!! But went in there and i think 4 shot won the fight!! 🙂 (Lyssi got a nice staff….with an interesting shape)

Key was one tanking the fight and the awesome swimming by the shamans, also adds died faster? The zombies did not lay waste as much as well. Tel was awesome in healing…me i ate a lot of good dirt. XD (although i feel GS at the beginning and then she shaman’s threw lust helped out – hey i have to help my ego somehow! :P)

Sindrogosa – or how ever you spell that. Looks like will be fun….definitely fun. And then LK himself….woot!!!

Everything is better with bacon.

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Wut r talent pointz? Specz???

March 18, 2010 1 comment

Disclaimer: this is what I do and and in no way shape or form are they set in stone.  People do different things.


57/14/0 is what I use.

My fellow disc Priest Ti uses.

In the Holy Tree – this is where people may vary.

As you can see we both took Healing Focus, and Holy Speciialization (VERY IMPORTANT – more crit is sexy for disc) at max rank. I took Improved Renew while he took 3 ranks of Divine Fury. Both of us took Desperate Heal (although I never use it…like health cookies), and max rank of Inspiration (I cannot understand those who do not take this….. at max rank 10% damage reducation after getting critically hit with a healing spell. )

In the Discipline tree – Avoid: Unbreakable Will, Silent Resolve, Martyrdom, Absolution, and Imp. Mana Burn. For the most part those are PvP talents.

The other talents in the tree, max em out. No questions asked…max them out.  Not a lot of variation for disc.

Glyphs for Disc Tree

Major: Penance, Power Word:Shield, and Flash Heal.

Minor: Levitate (cuz I am lazy), Shadow fiend, and Fortitude are safe bets. Some prefer to use Shadow Prayer instead of Fortitude.


I run with 13/58/0.

Other Holy Priests run with 14/58/0

The difference being whether or not to spend a point into getting Inner Focus. I really tend to forget to use the darn thing so i didnt get it.

In the Disc tree for Holy this is what you need to get: max out Twin Disciplines 5/5, Imp. Inner Fire 3/3, Imp, Power Word: Fortitude 2/2, and Meditation 3/3 <——Note meditation is very important…if you dont have it for holy delete WoW from your computer, please.

Now onto the Holy Tree: This is where you may find some variation.

For the 1st tier:

Improved Renew and Holy Specialization: Max em out.

Healing Focus…maybe.

2nd Tier:

Spell Warding: I tend to avoid it…other take 5/5

Divine Fury – IMO take it.

3rd tier

Desperate Prayer – may respec to get tid of it…never use it anyways.

Inspiration – take IT!.

4th tier

Some varaiation may occur here – I have seen some take Holy Reach…I use  Improved Healing althuogh I may change this tier.

5th Tier

Max all 3 out.

Healing Prayers – reduced cost to PoH and PoM, yes please!

Spirit of Redemption – FAIL ANGEL IN COMING!

Spiritual Guidance – mmmmm maor Spell-power.

6th Tier

Surge of Light – get a crit get a free FH or smite…sure dont twist my arm.

Spiritual Healing…no brainer…take it.

7th Tier

OK some variation may occur here.

Holy Concentration – max it out. This is a must, imo.

Lightwell…ok…debate on this..I myself don’t have kittens trained to use it. My scary GM does…people either like it or hate it. The healing from it is very mana efficient though from what i recall.

Blessed Resilience – don’t bother.

8th Tier

Yay more variation!

Body and Soul – Some swear by it…I am not sure about it. PW:S is seldomly cast…expecially with a disc priest in the raid.

Empowered Healing – I have it at 5/5 I have seen other take it as low as 3/5 or 4/5.

Serendipity – take it and love it. Learn to keep track of it.Learn to manage the stacks with your manapool.

9th Tier

Empowered Renew – Other hate it, others love it. I love it. (I am fake drooid)

Circle of Healing – Make a huge hot key for this baby…..maybe not as large as a FoK button though.

Test of Faith – remember that point some people dont place into empowered Healing…you may see it here to max it out…I may take a point out and max it out as well. Not sure.

Last 2 Tiers

Divine Providence and Guardian Spirit – max em out. No excuse not to.

Holy Glyphs

Variation may occur here.

I run with glyph of CoH (one extra target hit), and PoH (adds a HoT component to PoH), and Guardian Spirit for major.

I raid heal so these are great. And 1 min cooldown on GS if it is not used…hell yeah.

Minor glyphs are the same as the Disc ones.

Happy Healing! No wait…no such thing!!!

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