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What I hate in WoW…aka this needs to DIAF NAO!

We all have things, even in everyone’s favorite game (WoW), that needs to die off like the dinosaurs.

The things you know…you see and go “WTF were they thinking!” Or something that for no apparent reason makes the rage bar grow.

1.) RP that you CANNOT skip once you have seen it once. Yes, Saurfang RP I am glaring at you. DIAF approved! Yes, improvements have been made for CoS and HoR…but yeah horde side fighting Saurfang…might as well as take a dump and upload it to shitblog while waiting for the fight to start.

2.) Murlocs…yes, I hate them…that noise they make…RAWR…want to buy chemical agent and kill all them murlocs.

3.) I know I will get a lot of hate for this…non-combat pets…not sure why…I have never been a fan on them. They kind of remind me of those useless lapdogs celebrities have.

4.) TOO MANY HOLIDAY EVENTS!!! Azeroth does not equal earth….why why why why why why!!!!

5.) 10 vs 25 man loot. Yes and I am glad Cata will fix it.

6.) Poorly designed armor in the lower lvls. Low lvls characters looks like circus clowns…and as we know clowns are creepy.

7.) How do females chests still heave and jiggle while in plate? or Mail? /ponders.

8.) dumbed down use of food buff….fish feast go…zzzzzzzzzzz. why bother lvling cooking when you can just eat a fish feast.

9.) Bosses/instances that are no longer viable….waste of game space…..

10.) Needs more training in the lower levels to teach people on how to play their damned job. I know the LFG tool helps I think…But yeah people need to learn…too many people at 80…who cant move from a fire on a regular basis.

11.) trade chat being used for conversation….drives me up the wall……and yes I do disable it most of the time.

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  1. June 3, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    7) And why does my forsaken toon breathe? That is creepy.

    9) Poor Onyxia is on her way to being rendered obsolete twice.

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