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Teasing is bad, sometimes good. :D

Ok Blizzard is teasing us with class previews and the new Mt Hyjal, retaking of gnomewhatisnameagain, and the Echo Isles for the trolls. Why do this now? Why release all this information so early without a release date. All this is doing is raising expectations, and when Blizzard cannot meet them…they will eat crow.

Not sure why Blizzard is doing the samething as Mythic did. Why promise all this stuff and fail to deliver in the end. Cata is going to be a very ambitious project: re-designings zones,  adding new zones, and 2 new races. If I am not mistaken Blizzzard wanted to add a dance studio for WoTLK? Not in…where is it? More veh combat was also promised, well more then we have currently.

Mythic when they were hyping up WAR, said 3 capital cities each for each of the 2 factions. The Empire was released without their tank, as was the Dark Elves. The Dwarves and the Greenskins were released without their melee DPS. The RVR t4 action was clunky at times. Too much dependence on your faction controlling the other zones. (T1 1-10, T2 11-20, T3 20-30, T4 31-40.)

We shall see if Blizzard can deliver on the promise. I have my doubts.

If the level 85 abilities are any indication of the thought being put into Cata, i am really worried.

Ok enough with the QQ and etc.

As already mentioned by our fearless leader….we forgot to change the raid difficulty to 25….wiping to trash in VoA…wut??? But I should have been paying more attention, when Tir invited people and the screen said raid difficulty was set to 25….Tir you are an evil sick femtaur!

Tonight ICC 10….Sind and LK going down to Chinatown!!!!!!

New Lootwhore has been crowned and it is Nelchalen! 4 pieces of loot last night and 2 crafting plans…hmmm…did a certain pally hit the JP button. (sorry old FFXI joke)

Grats boss on getting yout priest to 80..i can retire my priest now XD

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  1. April 14, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    You know, all things considered, we did take down most of the trash. 😀

    • April 14, 2010 at 4:05 pm

      True lol only took 15 minutes or so!

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