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Firelands update and thoughts on progression/training

OK as of this right now SR is now/still 6/7. Last night was our 1st real night of putting attempts on Ragnaros. Our other attempts were half-hearted attempts when we had maybe an hour left in raid time.

Last night was a full night of Ragnaros. I admit although we did not down the boss, I had a blast, the fight is a dynamic one and keeps you on your toes.

I would put the difficulty curve below that of Alysrazor – the stupid firebird is too dependant on a couple of things.

1.) You need a DPS or 2 who know how to fly in a 3rd environment well and DPS well.
2.) Tanks need max dps while still surviving and dancing around flame worms.
3.) Knowing how to dance, errr dodge fire tornados.

Ragnaros on the other hand…is really avoiding bad that you can and pew pew/heal heal. His mechanics are such you are not relying so on 2 roles. Everyone in this fight contributes to this fight to win.

We made it into the 2nd transition phase and through quite a few times. So I am glad we are able to blow past the first few phases quite easily.

phase 1

Tanks and melee closest to Rag. heal tanks easy easy.
What makes this phase is annoying is there is quite a few sources of unavoidable damage. I.E the silly knockback- make sure people spread out 6yds the best they can. Also when trigerring the trap make sure people are high on health. The damage is quite severe from it. Casters will want to be out of melee range of Rag, cause he has a knockback, which will also cause spell lockout.

1st transition phase

Done right there is very little damage done to the raid. Assign your raid memebers as approp to handle the 8 sons of flame. Most slows will NOT work – ice trap etc etc. One thing a feral druid friend told me was the slow from bear mangle does work. However, get used to the speed they move, but in reality they really have low health on 10 man, so sneezing on them will slow them down.

They move faster the more health they have. So slow down ones you can and kill more immediate threats 1st and go back to other ones who are not an immediate threat. Myself (a disc priest) found that even a Holy Fire and a Smite on one would slow it down quite a bit and allowed me to swap to another one and smite that one.

Phase 2

Again more avoiding bad and learning a pattern, we did have some rough patches here and there, but we got thru it quite easily. Things to watch for searing seeds, run to your assigned stack up point about 3 seconds before they spawn, the farther you are from them the less damage you take then they pop. Watch out for adds that spawn AoE them down. Watch for tire on the ground. It hurts! Again also watch the Hammer time smash. This phase lasts till he gets to 40%

Transition phase 2

Same thing he will drop the hammer and 8 sons of flame, handle like them like you would in the 1st one. He will however add 2 new things to this. He will summon 2 Scions of Flame (2 million HP on 10 man) Your tanks will want to pick them up ASAP and do what they do as normal in the transition phase.

Second the Scions have no real special attacks, except they will cast a spell which will target a random raid memeber. This spell causes the targeted raid memeber to leave a flame of trail behind them. Keep them healed. The target member till want to run to the edge to avoid leaving fire in the middle. Because any Son or Scion that runs thru the flame is healed for quite a bit.

Another change about this phase is you will want to keep 1 son of flame alive for a bit at 50% health, as he will be uber slow. This will allow the raid time to damage the Scions of Flame as much as possible. Cause in p3 right at the beginning would be the best time it would appear to pop lust/warp/hero.

Can’t say much about p3 as barely got into it. Our best attempt was about 38% ish. But he is going to go down soon!

Training or Progression?


Makes a very good point…progression or training? Do you always have the individual you are used to doing it…on it all the time? Or do you devote some time to let someone else learn just in case? I know for some fights we have gotten some people used to a different duty, and I am glad we did. But makes me wonder what would happen if our mage cannot make it for a Alice-razor kill? Our Aff lock is aquainted with it, but I am not sure aff lock would be best up there.

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  1. September 1, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    Anytime we have kicked around the idea of estabilishing a rotation of people so we can have more regulars and more on standby that issue comes up. If we are rotating people in then there is more learning going on ALL the time than if we just had a non-regular sub come in and hopefully learn a simple role.

    • September 1, 2011 at 6:21 pm

      True, but we have also ‘trained’ an extra tank and we have a couple of healers that can rotate in and out because we have some people that we know can’t make every raid. And of course, Bocat has come along now and learned the first few fights. Granted, it’s not a planned rotation, but it has sort of happened just out of necessity.

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