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The end of pony and bacon???

No I am not thinking of quitting or leaving etc.

This week in SR had a couple of good players decide IRL > WoW, and I do not blame them. As much as we joke around getting your life cleared up 1st is more important. So to Del, Kagen, Spliff, Tay and etc, hope things go well and hope that you come back soon. 🙂

Anyways back onto other stuffs. Guess T10 4 Piece for priests is 5% to Power Word: shield and 10% to Circle of Healing. Guess this means I might actually look at getting the 4 piece. *grumbles*


is the piece I was thinking about picking up next for disc. but now with the bonus


Prob going to have to pick this up and the pants as well.  But this may just suit my holy setup better. Might still stick with the meteor chasers raiment…decisions…then there is still the issue of making the sandals of desecration too….sigh!!!

Tested out Pally healing on a unsuspecting group of pugs and guildees! thanks again guys!!!

The difference between priest healing and Pally healing…very differnt imo.

With being a disc priest I have a lot of instant cast spells, shield, and in general more of a toolbox to get things done. Overzealous DPS takes aggro – i can pop a shield on them and renew them or throw a flash heal on them. group taking dmg over time. Prayer of Mending or Prayer of healing (hasted with Borrowed Time of course)

Holy Paladin – not a large toolbox ot heal. Very single target dependant, although Beacon of LIght does help a little. Beacon the tank and they get healed as well as someother target. No AoE spells, no bubble, although Pallys do get Holy Shield which is nice. Another difference I need to get used to is the constant casting it seens. FoL, HL, HS Holy shield rinse and repeat. Although, I do admit is it kinda fun seeing the huge numbers HL brings.

Maybe an end to the priest…we shall see…i doubt it.

Next healer on the list – Resto Shaman.

Also in other non WoW stuffs.


Updated a whole bunch of new stuff. Looks like though 1 tank though possibly although the pugilist does have a defensive stance? So maybe an evastion/counter tank?

Soth sparkles?? I dont get the joke though. XD

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