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We need a hero!


Now I can only really speak for the 25 man Heroic version of fight but many of the same mechanics in 25 man are the same in 10 man i think. If i have added anything extra please correct me!

For this I am going to assume that you know the normal version of the fight.

Lord MarrowgarBONESTORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When he uses bonestorm…get the hell away from him. He does a metric butt ton of damage the closer you are to him. (In 25 man Heroic – he can do 13k/sec even to a plate wearer, definitely unhealable) So simple solution, get away from him. In addition to bonestorm doing more damage – he will bone spike people as well. So when the raid does split will need to make sure people still clump up somewhat, so everyone can break people out. Also people watch out for coldflame as well.

Lady Deathwhispershe talks too much, like most women 😛

On deathwhisper heroic like in 25 man, she will randomly choose someone and mind control them. that person will need to be CC’d ASAP. Other then that adds will spawn as normal and they need to die. Watch out for Death and Decay and heal up her shadow bolts she throws at people.

The hard part is once her mana shield breaks down, she is untauntable, so the raid needs a means to get threat onto a tank. She will still throw frostbolts at the raid and the tanks. Not sure if adds still spawn in this phase on 10 man, if they do kill them to a point at which your RL may call to just concentrate on the boss. She will also MC people still, so get that CC button ready. Also watch out for ghosts, they will explode the raid, again not sure if this is in 10 man heroic. But if they do…AVOID at all costs, they explode with a 20 yrd radius for lots of dmgs. tanks may also need to swap as she will still use touch of insignificance on the tank.


Only thing really different is more hp on the enemy ship, gunners do more dmg, and the rocket strikes will knock you back.

Deathbringer Saurfang“A lone orc against the might of the alliance?!?!”

He will gain BP very fast, so get ready to heal those marked, 30% he still enrages and does more damage. Stay spread out for Blood Novas.

Blood beasts gain a major buff and a movement buff. Do not get hit. Kill ASAP.

Rotfacevile gas…yay….

For the Rotface tank, nothing really changes.

Melee DPS pew pew away and GTFO the raid when hit with the mutation.

People at ranged will need to stay spread as the Prof will throw Vile gas out into the ranged. Watch out for slime pools when spread out. Also his slime spray will do a lot more dmg. Stay out!!!

Festergutwondertwin powers activate!

The tanks will want to pull him to the far left side of the room, to give more room for the Mallaeble Goos (if hit will take a lot of dmg and A HUGE Debuff to casting time) the prof will throw into the raid. Melee, tanks, ranged will need to watch out for this.

Spore placement is important as well, Pnungent Blight does a metric ton of dmg and may one shot someone even with the 30% buff if you are not inoculated.

All ranged may need to stand outside, leaving only the melee and the tanks on Festergut.

Professor Putricidenow we all know why we all fear doctors.

As usual watch out for slime puddles, the vials of gas on the ground (vials can one shot people now), and goos – do a lot more dmg as well, in addition to the slow they cause.

The addition to this fight is the Unbound Plague – when it is about to be cast the raid must spred. The person who has the plague must spread it with in 12 sec of getting it ot die. After passing it on – they will get a debuff for about 30 sec called Plague sickness, DO NOT GET THE PLAGUE AGAIN UNLESS NEEDED AS WITH THIS DEBUFF YOU WILL TAKE 250% more dmgs from the Unbound plague ticks….dont be a hero unless needed to.

The plagued addon (curse has it – VERY minimal resources and only active for heroic PP) is very useful for this fight as this will initiate a countdown for the raid to see when you or they need to pick it up. Good cooridanation is needed to not kill people needlessly.

The orange and green oozes also do a lot more damage, stacking on green is a must. Also running from the orange is a must, Slows must be on them.

In the transition, the professor will no longer throw out the gas, instead 2 oozes will spawn, a green and an orange, they must die asap. If there is a 3rd ooze up prior to this…its probably going to be a wipe. (in a 25 man raid, a debuff will be placed on the raid you will be assigned orange or green debuff and have to debuff the approp color).

During all of this he will still cast Unbound Plague,,,this mechanic will still need to be controlled. Also stack on green is needed. ALSO make sure that if you are stacking…have the raid gather at the table so the oozes have farther to go, and all the people hit by the green will be clumped togeher and will not have that far to go to get to the next stunned target. Also when the orange one picks another target…be nowhere near it!

Transition to p3 may want to blow lust (heroism if that is what you have) here to kill the slimes asap, as there is less time before the prof becomes active. In p3…dmg till be greater on his stacks he places on the tanks. Watch out for the gas viles, slime puddles, and goo.

Blood Princesno hugging allowed in this fight!

Pretty much the same as normal, watch out the empowered stuff. Also, added is the debuff shadow prison, you will gain stacks = how much you move. More movement, more stack, more damage. So DO NOT run around like a madman unless you need to. This a controlled fight, if you dont need to DPS a boss, don’t. DO NOT throw your healers around (who will be placed in the center). Please cause less dmg to the raid as this will make the fight a lot easier. Also glittering sparks dispelled asap, anyone who can do so, please do so. Yes even ret pallys!

Blood Queen aka – loot pinata!

The Lootship of the Blood Wing, only thing added is she does more damage. So remember the mechanics on normal, remember to bite properly and collect loot.

Valrithia Dreamwalker aka – weak ass dragon who cannot save herself.

Heroic…things can get nuts, mobs can get crazy. in heroic – FROSTBOLTS MUST BE INTERRUPTED…each hit takes away mana…so if you want heals, interrupt. I assume like in 25 man, 10 man heroic – the buff you gain from collecting orbs also does dmg to you, so do not get more then i think 15 stacks. Also, you must make sure every orb is collected as each orb left up does dmg to Valrithia, (I am not sure if this is in 10 man).

Sindragosa “Your pathetic magic, betrays you!”

When you get Unchained Magic and HAVE ANY stacks of instabililty. GTFO the raid. Each stack of instability does about 4k dmgs not to you only but to anyone within a 20 yd radius. Also watch your timers before she is about to draw everyone in…you dont want to blow up the raid while she is drawing everyone in. May want to bring in extra healers (3). (25 man heroic 6-8 healers – unchained magic will always hit 3 ranged and 3 healers. 10 man I assume 1 healer and 1 ranged.)

Icy grip, frost breath, and her constant AoE frost all do more dmg as well.

Her air phase…I am going to assume the # of Iceblocks is still 2, but they will have increased HP. Also the icebombs she shoots will one shot people. DO NOT GET HIT BY THEM.

Recommended, 1-2 pieces frost resist gear. Poss on tank only, if healers can handle the extra dmgs

LK…no idea!

Also TGIF! And now a moment of kyute!

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