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Connection issue blues! Q-Q

Feb 9 2011 – woohoo patch day! aka the patch of Sorak. 😛

Some good stuff in the patch, defintely felt like it addressed some issues. Overall no complaints about it. 🙂

Ok enough about the patch. Onto the raiding – Shadow Rising went back into Blackwing Decsent. (Hopefully – we will have a more constant group of people, this has been plagueing us for a few weeks.)

Anyways, connection was not working well last night, reboot everything before the raid and all appears to be ok, good! 🙂

Raid makeup:

Arvash – Protection Paladin
Dubstein – Protection Paladin
Liyhe – Holy Priest
Zarm – Restoration Druid
Sorak – Restoration Druid errr Shaman
Zugzuug – Fury Warrior
Droslice – Fury Warrior
Roorknug – Survival Hunter
Zerlegen – Survival Hunter
Lyssianna – Affliction Warlock

(….lots of doubles in this raid…lol)

Clear trash while we wait for our 2nd hunter to log in….boom he logs in and we head onto the 4 stooges – Omnitron Def. System. Smooth as ice, I could not ask more from the raid members, people avoid the bad, etc etc. They are down in one attempt….*blinks* what? did this just happen?

Circuit Design Breastplate Grats again Zerl!

Life Force Chargers Grats again Dubstein!

We then head onto the overgrown tapeworm – Magmaw!

Now Shadow Rising here, we tend to use strats that are not the norm! 😛

Our ranged and healers (hunter x2, aff lock, and the healers) all stand at range and toggle between two points. When the pillar of flame is about to pop, Zerl pops a frost trap and then Roor drops a 2nd after the 2nd, so the worm have a lot of frost to cover. The ranged then pews pews, and the healers ummm…heal.

Ok I know it sounds like normal strat…here is where it gets odd. We 2 tank this…yes you read that…2 tank it….the 1st tank tanks Magmaw while the 2nd stands at range and AoEs the hell out of the worms. They do not really “tank” the worms but help out with the Pallys AoE abilities.

This helps the ranged out quite abit. Furthermore, when Magmaw has chewed and slobbered all over the 1st tank, the tank that was out on ranged then swap places and the process is repeated till he is dead. We found this helps to alleviate the healer when the tank has the armor debuff on from Mangle, and also seems to get rid of the random raid member dead after Magmaw breaks from the chains.

Well I was expected maybe a wipe or two for consistancy sake! 😛 But I was surprised, once again…smooth as butter. His life keep on going down and down….5% the call goes out…ignore adds and kill boss. Magmaw down, no deaths and with 3 minutes left before enrage.

Incineratus Grats Zarm!

Alirus the Worm-Breaker Grats to Droslice!

Ok onto Chimaeron…I think put about 5 attempts in, got him down to 49% for our 1st night playing with the overgrown worm! But then the latency issue hit me and Zarm our resto druid. Then vent decided to act up! ><

We put our resto druid on the tanks. Sorak on one group and me on the other. When we would group up for phase 2, AoE heal!!! Zarm would pop tranquility and Arv or Dub would also hit Holy radiance. A few corrections and he will be down. He really does not seem as difficult, mechanics wise, easier then Mag and Omno in my opinion. Phase 3 for him, sounds like an absolute blast. LIFEGRIP WILL SAVE YOU! Body and soul's movement speed buff also seems like a major lifesavor. As well as the druids 83 movement speed buff?

Today we head back in. The worm shall fall along with Maloriak!

But anyone have any hints and pointers for Chim? 🙂

Also does anyone know if the prot pallys talent – Divine Guardian works in Chim’s p2?

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  1. February 9, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    double attack … bleh. Guess we better save our brez for our warrior. :p

    Your raid makeup is just crazy! Ours is:

    Prot Warrior
    Holy Pally
    Resto Druid
    Resto Shammy
    Enh Shammy
    Ret Pally
    Mage (usually arcane)
    Shadow Priest
    Hunter (no clue what specs he runs)

    Kinda nice not having much overlap on gear needs. Of course, this is dependent on having the same group every raid .. like you, we have had a lot of rearranging and substitutions so far.

    • February 9, 2011 at 7:07 pm

      lol at least your setup has some variety 😛

      Yeah this week and the week after hopefully this will stay consistant, other then swapping a fury warrior for an enhancement shaman every now and then, should be ok.

      But at least every peice of gear will get used. Even the SP plate – Dub has a holy off spec. 🙂

  2. February 9, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    We had 2 Orcs, 4 Belfs, 1 Goblin and the rest were Cows.

    We like Cows apparently

    • February 9, 2011 at 7:11 pm

      What can i say…SR we like our “beef” 😀

      Could be worse…we could be all humans!

      Rep’s raid

      2 NE
      8 humans 😛

    • February 9, 2011 at 7:19 pm

      Apparently SOME of you don’t like your cows ENOUGH … *cough cough warstomp Sorak*

      Slice, we have two shaman … so that’s -2 humans/+2 draenei :p

      Oh, crap .. our mage is a draenei too.

      And the warrior is nelf.

      3 NElf
      3 Draenei
      4 Human

      so there!

      • February 9, 2011 at 7:24 pm





        What NO GNOMES!!! Q-Q who do you punt then or sacrifice to appease the loot gods?

        Or dwarves or worgen? I think Crits needs some aff action up in there! 😛

        • February 9, 2011 at 7:48 pm

          Hmm … remind me to work on Kerick’s archaeology. A clockwork gnome will do in a pinch. Our raid leaders have gnome alts, they don’t much like gnome punting. 😛

          Worgen might be ok but .. dwarves? Leave those to Karius. Kerick is perfectly happy healing elves and space goats. (I warned y’all I started on an RP server. Yes, my dudes have preferences, alright?) 😛

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