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Now what?

April 22, 2010 2 comments

Ok as you have seen from Ari’s blog and Koala’s blog it is now SR vs LK. Who will win….though it might take some time…SR will win. Hey the good guys always win! AMIRITE!!! HELL YEAH! I cannot wait to kill him and the heroics!!!! MOAR LOOOOTTTTT lolololol.


But what then….? Sure there are heroics modes to look foward to. Also there is still the 25 man versions. But in my opinion, they will not have the same thrill of killing a boss for the 1st time.

Also after killing LK and moving on to heroics and eventually learning those fights….what does guilds/players have to look foward to??? Sure there is going to be the Ruby Sanctum…but if the OS is any indication, it will be short and sweet for the most part.

Man I am real negative lately 😛

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Midweek blues… /coffee

April 21, 2010 12 comments

As Arioch has mentioned already, SR’s weekly venture into the dark evil world of 25 man raids happened again. As usual stomp on thru the lower spire….except i managed to die 30 seconds into Marrowgar….got boned…and then thru to the ground to eat dirt…yeah no dinner no phone call from Marrowgar.  😦

Lady Deathwhisper….easy street…..Lootship….Deathbringer….all easy for the most part.

I apologize to all….the attempts made on Rotface really wore me out…when we got to Fester…i could not seem to hit the buttons fast enough…I knew what to expect…but it seemed people seemed squishier then normal, especially the clothies not in group 5. Also I useually dont have any issues with latency etc, but last night…things were not moving as fast as normal…must have been tired. /shrugs.

Also I normally do not like to complain as we all make mistakes but yeah lots of mistakes were made last night etc. I know i made some, everyone made some. But with 25 mans…ugh seeing a bunch of people ins slime spray makes a healer cry.  

Tonight 10 man continuation on Sindy and hopefully make it to LK!

Thursday…I may not be able to make it due to school related things…hopefully will be done before then.

Highlight of the 25 man raids…got meself a second upgrade token. Saving it for the BP 🙂

Wish our other Fury Warrior could have gotten the axe  T_T

Not sure why deathbringer only like to drop the priest, paladin, warlock token. But I am sure not complaining!

Some quotes from Guild last night. Lyssianna – “Ewww my fries are limp.”

Happy hump day. see ya. /coffee

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Moar news!

April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The guide that was sent to beta testers! Pretty standard stuff…etc. This game is still in alpha/beta? will be interesting to see what changes.

2 sets of lvls for your characters. Physical lvl which appears will allow you to alter things like HP, MP etc

Class lvls which will be actual lvls for your class.

“In FFXIV, the “armory system,” with which you can change class by changing the items you have equipped, is very characteristic. You will earn experience points for your current class through activities and your class rank goes up.

You will learn various skills (abilities) as your class rank rises. There will be more actions you can take while adventuring by setting new skills you learned on the action menu.

The thing to note here is, you can use the skills you acquired in one class even when switched into other classes. For instance, you have pugilist’s skill called “whistle” that can attract enemies’ attention, and this would be very useful for other fighters like “provoke” in FFXI. However, not every skill can be used by all the classes and there are penalties as to the effect of the skill and time limits in certain cases.”

Thank god no more subjob system to some extent.

LMAO customizible undergarments. Sexy party time?

In WoW stuff….25 man raid tonight! Woot! Hopefully we will get some good gear for fellow guildees! Not sure what i still need for 25 man ICC for my priest in the intial wing – the lower spire. – might be nice…but already got a cloak.

The token would be nice! 🙂 Upgrading pieces is always nice. – maybe this…not sure. – hell yes. I know this is not in the lower spire but it is hot.

Hmmm the decent offhands drops off BQL and the the upper spire bosses.

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Dmg mitigation/dmg dampening? vs brute force heals

April 19, 2010 17 comments

As the title states…damage mitigation and damage dampening vs brute force healing.

Brute Force healers – sorry shamans…you go here, Holy Priests, Holy Paladins

Damage mitigators and damage dampeners – Disc priests, and Resto Druids.

Speaking from a personal preference, I do prefer the path of mitigating and lessening the impact of incoming damage.

As a holy/disc priest: Renew and Power Word: Shield, does do a nice job to help out mitigate damage as it is incoming. lessening the amount of catch up work for spot healing etc.

Case in point: Last Thursday ICC 10 run, Took in as healing 2 restoration shamans, one of them went Enhancement for fights not 3 healed, and me as Holy Paladin. With little to none damage mitigation…the healing felt like a constant rat race to keep raid members alive. Pure unadulterated brute force healing. It’s like taking a sledge-hammer to open a walnut.

Last nights continuation of thursday: 1 resto/enhancement shaman, 1 resto druid, and me once again as the sledge-hammer healer. Went to Prof. Put 1st. 1 shotted. The ability to not have to constantly heal and lessening the damage is noteworthy. Also worth noting is Trees are king/queens of healing on the run, which is important in the final phase of the Prof Put fight. While i was running in position for next heal, I could trust the druid for a o shit heals when needed. And HoTs are HAWT. Yeah I know bad pun. Bite me.

Or when I am on my disc priest. The bubbles go a long way to help the dmg among the raid members. The same could be said for renews on the raid as well, but druids still beat holy priests in the facility. Also with my holy spec I need about 130 more haste. Want to be able to get off 5 renews before CoH cooldown is back up. So will need about 750-800 haste, I am at 680 or so. Tonight going to swap out some more gems…prob going to get some more Reckless Ametrines (+12 SP and +10 haste rating)

Its nice to see in Cata. that resto shamans will get a AoE HoT. But the holy paladin…the sledge hammer healer…lol will appear to be the same for the most part.

I know sacred shield mitigates a small amount of damage but…its still so little.

Also question….I do not quite have this down and I may be doing this wrong. Beacon one of the tanks…right?

Also how much haste? Holy Light is the nuke in the Holy Pallys arsenal but damn it takes a while to cast. Is there a specific rotation? I normally when pull is incoming….FoL, HS, and then Holy Light. I fear is i cast HL tank will be dead on initial pull. ><Especially on that BPC fight.

Don’t get me wrong Holy Pally healing is fun. Just takes some getting used to. Not used to playing the catch up in healing game anymore.

Wanting to buy bubbles on pally….of the priest kind! *sigh*

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Impulse buying is bad.

April 16, 2010 9 comments
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Epic fail…and some other misc things

April 16, 2010 4 comments

Megan Fox…as Red Sonja…why…., the Infinite Gyre

Hmm… nice card…mana cost is a bit high to cast normally. But…with some dredge and reanimating cards from graveyeard directly into play…this card could be nasty. Hmmm…. interesting….

This latest set looks interesting…may have to pick up a box or two…anyone else have a Magic Online account. 😛

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Disgustingly Cute….

April 15, 2010 2 comments

PC avatar’s are not supposed to be this cute….wanting to kill them….or must join the midget brigade!

If this is what FF14 is going to look like as PC’s….things are looking good for FF14.

 Classes look like standard MMO fare. Some interesting abilities here and there.

The 2 mage jobs are most appealing to me…along with the Pugilist.

The mage jobs – one of them can cast offensive and healing magics. While the 2nd sounds like a lock….

and the Pugulist…who doesnt wanna be Bruce Lee and hit stuff?

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