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Before I forget a rant! and…..pulling a slice = sanity retained


I knew this would happen….Call to arms….there are poeple in there who should not be tanking…see Pulling a slice! also there are people in there hoping with the increase in healers and tanks in Heroics…hey maybe they can drag my gimp ass through. F THAT!


You know that moment of dread one gets when you zone in….NOT AT THE BEGINNING of an instance….

1.) Either everyone is dead and running back
2.) The DPS have more health then the “tank”
3.) The tank/DPS say omg a healer….


Zone in…..ok looks like they have killed the 1st ogre dude….great!

Get to them…..inspect em all….

The tank appears to be ok, some non enchanted stuff but appears to know their stuff and it positive.

Hunter appears to be wellgeared….cant pull more then 6k on trash….on the robot boss….lets not go there….

Rogue is ok, decent gear and good numbers.


Lock appears to have some JP gear and the crafted epic belt…..they are destro, ok great. Look at their DPS…..4-5k at one point 6.6k….

How can hunters and locks be so fail…..

Get to Ripsnarl….everyone asks….how does this fight go……./facepalm.

I reply “Kill boss, when adds come, kill adds, then back on boss.”





Lock ooms about 75% into the fight and stands there to regen mana and than RAIN OF FIRE ONE 1 target! Then goes back to picking nose. No life fap, no wanding….this was the 1st time I was close to letting someone die…..

Hunter Autoshots….

Rogue pewpews boss…

I think the tank and i killed most of the adds….and i am HOLY Pally….

OK Ripsnarl eventially dies….onto Cookie….”eat food as needed, balance good food with bad etc etc” “k” We go….lock stands in bad and dies from food AoE…as does the hunter, as does the rogue, as does the tank….yeah i dropped after that.


People….WoW is not hard.

Don’t give me that I only want to have fun…or I don’t want it to be like work…..

Let me put it this way…if you play console games, or board game, D&D, or card games….you have to learn the rules to play…you have to advance oneself somehow….how is that any different from putting a little elbow grease into WoW….THERE IS NONE!

That is great and all, but don’t waste my 12.95 a month with your fail. If you want to run Heroics, make sure you can at least perform to the level of mining monkey. Otherwise I am pulling a Slice once again.

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  1. May 13, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Grumpy Slice is grumpy

  2. May 13, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    I might have to start inspecting people more. Maybe not when I first zone in, so I don’t pre-judge them. But after suspicious wipes at least.

  3. May 14, 2011 at 2:02 am

    ->Dog *You must be this smart to play WoW

  4. May 16, 2011 at 7:31 pm


    Man it just must be me but I used to like getting horrible groups on my rogue.

    I’d take it as a personal challenge. Just to see if I could pick the whole group up by the scruff of it’s ass and ram it headfirst through the entire instance by virtue sheer force of roguish awesomeness. …I doubt I could get away with that shit today but back in the day it worked just fine. :3

    Oh Wrath, was there ever a problem in a 5-man that MOAR DPS couldn’t solve?


    No there wasn’t.

  5. Ado
    May 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    This is why when I pug I don’t queue for the troll 5mans. In the orginal heroics, if the DPS and either the tank or heals is iffy I can normally keep the group up with my DPS and gerenal hunter awesomeness. I’ll run SV for 5 mans to have dual CC. I mark pulls, call incoming and CC the mobs, MD the tank, and then do about 40-50% of the DPS. If things get bad I can distracting shot a mob from the tank and kite it to reduce incoming damage on the tank. I’ll even do that on roic bosses when a tank is going down to give the healer breathing room.

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