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So much potential…but was lacking something….

Looking back at the plethora of MMO’s out there avaialble to play, what is it about certain ones that take a hold of you can hold you in place?

The first MMO I tried out was during my senior year at Denison University, and it was Ultima Online. I had friends who had played it during highschool and the like..but for me the graphics, the interface and the gameplay was ZZZZZZ.

“You want me to level up my sword skill by stabbing a pig for 2 hours? No thanks. I think will go and drink some Natural Light now.”

Let down with my first experience in an MMO, I swore off them for years….managed to stay away from the Evercrack. That was until about a year after graduating college. Final Fantasy XI was released…and BAM! Thus an addiction was formed. Although many found the arduous grinding, pains of LFG, and pain in the arse missions, I found them to be fun. To me the “hardcore” nature of the game was enthralling. Sure fighting crabs for levels upon levels, camping NMs (Notorious Monsters), and losing crafting material when failing was a pain, but I loved the game. (Sure it may have been the FF fanboy in me, but still.)

Sitting around talking with Linkshell members, seeing the “trade” chat was fun (Galka meat sword do you need it? /tell). Hating on the WoW players filled my days there.


A link to my FFXI character above. I did not have all the BiS gear but it was decent. 6 – 75 jobs…what can I say I loved to level in a group environment. It is something I miss when now playing WoW.

However, things change and you move on….Sky, Dynamis etc soon lost interest. It was time to move on.

Burned out on FFXI, I tried out Warhammer Online. Oh how I wish this game would have been better. So much untapped potential. An awesome intellectual property wasted on mediocrity. No endgame….well there was some but so little to keep people occupied…unless you were 100% PvP gung ho ALL THE TIME. (no thanks….) Class balance was out of line….Hello Witch elf…dead Archmage slice…Witch Elf then moves onto kill Dwarf Ironbreaker…come on…balance people! Out of control root/snares/CC.

Other honorable mentions.

Lord of the Rings Online – Now this was a game I wish I had given more of a chance. (although with it going F2P, I may have to spend more time there) Beautiful graphics, rich lore and story. Interesting classes and races.
The bad: seemed too empty. Questing alone or as a duo became tough. (Wanting to burn the shire….yes, please!)

Age of Conan – beautiful graphics, and ummm boobies….that is about it….waste of time. /sigh Once again a great IP wasted.

Aion – OMFG amazing looking game. I just wish it wasn’t so grindy…if it was more of a FFXI grind then ok, but a single player grind…hellll Nooo!!!! But with recent patches seems like they have altered it and added more quests. But the heavy emphasis on PVP is keeping me from coming back. I like a little PVP but not so much as it be THE focus of the game.

Perfect World International……waste of time…you get what you pay for. Was not my cup of tea.

Dungeons & Dragons Online – has potential. Not sure I like the control scheme. But will put some more time into when I get a chance.

Champions Online – was very fun at the beginning…the arch nemesis idea was cool. TRAVEL POWERS WERE SWEET!!!!!! However a lack of quests was annoying, killing mobs gave pitiful XP, and lack of endgame killed this for me.

This then beings me to my mistress at this current time – the dirty dirty game which serves all styles of play: World of Warcraft.

When I was a FFXI player…you could not get me to touch WoW with a 10 yard stick…although I do admit I did weaken and bought the CE of Vanilla WoW and played for about a month (my poor forsaken lock)….then did the same with BC….my poor belf hunter T_T

Obligatory SQUEEE pic.

What is about FFXI and WoW that has kept me from leaving them on the street corner like the others?

1.) Endgame content. Sure lots of game may not have them in place at launch, but hell have something substantial at least at launch, or at least show you are working on it.

2.) Environment and lore. Sure AoC, WAR and LoTRO had it, but the others did not. Even with AoC, something about it….doesnt feel right to make an MMO out of.

3.) A balance of PvP and PVE. Ok FFXI had a pitiful PVP but aleast is focused on PVE and did it well I feel. WoW seems to got the balance right well until the next patch 😛 The Others – something was missing.

4.) Most IMPORTANT for me – It is the group of people you find and play with. This here is what has kept me in FFXI and WoW the longest. People make the game for you NOT the game. It is this what I think some people have forgotten. With no people, there is no guild and no raid.

AND BTW FFXI > WOW! (as far as my fav MMO’s) Now if they combined the two I would be happy….

Lets hope Star Wars: the old republic, Final Fantasy XIV, and Tera will have something that will hold me in rapture.

Oh yeah Tues 25 main brief recap:

Lower Spire owned – prob could have 3 or 4 healed that. Bubbles are op’d.

Rotface owned the fight took a bit long though lol. But managed the oozes well imo.

BP owned, Fester shoulda been owned.

Wow….BQL on 25….a little more difficult but shouldnt be…….very healable if people manage mechanics.

And as usual Zug err Flavi made out like a bandit! 😛

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  1. July 21, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Caster Duo FTW


    • July 21, 2010 at 8:52 pm

      Motherfucking Rogue.

      Do it.

      DO IT!!!

      • July 21, 2010 at 8:53 pm

        She hit 46 last night. 😀

        If he doesn’t want to do the caster duo then I will go back to leveling the roguelette.

        So :-p

        • July 21, 2010 at 9:14 pm

          hmmmm looks like DPS may win 😛

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