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Ostrich bite!

Ok….this was amusing apparently someone looking for ostrich bite found this blog due to seatching for ostrich bite…wow lol. Makes me wonder and kind of scared at what kind of thing people are looking for. Just yesterday a friend of mine mentioned to me he was SOOO bored one day he watched videos on Youtude of people popping boils and other assorted things…ewwwww…./puke.

Although I PvP in bursts, and I always bitch and moan about it…I do actualy enjoy it. The thrill of pounding someone into the ground and stealing their lunch money is fun. The chaotic nature of the battlefield, and the randomness of what people may do, is a rush. For the most part I have stayed as a healer for the most part in battlegrounds in WoW….but no matter what MMO I am playing seems like there is always people who do not understand what the hell they are doing.

1.) Fighting in the wrong area for no gain…STUPID! Fighting in the middle of Warsong Gultch never made much sense to me, unless you are chasing someone down or defending flag carrier.

2.) Going after the wrong target when engaging a group of enemies. It never stops to amaze me when people go kill a DPS or a tank before killing me, a healer, first.

3.) AFKing in a BG…yeah…bad.

4.) Fighting for the flag in the middle in Eye of the Storm…when you only have 1 tower…

5.) And cause i wanna QQ – damn stealthing rogues….ARGH!!! Gimme my kidneys back!

Hmmm….PvPing makes me wanna reinstall WAR….

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  1. July 27, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    You do know I got Lyssi decked out to pvp right?

    • July 27, 2010 at 3:44 pm

      yup 🙂

      bubbles do you need it? XD

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