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What do you think of your fellows?

Does your raid need a Holy Paladin??? Do you need toe-curling, huge heals splashing over you? Do you need a plated crusader saving you from the brink of death? Then call for your friendly Alliance/Horde Holy Paladin. Only $1.99 per minute. errrr….


Or do you need the bubbly fun time of a disc priest! Like OMG bubbles!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Sparkly lazor healz!!! Divine Aegis – maor bubbles??? Wut???? woot!


Maybe your style is the more serious, eyes toward the light Holy Priest? Even in death I heal as (fail)angel! Carry on the fight without me, my comrades! *dies*

When you play, what do you think of other classes/spec?


1.) Trees – they stand around dancing and throwing green stuff at people….hmmm….magic grass? Their HoTs are something I usually over right by healing right over them….come on do they actual heal? (jk I love my fellow healers, In fact I am leveling one up right now)

2.) Boomchickens, lazorturkeys, critchickens – Oh how I love the moonkina aura…other then that….they are fluffballs…that shoot green stuffs…and occasionally root things….and sit on Fish Feasts!!

3.) Feral – ahh the DPS kittehs and bears….haven’t seen a lot of them….but seem they may need some moar flea shots!!

Oh yes…the Battle Rez and the invenerate are nice as well! A+ in my book.


1.) Resto – stop butting on my turf with your Chain Heal, Ancestral whatever it is called!!! And Earth Shield – psh Power Word: Shield and Divine Shield are teh bestest!

2.) Elemantal and Enhancement Shaman – squishy XD

Bloodlust and the meh alliance version – thank god for shammys, Their totems are useful at times as well 😛

Death Knights

1.) Uh…I find the ones that are played well, rock…otherwise….useless….
They also like to hang out with ghouls….ewww!!!

In all seriousness, a well played DK is a thing of beauty. Tanking and pulling loose mobs back. Death and Decay putrifying mobs. 🙂


1.) Fury Warriors – they like to go squish/splat. (stares at Zug) However, their DPS can be impressive.

2.) Prot Warriors – They save me from getting my face melted!!!! But sometimes I think they take one too many hits to face. XD

3.) Arms Warrior – ??? They exist? lol JK

Sunders, AoE stuns, Charging into battle…what is there not to like?


Ahhh the hunters….like Death Knights….they range from the 1337 DPS to wut? How do I play level.

Replenishment (depending on the spec) is NOM!. They can put out useful traps and stuff. A-Ok!

Warlocks and Mages

They pew pew??? One has pets and the other has a Squirtle at times…they have portals?? Are they the same job? They both can make good baked goods….maybe combine both jobs 🙂

They are awesome DPS, provide useful buffs and raid toys. 🙂


Oh how I hate thee in PvP….gimme my kidneys back!!! They also seem to floortank a lot at times as well….FoK!!!

What can I say disarming traps, ok! Good solid DPS.

Other Priests and Paladins

Other Disc priests – wut 2 in one raid? Why? T_T

Another Holy Priest – yay AoE the hell out of the raid. MAOR fail angels!!! And yay Guardian Spirit x2!

Shadow – wut??? *blinks* priests that dun healz??? Dee Pee SSS??? *dies*

Retribution – see above, death knights and hunters. One word – faceroll.

Protection Pallys – see warrior description. But with one added bonus from being on the Horde….AWESOME HAIR!~ (and a large bill for hairspray)

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  1. July 28, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    What do I think of the other classes? I think … *distracted by kittehs*

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