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Fooling around! :)

With the talent Calculator over at MMO Champion up…I finally decided to go ahead and play around with it. (hence the title). I have to say for priest I do not mind the changes, I am positive about them so far.

For Discipline 33/8/0 seems feasible.

1st tier talents

2 talents that strengthen da bubbles right off the bat. Improved Power Word: Shield and Twin Disciplines. = Sexy!

Mental Agility = ok.

2nd tier talents

I am not too keen on. I was never a big fan of doing maor dmg to do betta healin. But if it means more mana regen….then maybe. (was not too keen on it in Warhammer Online). Improved inner fire – ok.

Imp. Mana Burn = …….

3rd tier talents

Power Infusion = sexy!

Atonement = again not a fan of the doing dmg thing….bad flash backs from Archmages in Warhammer, DPSing and not healing….

4th tier talents

Reflective Shield = meh.

Rapture = yay!

Power Infusion(?)= looks crazy good. 🙂

5th and 6th tier talents

No complaints what so ever.

Taken from the Holy Tree – I am a big fan of inspiration. Divine fury or Renew would be ok i guess. empowered healing not a bad choice.

But my fav talent so far, for this new Disc tree – Power Word: Barrier! BOOOOMMMM BREAK THIS BUBBLE.

I have to say for Disc priests so far I do like what is going to happen in Cata. As far as for holy priests…still thinking about how I feel on that.

Raid Update:

7/22/10 – LK DOWNED – well to 40%. Still a pain in the arse fight. Defile is not cool when coupled with a Valkyr spawn.

We had p1 down and the transitions phases well for the most part. Its seems to always be Valkyr + defile which wiped us.

Other then a few fluke wipes….everyone improved and saw the fight.

Familiarity with the fight is most important. 🙂

I am glad people who have not seen the fight, a chance to become familiar with it and see what it is all about.

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