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10/12 bosses killed. Arthas here we come. Can we borrow some sugar?

*knock knock*

Arthas: Who’s there?

*smash, slash, SoC, AB, etc*

Arioch: All you loots belong to us!!!!! *que in evil egomaniac laughter*

*rest of raid kittens looting da loot and sugar, for lemonade of course*

I know has nothing to do with actual post…but come on…bird biting stupid dude…FUNNY

Anyways. In the real world….Sleepy slice is sleepy. After a 3 days weekend…feeling very sleepy and lethargic.

As Ari and Millea have pointed out SR is now 10/12 in 10 man ICC. 2 more and Arthas we coming to steal your lootz!!!! (I gotz SS at home)

New boss down…time for a new one…fun time for me. time to look up strats and mechanics. I think for the most part everyone does a good job in knowing the fights. But as I have said before, reading and watching does not compare to actually doing the fight live.

Tankspot videos make the fight look like a ballroom dancing competition. The 1st few tries SR comes to the dance floor it looks more like half off lap dance hour 😛 (ok maybe not that bad) 

I do say the kill attempt on Blood princes was very flowing ( is that correct use of the word?), please did not move into one another for imp. shock vortex for the most part. Zug gobbled down blueberries like pac man!! (And sorry Ti, healing Zug on his warrior was easier then healing your DK it seemed – although on the kill Hex and ES babysat Zuggy) While poor Ti getting doubled teamed on his Femtaur (o.O) took a beating at times. People avoided unnecessary dmg, so time/mana could be better spent on tanks. (1st time killed them…i had to burn every mana regen cooldown, this time only 1)  2 tanking this fight made it a lot shorter.

Dream walker fight…finally downed! 3/4 healing team was not fail..I could not stay alive….felt like i was trying to beat Sorak’s record for dying in a fight!!! But went in there and i think 4 shot won the fight!! 🙂 (Lyssi got a nice staff….with an interesting shape)

Key was one tanking the fight and the awesome swimming by the shamans, also adds died faster? The zombies did not lay waste as much as well. Tel was awesome in healing…me i ate a lot of good dirt. XD (although i feel GS at the beginning and then she shaman’s threw lust helped out – hey i have to help my ego somehow! :P)

Sindrogosa – or how ever you spell that. Looks like will be fun….definitely fun. And then LK himself….woot!!!

Everything is better with bacon.

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