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strange keybinds are weird!!!!!!

Back from sunny, breezy San Diego. I have to say visiting out there has shattered my idea’s/stereotypes about that state. I was expecting to see valley girls, surfer dudes, and terminators walking around all over the place. Come on where are the cowboys/girls? Where are the cacti? What about the rice rockets??? Fast and Furious!! I had to settle for seeing some spinners on some lolSUVs…./sigh.

Lyssi has a good recap on my adventures in Affliction Warlocking…yeah…rotation does not seem too bad. But I can see if you have to move or target switch you are screwed. (in a bad way..like in the back of a volkswagen.)

And yes I had the rotation backwards till she showed me the correct one…yeah I spammed Seed…did not know it had to “pop”…like OMG…yeah I think i was a blond in a past life…

Strange keybinds are weird and weird layout of abilities are weird!!!!! But to each their own 😛 (kinda like cluttered dining room tables)

While out there I did get to meet Njeri and Nel

Just like in vent they are a blast even more so in the flesh. Funny noises and facial expressions ensued. Also a glass/mug of Kungaloosh was downed…good stuff. And

Frye’s is awesome….10x better then best buy imo. New egg + best buy = i need a new towel.

In and Out burger….thumbs up! Phil’s BBQ….a 10 a f’ing 10!

4×4 so good. I was expecting it to taste like a McDonalds burger..it did have that appearance…but did not taste like it…actually tasted like meat…wow…

Another thing was weird for this Ohio boy….fing palm trees….where are the oak, maple etc…no we have palm trees….strange….and people driving 20 mil MPH on the highway…

And yes ICC 25…no shield dropped…sigh!!! But got me a nifty new belt and a swell pair of plate gloves!


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  1. June 2, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Fry’s is an awesome place.

    I am still sad you didn’t get a milkshake at In-n-Out

    They are even better than the burgers!

    • slice213
      June 2, 2010 at 8:14 pm

      i regret it now as well 😛

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