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So last night 5 of us braved the trials of Stonecore….not very scary imo.

If you don’t know where to find the new dungeons here is a handy link to find them all!

Cata 5 mans!

Anyways the Stonecore…

The party composition:

Tank – Arvash: Protection Paladin – 83
Healer – Sorak: Restoration Shaman – 85
DPS – Moogik: Balance Druid – 83
DPS – Zerlegen: Marksman Hunter? – 82
DPS – Liyhe: Shadow Priest – 82

Anyways when you 1st zone in…we Wrath’d it for the most part. You know what I mean bruteforced thru the 1st few packs of mobs. Was not too bad. The only issue was the big elemental dudes with their annoying AoE whirlwind thingee. Stay away from it….seems to do more damage the closer you are to it. We had all ranged to did make it easier, but i bet with some form of stun/CC may have been easier.

Also when you get to the conjurer type mobs, kill them 1st as they constantly stream in imp mobs. Then I would say the ogre mobs, as they can charge out and interupt casters. Then depending on your setup, either the melee guys or the fire AoE dudes (sorry I dont remember their names). More melee kill the fire AoE dudes (their ability seems to stay around the tank)

The 1st boss Corborus – Worm boss – lame!

He does not really seem to do much on normal mode:

1.) Don’t stand in bad!
2.) Dampening Wave – Dispel this! It can stack up to 20 – each stacks absorbs healing. So too many stacks and yeah it can get painful.

Other then that he was easy.

Next up: Slabhide

1.) Don’t stand in bad. Don’t stand in front of him!
Sand Blast
2.) Tank don’t stand in lava! *stare Arv!*
3.) Watch out for shadows on the ground that means rocks from the ceiling are about to fall in that area. Also healers, ranged DPS these rocks may LoS you to the tank or the mob.

3rd up is: Ozruk

1.) Watch your DBM warnings! if he has the melee spikes on him: melee DPS dont hit him. ranged DPS watch out for his reflect ability. When he ground pounds – melee run away!
2.) Healers watch your tank – he does toss them around quite a bit.
3.) Other then that watch his enrage – 50% more dmg

Just pay attention and pew pew.

And finally: Evil Priestess Azil

Let me say 1st of all….sooo annoying.

1.) Curse of Blood : Not sure if dispelable? I know as a priest I cannot. But if you can seems like a good idea.
2.) Energy Shield Ugh!
3.) Force Grip Looking back probably should have interrupted this if was able to.
4.) Seismic Shard You can use these to kill the numerous adds. But it does do quite a bit of damage to yourself as well. You can avoid it as well. Think like Garfrost in PoS.
5.) Gravity Well Kite mobs thru these.

Looking back on this fight, interrupting Force Grip may have allowed Arv to pick up mobs easier. Poor Sorak had to heal and kite lol.

Throughout the fight she will become invulnerable and float back to he starting position and summon a boatload of adds. Don’t let them nom on your healer if possible.

Other then that she is not that bad imo.

Not the best write up I know but it really did not seem that bad. But as a PuG I could imagine it to be quite bad. AoE has been nerfed to hell. So no more picking up 8 million mobs and burning them down.

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  1. December 9, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    I’m sorry the Cata dungeons hold no challenge for you :-p

    • December 9, 2010 at 4:46 pm

      We did wipe twice 😛

      But I was maybe expecting something a little more, prob will hella harder in Heroic? I hope?

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