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Hidden identities?

Alternative identities

Different personalities

Arioch over at Clearcasting and Koalabear over at DotsandHots, have some good posts touching on this. Ty over at 1377Bohica also talks about this as well.

RP or roleplaying for short. For some it is a dirty phrase never to be mentioned while talking about WoW. While for others it is just another aspect to a game they enjoy they play.  For those who are not used to it…from the outside looking in…it really does appear to be quite strange and alien. Besides that for some poeple they think RP means talking dirty etc etc.

“Normal Person”: OMF WTF ARE YOU 2 talking bout! lol L2talk normally!!!

“RP’er”: Look hither its a talking gorilla. By a dragon’s burning breath this world is truly amazing”

Why do people do this? Who knows..personally I would think it is rather difficult to raid and RP or even RP and play an MMO. Playing a pencil and paper RPG is definitely the ideal venue for RP’ing. It forces one to put oneself into character and use your mind’s eye rather then your eyes. Other may disagree with this, but this is what I think. I tried RP once…it was taxing and distracting. Power to those who can do it though.

Anyways, back the main topic. Does your character and other alts have different personalites from your own? Do you have a back story in place? Specifc hates and dislikes? Do they wear certain pieces of gear? A favorite color? Food? Favorite place to hang out in town?

Arioch has mentioned her stable of foxtailed blood elves all seem to have differnt personalities and traits that make them their own.  go check out her post on it, very good read. (I cannot see Arioch – giving anyone a flower etc….And Tatia I see rather punching someone…in the arm)

Also Ty mentioned his 3 character each have their own story and background.

I myself just made a character and hit enter world. I admit i pick a chacater cause I like the way they look, not for a distinct reason or RP flavor. If i am going to look at something for hours up on end…might as well be nice looking. *shrugs* I do not have a particular attitude or personality for my characters. 

I will admit…when I make characters I may tend to roll them on RP servers. I do it to avoid general chat morons. It seems to me…they are not as annoying on those servers. I still have one on Feathermoon in fact. My now deleted hunter was on Sisters of Elune.

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  1. March 12, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    I have a few toons that have their own personalities, but not many of them. Now that I am kind of working on something with them I have started looking at them differently to see if there is something about each of them that stands out.

    I have so many wow-friends that RP that it makes it easy to get sucked into their conversations and wish you could join in.

    • March 12, 2010 at 10:09 pm

      It is interesting to see writeups on characters and their background. It is interesting to see what makes people tick. Also its always nice to read something. XD

      Get to writing chop chop Koala

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