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10 vs 25

Which do you prefer? A big old bunch of kittens running around or a smaller more managable lot?

Do you prefer fight mechanics with a twist? Or the closer knit teamwork of 10?

For many it is a matter of personal preference. You cannot deny the gear that drops from 25 man raids are bigger and flashier. (But we are not in the game for loot, right?)  However 25 mans do have their own issues with raid comp, strats, etc.

For 25 man raids…one of the more apparent issues is the member department. You need 25 people, which i guess is a huge step down from the 25 man raids, but to get 25 people managing around real life etc, can be a hassle for any RL or GM. 25 differnt people of varying skill, gear, and PC/internet connections.

Although, in a 25 man raid i guess you can carry a few warm bodies thru with no problem. However, when you have people who may not know how to do something correctly and continue to stroke the Epeen…you may have issues and wipe. Try to get 25 people to do something complex….my hats off to people who run such things.

Last night a friend of mine playing on Khadgar texted me with a complaint that his guild was having issues with people not showing up to 25 mans or trying to get their lower geared alts in the raid instead of their mains. Ok if the content is on “farm” then bringing in alts may not be an issue, but when doing progression content..bringing in alts may or not be a no-no. As far as people not showing up….that is an issue every guild faces. This maybe even more prevelant once summer hits. Or it may not be an issue as people in school may have more time to raid. But then again summer is the time for vacation and travel.

*some people in guild already celebrating summer >.>”

25 mans also add an extra mechanic or enhance an exisitng mechanic a boss may do, Festergut throws more spores out into the ranged..so more designated pukers are needed. Rotface seemed pretty much the same, damn oozes. (freakin bastard). Lady D, mind controls a random member and an has adds pop both sides and the same time and one from the back. As long as people learn and adapt to these changes and adjust their thinking, raid should be ok. Festergut, honestly I was caught a bit off guard for the gas dmg intially. Again adjust and move on.

For the healing comp. It seems they will have a role set in stone more often then not. Assigining healers to tank, and individuals to raid. Sure can help out a bit on other assignments, but if you are assigned stick to it…*shrugs*

10 Man raids

10 man healing, although you may assign tanks etc. With the limited # of players…you may find oneself tankhealing and helping out raid healing. Too many people go down in 10 man…and you might as well call a wipe. The cogs in a 10 man team cannot afford to lose too many teeth before going down for the count.

10 man the bosses will have lower HP etc. Also will not have some special move like they do in their 25 man counter part. Lady D does not mind control and the adds alternate from side to side and no extra add in the back. Other then that the fight is the same.

However, even with being “lowered” from their 25 man identity, these bosses cannot be taken lightly still. With only 10 spots in a raid to fill, the delilcate balance of tanks – healer – DPS (ranged/melee) must be blended correctly. Also with a 10 man raid, this may allow one to learn your fellow raid members playing habits easier, while in the sea of 25 man…you cannot learn everyone’s playung style.

Does player A prefer to go left or right 1st? Does player X like to move away from people? Does player C prefer to raid or tank heal? Are they KB turner or a mouse turner? Clicker? or keybinder?


With 10 man raids it is also easier for the RL or GM to get 10 poeple together. That is 15 less people to herd into a litter box. 15 less sources of potential stress. However, with the 10 chosen these people will need to bring their “A” game every time they raid. The margin for error is a lot smaller then it is in for 25 man. Only thing gear does is allow for a larger margin of error. Gear does not a player. Experience, learning, and performing well makes a good player.

By the way, I prefer 10 man raids. But certain pieces of  gear from 25 man raids have caught my eye…Solace of the fallen and the abacus. Now that Sorak has them, they will “never” drop again.

Stay frosty people!

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  1. April 1, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    I prefer 10s. There is more room for people. I’m not constantly getting hugged by other ranged casters *glares at Zari*

    • April 1, 2010 at 9:45 pm


      • April 1, 2010 at 9:48 pm

        just watch it Zari. You might wake up one morning and your mohawk will be gone

        • April 1, 2010 at 10:03 pm

          …she would do it to….she is mean. 😛

          She is a dropbear.

  2. April 1, 2010 at 11:09 pm

    Well, my experience with 25s is limited, but I tend to like 10s.

    As for relative difficulty, well, as you noted they’re challenging in different areas for different reasons, and it varies from encounter to encounter…

    Personally I’d like to see the gear gap between 10s and 25s be not as wide, (Tho I’m okay with 25s getting better gear. It seems like a just reward for the extra organization required)

    ..Actually I think I’d rather see 25s drop gear more frequently than 10s, over and beyond how it’s already adjusted to account for more people. But the gear levels remain approx. the same. I.E. in a 25 you actually have a greater chance of getting gear, but it’s of the same quality as the 10s.

    I suppose there’s a valid reason why they’re doing things as they are, though…

    • April 2, 2010 at 2:44 pm

      I never really understood the difference between 10 and 25 man loot.

      I hate comparing games but there was not such system in FFXI. Dynamis/sky which required 15+ plus dropped very nice gear. While Salvage you took in 7 people max – which also dropped very nice gear.

      Dynamis and Sky were realtively easy strats, while Salvage had very complex strats and ways to complete the mission.

      So I cannot understand why bringing in more fodder garners better loot?

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