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Funny search terms….

September 1, 2011 2 comments

ok…I know others have made posts about ways to get to your blog…thought I would share some…

1.) sexy space marine – Space marines…sexy? Not sure if they belong in the same search term lol.

2.) 4.2 disc reforging…ok this i can touch on

I like to think of it was int/spirit (play around to find where you are comfortable)/haste/mastery crit

Now this is not set in stone – this will depend on your preference on playstyle and your raid composition.

Int is important/king obviously.

Spirit is up in the air – mana regen is important, but how much do you need? too much and you lose out on troughput stats you could be going for. too little and you wont last the fight. (personally, i think i may reforge some of mine away – gonna overhaul gems/reforging tonight)

Mastery – probably out biggest thorn in our side. It helps our niche well (damage mitigation) but at the same only effects a few of our spells – Power Word: Shield and Divine Aegis.

Crit – unreliable at best. With the change to crit heals it makes it appear to be very desirable on paper..but in reality don’t gem/enchant/reforge for it.

Haste – a nice throuput stat. Helps to push out those heals, PoH’s faster etc. However, haste does this at the cost of your mana pool. Watch the mana consumption.

When you take into account of raid size – 25 or 10 man. Your choices can deviate farther. in 25 man you may have the chance to specialize in your role – straight up PoH machine (haste), or tank healer (mastery). Also buffs you maybe missing in 10 you will more then likely have in 25 man raids.

What is in your healing team?

10 man – disc/rdruid/hpally – with the holy focusing on tanks and resto on the raid you may find yourself with a balance of three. In 10’s there will be lots of crosshealing as well.

10 man – disc/rsham/hpally – see above, but with a bit more raid healing.

10 man – disc/hpriest/hpally – once again see above disc/rdruid/hpally.

3.) funeral pyre or smoldering censer of purity for a disc priest?

Funeral Pyre

Smoldering Censer of Purity

My personal preference would be the Censer – haste would be better – especially if your OS is holy or shadow. Although you could reforce some of the crit on the Pyre – meh. Also with the spirit on the Censer one could play around with it if you have too much spirit and want to dump it.


…..MS paint is win…..

August 29, 2011 10 comments

never trust a goblin......

Ok here is my entry to Looking for More! All i gotta say…MS paint is win.

Priests – Now in Disc or Holy flavored!

April 1, 2011 7 comments

The only class in WoW with 2 dedicated healing specializations, the Priest.

Why would you want to be a priest?

1.) We wear dresses duh!
2.) Bubbles….
3.) Lazor heals!
4.) Big yellow BUBBLE
5.) Huge circle of shiny on teh ground!
6.) Wings to look purdy!
7.) We don’t smell like cabbage like the other classes!

Ok now that you want to be a priest, which race should you make your priest:

Night Elf

Human: ok acceptable. Some humans will have the sense and elegence needed to become a priest.

Night Elf: Sigh…the skin clashes. Long armed, and necked Nelfs look like giraffes. no.

Draenei and Worgen: Hooves. Claws. Horns….no they should stick to being in the freak show. Not on the runway!

Dwarves and Gnomes: Wait do people play gnomes and dwarves? I haven’t seen any…oh wait…that’s right, one has to look down to see them.

Blood Elf

Tauren….seriously…no. Don’t even consider it. Cows and dresses do not mix. If you want to see that – Check out People of Walmart.

Troll….again…no. Why would you want to be a race that does not have the elegence needed for the fancy dresses…*ahem* robes. Also whatever they are smoking…makes them smell like cabbage. Also they have poor posture!

Forsaken…..not going to go there. Should be obvious. Also they suffer from poor posture and bad breath.

Goblin…see troll. Besdes the greenskin clashes with everything. FASHION IS #1

Ok this brings me to the only race deserving to be a Priest.


1.) Epic hair.
2.) The attitude that works and brings everyone in.
3.) The right figure.
4.) No claws, hooves, horns.
5.) No ugly facial hair.
6.) No huge foreheads, gangly arms, and Mullet
7.) Like did I mention, the EPIC HAIR!

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….yay or time for a rant?

March 17, 2011 7 comments

This is what Omnotron did to us last night. ^.^

remove DK’s from WoW…just kidding! I like the class as a whole.

In my guild, it pretty common to have a 5 man with a healer, and 4 dk’s or 3 dk’s…

On the outside…ok this is awesome!

Let me state from experience…it is not as fun as it sounds.

From my own taxing experiences…the damage Dk’s take is proportional the amount of DK’s in your group.

Heavyarms (Arv), Cayle (Sorak), Zevaris (zug), Arelin (repgrind)…I am scared to heal all of them once in a 5 man.

They must have a unknown debuff – Drives ’em Crazy – Causes your healer to panic and go mad. Cause soul break to your healer.

HAHA in all fairness it is funny and amusing when they all get together. 🙂

Last night’s raid was a different story…10 wipes on a boss that is on farm normally? Omnotron? Not sure what happened there….oh yeah slimes didnt die, etc etc. Oh well. Still one shotted Magmaw, and Chim. Atra seems a little wonky as well. oh well! everyone raid has an off night from time to time. 🙂 (and I forgot to swap to Holy for Atra – fail priest!)