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PvP – player vs player

Hmm. PvP…sounds like a dirty word to me when thinking about WoW.

Prior to playing WoW, I heard nothing but stories of just dying with no chance in hell of surviving. This plus many other rumors about WoW created a barrier from me wanting to seriously step into the world of Azeroth.

Now I am not a complete stranger to PvP I babbled in it in LOTRO, FFXI, and hell WAR a nothing but a lot of PvP.

Looking at WoW…I will have to re-spec obviously. The strange thing about WoW PvP is you need separate gear for it. That makes me cringe. resilience?? WTF. *SIGH* TIme to grind more EoT for some gear and get some honor for the PvP trinket.

Appears using your abilities at the right time and place, is the way to overcome a lot of things. Knowing when to use your trinket. Knowing when to pop appropriate abilities. Staying alive till your allies can kill the other team’s healer(s) so you can have the numerical advantage, appears to be the norm in arena?

Recently joined a 5 man team with my guild. I think it will be fun as we facepwn people. Well maybe not..but will be fun nonetheless. 🙂

Update: played 11 arena matches….definitely interesting and amusing. And Woot! we won 1!!!!

Also weird is the gear for PvP…itemized kinda strange. Gearing for stamina??? wut?? Mana regen and mana itself maybe an issue…defintely weird…gearing for PvP goes against the PvE mindset that is ingrained within me.

The Battle grounds however is a very familiar thing to me. Very simlar to scenarios in WAR. I may not know how Isle of Conquest works. But…fighting in the middle, Civil War style…does not allow you to win…

Arathi Basin – simple hold mechanic  to gain resources – get enough and you win.

Warsong Gultch – capture the flag. Nuff said.

Strand of the ancients – not sure i like this one or not. Finally got a win in there.

Alterac Valley….way too large lol. But also fun…if I understood what the hell was going on.

Havent been to the other ones so not sure what they are like.

But I have noted like in WAR…WoW has the same issues that i did not like about PvP…ranmpant CC/STUNS/ROOTS/PUNTS/etc….come on…but in WoW seems manageble with the trinkets I think…

Also get the morons who like to go all lonewolf, and bunchs of people who like to fight in weird area and not cap things. Ignoring simple mechanics of actually winning the BG is above them. Killing people for homor and killing things one on one is more important….then winning lol. *sigh*

I have to say PvP in WoW is quite fun. Having an Army of the Dead chasing you…Not so much….but I chuckled still….so used to seeing it on the PVE side. Also seeing so many squirtles is kinda weird. Fel Puppies are freakin annoying. Locks are annoying. cant kill me…but…that constant fearing is irritating.

OMFG you damn frost mages…i gotta dispel SO much stuff off of raid memebers…hate you! Prot pallys are tough to kill. Sap still sucks. And rogues who cant kill me (268 res and no PVP trinket and no PVP spec) are really bad. Chasing down a gnome mage and dispelling their buffs and DoT them up, sicing a shadowfiend on them and then finishing then off with a Power Word: Death: Priceless.

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  1. April 12, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    Slice is turning into a PvP monster


    • April 12, 2010 at 3:14 pm


      I have been somewhat a fan of PvP since playing Warhammer. But for some reason as i stated i had a real bias against WoW PvP, but after playing some more BGs…it does remind me a lot of WAR’s PvP except people are a lot more squishy.

      I think…i will be in BGs a lot now…..you may have to drag me away from them to go PuGing and raiding….. 😛

      I wish Blizzard would allow for a 3rd spec option that would be for PvP onry specs. If you dont have any “PvP” talents in it…would not be allowed to keep it.

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