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  1. November 5, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Mokay, there’s something I want to point out on the ‘WoW is too dumbed down/is a ids game/ is super easy” front.

    You are right.

    But only to a point.

    Wow is a pretty easy game, insofar as levelling 1-80 and other supercasual (i.e. you don’t ever set foot in an instance) activities are concerned. specced wrong, geared wrong, played wrong, (and ..god help me.. I’ve seen examples of this.. A fury warrior decked out in straight +AGI plate(and leather) ‘for the crit’ and dual wielding DAGGERS) You can literally do every single thing wrong and still make headway 1-80. It’s silly and painful to watch, but it can be done.

    That’s supercasual. (which is the term I find nicer than filthy noob)

    One rung up you have casual. These are the bread-and-butter players. You’ll see a lot of them in 5-mans, doing their thing. They are wearing token purples, they know their job and put out consistent but not necessarily fantastic DPS/tanks/healers. This level doesn’t require exceptional gear or knowledge, but you have to understand the game or you will fail and/or get yelled at by everyone.

    I reckon this is about on par with the base difficulty of a lot of other MMOs, maybe a bit easier because repetition makes it easy and higher gear trivializes the encounters.

    Next step up you have Raiders.

    This represents a pretty wide range of skill level. Almost anyone who’s taken the time to gear properly and look over the fights can set foot on ICC10 reg these days and at least clear the bottom floor. Definitely NOT everyone can set foot in ICC 25H and expect to do the same thing, let alone fights like Putiricide, Sindy, BPC, LK, etc. and of course even older fights before you outgear them, Nub’rak, Iron Council, Freya, etc.

    So anyway, back to my point. Is WoW an easy kids game? Absolutely. It was made that way purposefully to make it accessible to everyone, including supercasuals who just like bright colors and hitting things and talking to dragons.

    BUT (and it’s a huge but) BUT it’s only that easy at it’s basest level. The higher you go the tougher it gets, (and it gets plenty tough) but it depends solely on how much you want to challenge yourself.

    Next time someone ridicules WoW for being overly easy, show them the 25H Tankspot videos for basically any endgame encounter.

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