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Lowered Expectations….

As players are we expecting too much from developers?


Are devleopers promising too much and not delivering?

Take a look at alot of the “so called” WoW-killers: EQ2, AoC, WAR, all three of the games pale in subscription numbers and failed to bring/keep players in.

In the same vein as these fail games: Champions Online.

What did these games do wrong?

1.) they overhyped themselves. (WAR…lol wowkiller wutt? RvR game…wut???)

2.) too many bugs and technical issues at launch (….WAR, AoC…)

3.) Poor balance in gameplay at launch (ugh evil witch elves and bright wizards in WAR, missing abilites etc in AoC)

4.) lack of content, and cut out things they said would be in. (WAR 1 capital city -per side rather then the 3 per side promised) (not enough quests in Champions online to reach max lvl)

5.) Released too early, probably need more beta time.  (Stares are WAR and AoC)

Will other AAA MMOs fall to the same fate? StarWars: The Old republic and FF 14?

With Bioware/EA making Star Wars…I am not so sure. Bioware has a good track record of console games…but nothing in MMOs. EA…destroyed WAR…

Also EA recently announced for Star Wars to be “successful” the only need 1 mil subs…sounds like the same damn thing they said for WAR…

I am not going to keep my fingers croseed for it….the corporate monster will always win in the end.

FF14 on the other hand I do have faith in. Made by SE who does have a successful MMO under their belt. FFXI they stated was their experiment and pay to play beta (ok that is what i called it). The recent SS and videos i have seen, seems to be a blend of WoW and FFXI? We shall see, and I cannot wait.

With Cataclysm is Blizzard going to fail? Stepping  back…it is quite a bold move and a large one. Lets mess up the original world and totally replace it with something else. Major overhauls etc. Lets make old instances redesigned for endgame….I have my doubts that they will deliver. They delivered their annoucement with all the bells and whistles associated with such annoucements, but we shall see. I don’t have a lot of faith in devleopers in the MMO sphere.

Maybe I am just being cynical, but no MMO that i have played has met up to their own hype or my own expectations. Only 2 that have kept me subscribed for extended lengths of time has been FFXI and WoW.

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  1. March 24, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    “Only” 1 million subscribers.


    The thing hat I wonder if they ever take into account is that the MMO community is sort of a closed circuit. Most of the people that are going to very very interested in MMOS are already playing MMOs. And since the primary resource for MMO players is time, often they don’t have enough of it to play both games ‘competitively’ so really in order to gain payers you have to ‘steal’ them from other, established games where players have already spent a huge time investment. It’s pretty rough. In the past it seemed like all you needed to do to have a successful MMO was.. Have an MMO. Back when they were stlll a novelty. Now things are a lot tighter. I guess we’ll see how things turn out…

    Anyway… I’m sort of waiting for FFIV with bated breath. I’m hoping they learned some important lessons from 11. I really want to love the game but it in the same nervous way as a beaten puppy. They are capable of such evil.

    It seems like all the conversations I ever have about 11 seem to center around “That game was awesome! …But jesus did I hate parts of it. >.<"

    • March 24, 2010 at 7:52 pm

      /agree. These days MMOs need to bring more to the table then just some pointy ears and wow playing with other people. Games liek EQ, FFXI, and even WoW to some degree are older and have helped to establish a niche for them. Newer MMOs need to bring something better, then just being a WoW close, to take players away. These days “time” is a very important item.

      FF14…will seem to blend combat of 11, 13, and WoW togther….the early gameplay trailers look promising.

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