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hmmm. guess we didnt think this one out....

Why change this? Why change that? WTF were they thinking? Wow are they really thinking this through?

I am sure many people though these same things when going through the latest patch and for the changes to come.

Why change at all?

I can understand Blizzard’s need to shake the nest. Without change things stagnate and die. Like living things, even WoW needs to change as players evolve and change.

With the smaller talent trees, I can see this as a push to make WoW easier for even the most casual player to not spec incorrectly (too much). The larger talent trees had many traps and pitfalls for inexperienced players to fall into. (71/0/0 – DO NOT WANT TO SEE THIS ON ANYONE, or 20/20/31) The smaller trees also focus players into a certain tree before branching out into the other two specs.

Thumbs up Blizzard. (and to the people who think it is dumbing down WoW…and yes I can empathize up to a point…however, the larger tree had a lot of useless stuff that could be consolidated and cleaned up. With the smaller trees you can still the same meat and potatoes we picked when the trees were larger.)

Why change that?

Why change the stats??? I don’t know about you…when I 1st started to play WoW…it was like reading a physics to a certain point.

SP? hit? expertise? haste? wut? cap? hard cap? soft cap? /brain explodes!!!

With simpification of stats…it does make it easier for even the casual to gem, gear, enchant correctly. šŸ™‚ Well hopefully.

With the change to stats though…hopefully we will not see DKs wearing SP plate anymore.

WTF were they thinking?

And I am talking about the change to glyphs. I am sure the scribes using to make money cried out in anguish. However, the new system is better and a lot more flexible. Allowing players to swap glyphs without losing it, is a really good idea. This allows for changing of glyphs that may benefit the raid/player more in a certain situtations.

Wow are they really thinking this through?

With the constant changes to classes….it does make one wonder…HAVE they really thought this out. Look at the changes to Holy Pally in the recent beta build, or changes to lock spells. But once again…things on paper always look good. It is not till it is tested and implemented when one will find out if things work as intended. I have to say for the most part Blizzard has done a good job so far…and Cata has me excited and chomping at the bit.

Worgen warrior!!!! /howls at the moon!

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  1. November 5, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    Mokay, there’s something I want to point out on the ‘WoW is too dumbed down/is a ids game/ is super easy” front.

    You are right.

    But only to a point.

    Wow is a pretty easy game, insofar as levelling 1-80 and other supercasual (i.e. you don’t ever set foot in an instance) activities are concerned. specced wrong, geared wrong, played wrong, (and ..god help me.. I’ve seen examples of this.. A fury warrior decked out in straight +AGI plate(and leather) ‘for the crit’ and dual wielding DAGGERS) You can literally do every single thing wrong and still make headway 1-80. It’s silly and painful to watch, but it can be done.

    That’s supercasual. (which is the term I find nicer than filthy noob)

    One rung up you have casual. These are the bread-and-butter players. You’ll see a lot of them in 5-mans, doing their thing. They are wearing token purples, they know their job and put out consistent but not necessarily fantastic DPS/tanks/healers. This level doesn’t require exceptional gear or knowledge, but you have to understand the game or you will fail and/or get yelled at by everyone.

    I reckon this is about on par with the base difficulty of a lot of other MMOs, maybe a bit easier because repetition makes it easy and higher gear trivializes the encounters.

    Next step up you have Raiders.

    This represents a pretty wide range of skill level. Almost anyone who’s taken the time to gear properly and look over the fights can set foot on ICC10 reg these days and at least clear the bottom floor. Definitely NOT everyone can set foot in ICC 25H and expect to do the same thing, let alone fights like Putiricide, Sindy, BPC, LK, etc. and of course even older fights before you outgear them, Nub’rak, Iron Council, Freya, etc.

    So anyway, back to my point. Is WoW an easy kids game? Absolutely. It was made that way purposefully to make it accessible to everyone, including supercasuals who just like bright colors and hitting things and talking to dragons.

    BUT (and it’s a huge but) BUT it’s only that easy at it’s basest level. The higher you go the tougher it gets, (and it gets plenty tough) but it depends solely on how much you want to challenge yourself.

    Next time someone ridicules WoW for being overly easy, show them the 25H Tankspot videos for basically any endgame encounter.

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