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Going back to my original post from today….

With 10 and 25 man raids to share the same lockouts…Lets hope Blizzard will allow guilds to change to size. One night you maybe able to get the turnout one needs for a 25 man, but then lets say disaster stikes…and half the raid cannot logon for continuation….lets hope you can swap to a smaller raid size.

As far as 10 and 25 dropping comparable gear….looking back on what they will allow to drop extra, should perhaps be increased or rather something extra for the added stress. I.E titles or mounts. But normal mounts – no 310.

 Cause once people do get geared no amt of extra gold and badges is going to make them farm 25 man raids when they can get the same stuff in 10 man.

Also with 10-vs 25. With Cata they hope to add this whole guild lvl thing, make the lvl of the guild raise faster with 25 man raiding rather then 10 man raiding.

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