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Do you prefer pampering and handholding? Or do you prefer to look for things, research, and *shock* write things down?

As someone mentioned in the FFXIV guild:

“WoW is a game, FFXI/14 is a lifestyle.”

Talking with some LS mates in FF14, they all prefer the “hardcore” nature of XI/XIV over WoW.

1.) They like finding out new things – recipes, exploration, and finding enemies to fight.

2.) They do not like NPC’s telling them where to go and what to kill for the most part.
“Killing 10 rats and come back to me.” – they do not like. (Ironically, many of the Battle Leves are like that – the only difference is in…errr there is none really, except that depending on the difficulty the amt of xp, gil, and items vary greatly.)

3.) Crafting is not boring. It is not craft X of this to this lvl and then learn new recipes at trainer and rince and repeat. Many of the items require one to actually take advantage of learning other crafts and broadening your knowledge.

4.) You are not retricted to “leveling up” by quest/killing monsters. Crafting, harvesting, killing monsters, and guild leves (aka quests) give you XP.

5.) One is not only a Gladiator, Archer, Botonist, Miner. At any point you can swap your class/job on the fly. Your character is defined by your Physical Level (which is your base stats, and your elemental resistances), and your class level.

6.) Leveling up a different class has benefits as well. For example, lets take Conjurer – they have shock spikes (which has a chance to stun your opponent when they hit you) and stone skin, and Cure.
You get those abilities, you then decide you want to tank and take up the way of the Gladiator – you can then equip those Conjuror abilities also on your gladiator. Boom super tank. Let’s then take a different Gladiator, lets say they have leveled Marauder for its defensive buff, and Pugilist for its Chakra ability (self heal). Same class but tailored to the player’s style.

I am still on the fence with FF14, I do like it. It is like a nice pair of broken in jeans, comfortable and feels right.

But then again the style WoW provides is also familiar as well. I admit, I like it!

1.) WoW is nicely made for the casual player to the hardcore player.

2.) WoW is no matter what you say, it is very easy to play, and easy to pick up. Until endgame, you can play it without thinking. Raiding in WoW, however, does require research and work to do well. Not any scrub can expect to walk into a lot of raids. The game is well made for the masses.

3.) There is a lot of information out there on it. READ IT!!! Take advantage of it.

4.) I also like the look, and lore of Azeroth! /waggle, cow, orcs, what is not to like!

5.) The character system of WoW nice, where you can level new alts, especially, if you get sick of looking at your toon! (Wish they had more features to make your toon look different, but oh well.)

Which game is better is up to debate. However, for sure they are marketed/made for two very different types of gamers.

“WoW is a game, FFXI/14 is a lifestyle.”

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  1. October 1, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    I tried getting into some of the FF games. Ugh. It was not for me. I much prefer an NPC tell me where to go because otherwise I felt like I was wandering around not knowing where I was supposed to go! I liked the intuitiveness of WoW, the more defined roles, and prefer a more real time combat instead of turn based FF style.

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