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Disc – maor bubbles, nao with Archangel

October 1, 2010 Leave a comment

No Cata beta invite for me and I am too lazy to make a toon on the PTR.

So what does that leave me…good ol’ talent calculators.

85 Disc


For the 1st Tier

Improved Power Word: Shield – 2/2 – no brainer! Shields that absorb more damage…yes, please!

Twin Disciplines – 3/3 – more damage and healing, ok sure.

Mental Agility – 3/3 – with everyone saying mana is going to be an issue, anyway to conserve mana sounds like a good idea.

2nd Tier

*Now this is where I do not like the choices contained within*

Evangelism…..I elected to choose 2/2…not sure how I am going to like this, but when pared with Archangel – an extra way to gain mana back…seems like a good idea.

Inner Sanctum – 1/2 – with the smaller trees, not filling out seems like a an ok thing to do.

Soul Warding – 2/2 – Reduced cooldown PW:S…if you need to ask why to take this….delete you toon.

3rd Tier

Renewed Hope 2/2 – extra chance for a crit on targets with Grace and Weakened soul? Hell yeah. Sounds like this may help with tank healing.

Power Infusion – 1/1 – love it.

Atonement – pass.

Inner Focus – 1/1 – Reduction on mana cost and extra crit. sure

4th tier

Rapture – 3/3 anyway to get mana back is going to help. Take it.

Borrowed Time – 2/2 – 14% spell haste after casting PW:S…another no brainer.

Reflective Shield – pass. Appears to be for PvP.

5th Tier

Strength of Soul – 2/2 – anyway to get that evil weakened soul debuff, yes please. Combined with the above Renewed Hope…sounds like nice synergy. 🙂

Divine Aegis – 3/3 – More damage mitigation, More bubbles!!!

Pain Suppression – 1/1 – more damage reduction, why thank you!

Train of Thought – 2/2 – I did take full ranks on this…but not sold on it. Will see how it works out.

6th Tier

Focused Will – pass. PvP oriented it appears.

Grace – More healing – sure why not! 🙂

7th Tier

Power Word: Barrier – 1/1 – Sounds like a good idea to me…you did choose disc for damage mitigation, not HPS right? 😛

For the remaining 7 Points I placed them into Holy.

Empower Healing – 3/3 – more healing sure…why not.

Divine Fury – 2/3 – did not take full ranks as with Borrowed time – seems silly.

Improved Renew – 0/2, probably could take this instead of Divine Fury.

Tier 2

Inspiration – 2/2 – more damage mitigation!!!! yay! This should be a no brainer.



Glyph of Penance – lower cooldown on the coolest healing spell, don't twist my arm.

Glyph of PW:S – a little healing on top of bubble. ok!

Glyph of PW: B – 10% healing to people under the barrier, oh heck yeah!


Kinda slim pickings…

Mass Dispel
Inner Fire
Divine Acc – with Evangelism, why not.


Levitate – HEY I AM LAZY, bite me! 😛

Now I know this is for 85….what about 80 when the patch hits hmmm..

Something like this would work IMO.

80 disc

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Changing of the guard!

May 28, 2010 12 comments

My 2 80’s. The priest, Liyhe is the elder of the two, started back in summer of 09?


The paladin was more of a joke alt. Never really intended it to be leveled more than a few levels. Until Del and Lyssi started to level. Then decided to pick the paladin up, was originally going to go prot/ret. Haha that didn’t last too long. She has gone from Prot/Ret, to Prot/holy, to Holy/Ret, and now back to Prot/Holy. I don’t mind tanking I really do not (I had a tank in FFXI), but I am not good at mob tanking…and I have THE AoE threat tank…yeah…I am loltank. Single target I think I am ok.


I have to say…being a paladin healer is hell of a lot more fun then priest healer. The healing style is more reminiscent of white mage in FFXI. Although, paladin’s do not have the AoE spells of a white mage, the constant casting and btute force healing play is like coming home.

It’s ironic my paladin is not as old as my priest but the paladin has seen more of ICC 25 then my priest. And for the most part has all the same achievements my priest does. Gear wise i would say pretty comparable as well…only things lowering Orange’s gearscore is shield trinkets, and cape.

Back to the priest, I have decided to drop having to healing specs. Going to go with Disc and Shadow. (She started as shadow, then World of Snarkcraft had a great guide to lvl as healy priest, respecced and went to it! When I got duel spec, she was Holy/Shadow, to Disc/Holy, and now to Disc/Shadow) With the amount of healers now in guild, having a DPS spec to throw into the mix should help out with setups.

Last night in ICC 10 i was able to pick up a few pieces of caster DPS gear. With those equipped I am at 7.85% hit and with the 3 percent hit from shadow talents I am at 10.85% Looks like i need quite a bit more to get to that hit capped. Also more haste is needed sitting around 637 and crit rating of 25.22%.


Wand of Ruby Claret

And from a PuG VoA 25

Sanc. Crimson Acolyte Gloves

Time to grind out EoT for some t9 and save remainder of EoF for T10 associated gear.

Back to that ICC 10…lol..i think i had a blond moment…i forgot my keys..muscle memory was gone for a few moments…I was looking for my Holy Light Button etc….

Oh no someone needs a big HEAL…HOLY LIGHT INBOUND!!! But instead…oh wait…Bubble and heal…lol definitely took some use to.

And for the chance a fellow priest reads this. For Shadow is the rotation, apply DoTs, Mindblast? then either mindflay or the mind sear depending on if single target or trash. Then reaaplly Dots? or do not even bother with find blast? Also is PW:Death not used?

But today is friday and tomorrow morning i get to see my favorite lock. 🙂 She can lifetap me!


Oh yes and Phil’s BBQ

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