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4.2 raid thoughts

Ok I admit..I love reading strats and watching vids and stuff.

looking over info, fights seem strightfoward tank and spank/add management/and execution of proper mechanics. Many of the fights are mixtures, which is quite nice!

Beth’ tilac

Evil Spider momma!

Very nice read from Learn2raid. Split your DPS/Healers/Tanks as appropriate.
Send up 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 Melee DPS up top. tank > healer > DPS.

Add management seems key. Once she gets to the ground, just like any burn phase, tank will need to swap every stack of Widow’s Kiss and they should not hold hands in this case. Kill all adds so she cannot eat them.

Rotate cooldowns as approp throughout p2. The damage is fire so yay for holy paladin’s aura mastery.

Setup I think for p2:

tank 1 – boss – tank 2

Lord Rhyolith

Big evil fire man

Appears should be pretty easy to execute. Hitting his right leg will turn him right, left leg makes him to left.

He will have 8 stacks of molten armor – with 8 stacks will increase his damage resistance to 80%

The raid will need to split DPS on his legs and adds. Aiming to make him walk over volcanos. Every volcano he steps on will reduce his armor by 1. So need to get him to step on 8 volcanos. raid will also need to make sure not to let him get to an edge – if so he will drink lava and more then likely wipe the raid.

■Fragment of Rhyolith – Fragments of Rhyolith have low health. If not slain within 30 sec, they inflict damage equal to their current health to a random player.,4In 25 person raids, they deal damage equal to half their current health to a random player.
■Spark of Rhyolith – Sparks of Rhyolith inflicts 8075 to 8925 Fire damage to all players within 12 yards.

1 tank for this fight, they will need to tank the Sparks away from the raid. raid will need to kill fragments ASAP.

Melee attacking the boss will have to watch for bad and fire. He has quite a few abilities that can hurt melee.

At 25% – he will then pay attention to the raid. At this point burn and use cooldowns. He will have a constant AoE damage and a target beam at a player. The beam appears to be like Atramedes fire attack it will follow said player. Avoid the beam and being near it.


The big Huntard!

Again a nice overview, read it/watch it! Kill Boss and his puppies. Dont get boss down under 35% without dogs being dead. So, burn dogs down low, then boss to 35%ish, kill dogs and him.

Interesting, or maybe not. Another tank swap will be needed for the jagged tear debuff he will place on the tanks. He will get 60% stronger and faster when dogs are dead, but dealing with one mob is better then 3.

More on 4.2 later!

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  1. June 22, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    WHAT! You mean you didn’t change the post from the email to the posting!?!?!!


  2. June 23, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    You only want me for my aura mastery. 😦

  3. June 23, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    brats both of you!

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