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Friday thoughts….

ok TGIF. This has been an interesting week. Lots of changes here at work….we’ll see how the changes go. This has felt like one long ass Monday.

1st off Tuesday went off pretty well. The people from TD were an awesome bunch of people. Also has our resident lock met their match?

Wed – we will get LK down, just a matter of time. As for as this past Wed. Lets just say we tried!

Thursday – 2nd run of ICC 10 for SR. rofl stomped majority of the citadel. A few hiccups here and there  but much loot was gained….well once we got out of the lower spire! Zari finally got a cloak. Grats mohawk dude! Healing team of Selwyn (Foxtail add +1 to epic heals) and Tattia (Cowtail adds +1 to epic heals) owned things, I foresee 2 LK fights for SR in the very near future.

For VDW I think I have gotten the orb popping figured out. I do not know if it is my poor vision or my latency, I cannot swim thru the center of them to get them to pop. For me I have to swim thru the upper half of it..or to the side of it, for it to pop. Does not make much sense to me…why would it not pop if you swim in the center of it. Also if you miss one…do not stop and go back…keep on moving and AIM for the next target. If you got time..head back. Don’t waste time going back and forth if you miss one.

I myself was not to thrilled about my DPS, but my ret set is BAD…..just hit 4k GS. Any melee DPSers out there have any hints to pass along? target switching and the like?

Also this week…I guess I am a brute force healer lol. Comparing my fellow priest Tir to my own on 25 man Fester….it does appear that way lol. But in my defense, I had to spot heal a lot more then normally 😛 But I would agree looking back…I do tend to force things. Then again there are more then one way to skin a cat!

For my own personal project of working on the 4 healing classes….has kinda hit a snag….druid is painful to lvl…and my shaman is sitting back at lvl 9 lol. Sorak mentioned maybe I should level a ranged DPS class…I took the advise and am trying out Hunter (my 1st character when BC came out was a  BEhunter/2nd was a dranei Pally, vanilla it was a forsaken lock/tauren warrior)…nice and easy to play so far. I just fear the long waits in the Q for a “pure” DPS class.

I wish I had a JP button to do amazing things…..

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  1. May 7, 2010 at 6:14 pm

    By our final attempt I think I finally had the orb thing down. The last time I looked at my orbs I had 27 and had a portal phase to go to.

    I just have to say that 45k Nourish crits are delicious.

  2. May 7, 2010 at 7:02 pm


    awesome job still nonetheless!

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