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10/12 woot?? Monday morning raid report.

3/29/10 Shadow Rising went into ICC 10 to kill some stuff.

I know myself…I was tired. Was tempted to ask for a replacement, but meh manned up and went thru with it.

Wiped once on Blood Princes….not quite sure what happened…Kinetic bomb maybe?

2nd try was poetry in motion. Couple of times I did lose track of Soth. /panic.  I also wanded a ball as well. (ok that does not sound good, but meh will keep it in)

Then went onto Prof. /pwned.  Got me a new belt.

I want to be knocking on Arthas’ door soon, not playing with his pet dragon.” – Arioch from Clearcasting

As you can see, we hit a brickwall. Ground Phase and Airphase seem to be going ok. Just slow down the DPS on the tombs a little.

Also the draw – in ability she does. Seems like we are getting that down, noone is dying from that anymore for the most part.

Protip: As soon as she does it, rotate your camera to the direction you wish to run. Hit the ground and zoooooommmmm. GTFO.

2nd phase at 35%…I know I messed up. Note to self: leave room behind for people to hide.

People need to move as soon as the ice tomb is broken,  and also get away from the person being targeted with the tomb.

I am sure we will get her down. 🙂

And then hello Lich King! Can we borrow some sugar for lemonade!

Also for some early morning excitement check out fromthenether.wordpress.com. Its “stimulating”


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  1. March 29, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Stimulating is an understatement

  2. March 29, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    Eeek, it uses the same template as Mohawk Troll.

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