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Lowered Expectations….

March 23, 2010 2 comments

As players are we expecting too much from developers?


Are devleopers promising too much and not delivering?

Take a look at alot of the “so called” WoW-killers: EQ2, AoC, WAR, all three of the games pale in subscription numbers and failed to bring/keep players in.

In the same vein as these fail games: Champions Online.

What did these games do wrong?

1.) they overhyped themselves. (WAR…lol wowkiller wutt? RvR game…wut???)

2.) too many bugs and technical issues at launch (….WAR, AoC…)

3.) Poor balance in gameplay at launch (ugh evil witch elves and bright wizards in WAR, missing abilites etc in AoC)

4.) lack of content, and cut out things they said would be in. (WAR 1 capital city -per side rather then the 3 per side promised) (not enough quests in Champions online to reach max lvl)

5.) Released too early, probably need more beta time.  (Stares are WAR and AoC)

Will other AAA MMOs fall to the same fate? StarWars: The Old republic and FF 14?

With Bioware/EA making Star Wars…I am not so sure. Bioware has a good track record of console games…but nothing in MMOs. EA…destroyed WAR…

Also EA recently announced for Star Wars to be “successful” the only need 1 mil subs…sounds like the same damn thing they said for WAR…

I am not going to keep my fingers croseed for it….the corporate monster will always win in the end.

FF14 on the other hand I do have faith in. Made by SE who does have a successful MMO under their belt. FFXI they stated was their experiment and pay to play beta (ok that is what i called it). The recent SS and videos i have seen, seems to be a blend of WoW and FFXI? We shall see, and I cannot wait.

With Cataclysm is Blizzard going to fail? Stepping  back…it is quite a bold move and a large one. Lets mess up the original world and totally replace it with something else. Major overhauls etc. Lets make old instances redesigned for endgame….I have my doubts that they will deliver. They delivered their annoucement with all the bells and whistles associated with such annoucements, but we shall see. I don’t have a lot of faith in devleopers in the MMO sphere.

Maybe I am just being cynical, but no MMO that i have played has met up to their own hype or my own expectations. Only 2 that have kept me subscribed for extended lengths of time has been FFXI and WoW.

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10/12 bosses killed. Arthas here we come. Can we borrow some sugar?

March 22, 2010 3 comments

*knock knock*

Arthas: Who’s there?

*smash, slash, SoC, AB, etc*

Arioch: All you loots belong to us!!!!! *que in evil egomaniac laughter*

*rest of raid kittens looting da loot and sugar, for lemonade of course*

I know has nothing to do with actual post…but come on…bird biting stupid dude…FUNNY

Anyways. In the real world….Sleepy slice is sleepy. After a 3 days weekend…feeling very sleepy and lethargic.

As Ari and Millea have pointed out SR is now 10/12 in 10 man ICC. 2 more and Arthas we coming to steal your lootz!!!! (I gotz SS at home)

New boss down…time for a new one…fun time for me. time to look up strats and mechanics. I think for the most part everyone does a good job in knowing the fights. But as I have said before, reading and watching does not compare to actually doing the fight live.

Tankspot videos make the fight look like a ballroom dancing competition. The 1st few tries SR comes to the dance floor it looks more like half off lap dance hour 😛 (ok maybe not that bad) 

I do say the kill attempt on Blood princes was very flowing ( is that correct use of the word?), please did not move into one another for imp. shock vortex for the most part. Zug gobbled down blueberries like pac man!! (And sorry Ti, healing Zug on his warrior was easier then healing your DK it seemed – although on the kill Hex and ES babysat Zuggy) While poor Ti getting doubled teamed on his Femtaur (o.O) took a beating at times. People avoided unnecessary dmg, so time/mana could be better spent on tanks. (1st time killed them…i had to burn every mana regen cooldown, this time only 1)  2 tanking this fight made it a lot shorter.

Dream walker fight…finally downed! 3/4 healing team was not fail..I could not stay alive….felt like i was trying to beat Sorak’s record for dying in a fight!!! But went in there and i think 4 shot won the fight!! 🙂 (Lyssi got a nice staff….with an interesting shape)

Key was one tanking the fight and the awesome swimming by the shamans, also adds died faster? The zombies did not lay waste as much as well. Tel was awesome in healing…me i ate a lot of good dirt. XD (although i feel GS at the beginning and then she shaman’s threw lust helped out – hey i have to help my ego somehow! :P)

Sindrogosa – or how ever you spell that. Looks like will be fun….definitely fun. And then LK himself….woot!!!

Everything is better with bacon.

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Wut r talent pointz? Specz???

March 18, 2010 1 comment

Disclaimer: this is what I do and and in no way shape or form are they set in stone.  People do different things.


57/14/0 is what I use.

My fellow disc Priest Ti uses.

In the Holy Tree – this is where people may vary.

As you can see we both took Healing Focus, and Holy Speciialization (VERY IMPORTANT – more crit is sexy for disc) at max rank. I took Improved Renew while he took 3 ranks of Divine Fury. Both of us took Desperate Heal (although I never use it…like health cookies), and max rank of Inspiration (I cannot understand those who do not take this….. at max rank 10% damage reducation after getting critically hit with a healing spell. )

In the Discipline tree – Avoid: Unbreakable Will, Silent Resolve, Martyrdom, Absolution, and Imp. Mana Burn. For the most part those are PvP talents.

The other talents in the tree, max em out. No questions asked…max them out.  Not a lot of variation for disc.

Glyphs for Disc Tree

Major: Penance, Power Word:Shield, and Flash Heal.

Minor: Levitate (cuz I am lazy), Shadow fiend, and Fortitude are safe bets. Some prefer to use Shadow Prayer instead of Fortitude.


I run with 13/58/0.

Other Holy Priests run with 14/58/0

The difference being whether or not to spend a point into getting Inner Focus. I really tend to forget to use the darn thing so i didnt get it.

In the Disc tree for Holy this is what you need to get: max out Twin Disciplines 5/5, Imp. Inner Fire 3/3, Imp, Power Word: Fortitude 2/2, and Meditation 3/3 <——Note meditation is very important…if you dont have it for holy delete WoW from your computer, please.

Now onto the Holy Tree: This is where you may find some variation.

For the 1st tier:

Improved Renew and Holy Specialization: Max em out.

Healing Focus…maybe.

2nd Tier:

Spell Warding: I tend to avoid it…other take 5/5

Divine Fury – IMO take it.

3rd tier

Desperate Prayer – may respec to get tid of it…never use it anyways.

Inspiration – take IT!.

4th tier

Some varaiation may occur here – I have seen some take Holy Reach…I use  Improved Healing althuogh I may change this tier.

5th Tier

Max all 3 out.

Healing Prayers – reduced cost to PoH and PoM, yes please!

Spirit of Redemption – FAIL ANGEL IN COMING!

Spiritual Guidance – mmmmm maor Spell-power.

6th Tier

Surge of Light – get a crit get a free FH or smite…sure dont twist my arm.

Spiritual Healing…no brainer…take it.

7th Tier

OK some variation may occur here.

Holy Concentration – max it out. This is a must, imo.

Lightwell…ok…debate on this..I myself don’t have kittens trained to use it. My scary GM does…people either like it or hate it. The healing from it is very mana efficient though from what i recall.

Blessed Resilience – don’t bother.

8th Tier

Yay more variation!

Body and Soul – Some swear by it…I am not sure about it. PW:S is seldomly cast…expecially with a disc priest in the raid.

Empowered Healing – I have it at 5/5 I have seen other take it as low as 3/5 or 4/5.

Serendipity – take it and love it. Learn to keep track of it.Learn to manage the stacks with your manapool.

9th Tier

Empowered Renew – Other hate it, others love it. I love it. (I am fake drooid)

Circle of Healing – Make a huge hot key for this baby…..maybe not as large as a FoK button though.

Test of Faith – remember that point some people dont place into empowered Healing…you may see it here to max it out…I may take a point out and max it out as well. Not sure.

Last 2 Tiers

Divine Providence and Guardian Spirit – max em out. No excuse not to.

Holy Glyphs

Variation may occur here.

I run with glyph of CoH (one extra target hit), and PoH (adds a HoT component to PoH), and Guardian Spirit for major.

I raid heal so these are great. And 1 min cooldown on GS if it is not used…hell yeah.

Minor glyphs are the same as the Disc ones.

Happy Healing! No wait…no such thing!!!

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The end of pony and bacon???

March 16, 2010 1 comment

No I am not thinking of quitting or leaving etc.

This week in SR had a couple of good players decide IRL > WoW, and I do not blame them. As much as we joke around getting your life cleared up 1st is more important. So to Del, Kagen, Spliff, Tay and etc, hope things go well and hope that you come back soon. 🙂

Anyways back onto other stuffs. Guess T10 4 Piece for priests is 5% to Power Word: shield and 10% to Circle of Healing. Guess this means I might actually look at getting the 4 piece. *grumbles*

is the piece I was thinking about picking up next for disc. but now with the bonus

Prob going to have to pick this up and the pants as well.  But this may just suit my holy setup better. Might still stick with the meteor chasers raiment…decisions…then there is still the issue of making the sandals of desecration too….sigh!!!

Tested out Pally healing on a unsuspecting group of pugs and guildees! thanks again guys!!!

The difference between priest healing and Pally healing…very differnt imo.

With being a disc priest I have a lot of instant cast spells, shield, and in general more of a toolbox to get things done. Overzealous DPS takes aggro – i can pop a shield on them and renew them or throw a flash heal on them. group taking dmg over time. Prayer of Mending or Prayer of healing (hasted with Borrowed Time of course)

Holy Paladin – not a large toolbox ot heal. Very single target dependant, although Beacon of LIght does help a little. Beacon the tank and they get healed as well as someother target. No AoE spells, no bubble, although Pallys do get Holy Shield which is nice. Another difference I need to get used to is the constant casting it seens. FoL, HL, HS Holy shield rinse and repeat. Although, I do admit is it kinda fun seeing the huge numbers HL brings.

Maybe an end to the priest…we shall see…i doubt it.

Next healer on the list – Resto Shaman.

Also in other non WoW stuffs.

Updated a whole bunch of new stuff. Looks like though 1 tank though possibly although the pugilist does have a defensive stance? So maybe an evastion/counter tank?

Soth sparkles?? I dont get the joke though. XD

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Skill vs Luck.

March 15, 2010 15 comments

1st off some good news SR is 9/12 for 10 man ICC. Kill the Bloodqueen last night. 9 wipes and 10 try, the kill shot….or was it the DoT shot…?? (will post a SS later on)

In this fight, the dmg is chaotic and at 1st overwheming. After a few more tries it is not as overwhelming. It does become crazy after the bloodbolt whirl. Especially if poeple are grouping up and OOR.

One thing to note is, she does cast bloodbolts at random people before the whirl as well, people need to stay apart from those as well. She seems to cast those standing at range. There were a few time i got the low health warning all of a sudden, as i got hit with the splash effect.

With the red beams of death…still got issues with those. I am trying to run toward the person and then stopping about 3-4 steps. before meeting up with them. Seems if both people are moving they will miss one another.  Another point is that the healers and ranged might be a bit too far out…when someone targeted way out there with a melee…the dmg can hurt. Or a far out person gets target with another far out person and catches a healer in the middle.

From a healing standpoint – I do think it was a weird comp we had for that kill. One thing I would to try out if  the same team is brought in. Would be to put  Hex and I or a shaman for that matter toward the middle. So the chainheals can hit more people if that is what they are using.

With Hex off to the far side, I don’t think the chain heal was at its most effective, if I am wrong please correct me. Also with Tel being targeted sometimes, the other 2 healers need to be more aware of the tanks, there were times when the tanks got dangerously low. But with that fight DPS also needs to stay alive + tanks it can be hectic. Having a druid there would have helped out a lot as well. *stare Del, Tatia*

The kill attempt – we did have one of our best DPS die and then I died as well. Not sure how we managed to kill her.  Healers -1, Blizzard 69

Dreamwalker…..I dont want to think how many times i have read that strat. So I am not sure where it is going wrong? Its it the healing? Is it the add control? 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 DPS?

4 healers, 2 tanks, 4 DPS?

No idea!

It really does boil down to HPS.  Different healers are better at it then others. I do think I could get higher #’s but with that fight all the adds makes me worry. And priest imo, are not designed to put out the raw power needed at time like a shaman, druid, or pally can.

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Angry Sat post is Angry. And a little sexy :P

March 13, 2010 3 comments

Here I am at work, on a freakin Sat. SOOOO grumpy. Saturday’s people are extra whiny and extra annoying. Cut me some slack gere people…. things open during the week will not normally be open on a weekend. Deal with it. QQing me a river wont help you out. 

Anyways….while sitting here…Sats are quiet and most just for taking phone calls, it does allow me the chance to catch up on something…Critical QQ’s fire and frost guide….good read if you havent had the chance to read them.

“KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!” lol genius.

He also had this little gem hiding out in there. This should help bleach out all the belf and nelf pron Ari has been posting lately 😛


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random screenshots!

March 13, 2010 1 comment

Woot Yogg kill!

yay leveling….


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