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How to break the wall…just add water! err wait.

Like most I can be a stubborn individual….we keep on doing things over and over again till we succeed. Its the same thing in WoW…we do fights over and over again till we win and learn the ropes.

But what is it that causes the wall to fall or stay in place, like the Wall of China?

The Great Wall


Why do we hit the wall on certain fights?

1.) Over focused or not enough focus.
-Being over focused
a.) can be the infamous healer tunnel vision
b.) over concerned about one fight mechanic at the expense of another
c.) DPS overly concerned about #’s or also getting tunnel visioned
d.) loss of focus due to fatigue or frustration

2.) Raid composition/cohesion
-Let’s face it getting people up to speed on fights can add to the “wall’s” formation. Getting people used to mechanics and how to handle things can be rough in a fight. Another issue is when fighting a boss learning how your raid mates/fellows healer/DPS work and handle certain things, until you know how things run…focus maybe less then normal. Being able to run with a consistant group does wonders. Furhermore, when you add more people the harder it is to get the “raid” to work as a unit. People are individuals and will do their own thing to survive at time. Also with larger raids it maybe harder to get to know EACH and everyone’s playstyle. Larger raids = less room for certain mechanics (i.e. Vile Gas, Defile etc)

3.) Lack of preparation/experience
-We all have experience in this. Take when ICC 1st came out, it was new and exciting and everyone did not know everything about every encounter. It was a lack of experience which build “walls” at that time. As time goes on…what makes the “wall” in this case I would surmise the culprit is lack of preparation. This can be in the form of lack of buffs (food, flasks etc), proper raid roster, being up to date on the latest boss strategies, or even lack of the current best “raid” spec.

4.) Real life
-cuts in to the amount of raiders
-when on break and coming to the game, there maybe a period of getting back in the routine

Is there a way to combat the wall?

“You bet there is laddie!! All it takes is a ale and a few dwarves!”

Dwarf Team!

Back on track….is there a way to combat the wall? Besides with small bearded people?

Although, there is no cure all for overfocus or lack of focus there are a few things we can do to help.

1.) Be conscious about your surroundings and the flow of the fight.
2.) If tired etc. Take a stretch get away from the keyboard for a moment. take a smoke, grab a drink etc.
3.) If frustrated take a breath and remember, “it’s a game!”

Sadly, nothing can be done about real life and raid composition. Only thing that we can do is strive to be our best, make due with what we got. Look up the startegies etc. Being prepared can help make up for experience and raid composition many times. Remember, Blizzard has stated: “Bring the player, not the class!”

3rd suggestion to help break down the wall!

-Remember to have fun. WoW is a game, not a job!

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