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Moar news!


The guide that was sent to beta testers! Pretty standard stuff…etc. This game is still in alpha/beta? will be interesting to see what changes.

2 sets of lvls for your characters. Physical lvl which appears will allow you to alter things like HP, MP etc

Class lvls which will be actual lvls for your class.


“In FFXIV, the “armory system,” with which you can change class by changing the items you have equipped, is very characteristic. You will earn experience points for your current class through activities and your class rank goes up.

You will learn various skills (abilities) as your class rank rises. There will be more actions you can take while adventuring by setting new skills you learned on the action menu.

The thing to note here is, you can use the skills you acquired in one class even when switched into other classes. For instance, you have pugilist’s skill called “whistle” that can attract enemies’ attention, and this would be very useful for other fighters like “provoke” in FFXI. However, not every skill can be used by all the classes and there are penalties as to the effect of the skill and time limits in certain cases.”

Thank god no more subjob system to some extent.


LMAO customizible undergarments. Sexy party time?

In WoW stuff….25 man raid tonight! Woot! Hopefully we will get some good gear for fellow guildees! Not sure what i still need for 25 man ICC for my priest in the intial wing – the lower spire.

http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/50014/greatcloak-of-the-turned-champion/ – might be nice…but already got a cloak.

The token would be nice! 🙂 Upgrading pieces is always nice.

http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/49968/frozen-bonespike/ – maybe this…not sure.

http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/50028/trauma/ – hell yes. I know this is not in the lower spire but it is hot.

Hmmm the decent offhands drops off BQL and the the upper spire bosses.

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