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Positive? WTH??? Its a lie….


Basically it is calling for positive dingeon finder group stories……

The more popular side of this topic is the horror stories brought about by people who speak like the below gif.


I have seen numerous posts about these hidden idiots, but I can honestly say….for the most part…I have NOT found a single moron? Are they an endangered species? I have seen people act somewhat dumb…..but never to the point where I would consider them to be “short-bus” special level. Where are these people who are SOOOOOO BAD that they inspire people to write 2500 words posts

Example of people come close to be “short-bus” worthy

  1. Level 80 lock (GS of 4800 ish) in a random daily with the rest of the group ranging from 76-79 in Gundrak. Pulled only 2300 DPS or so. Liked to use the firerain spell only and did not have a pet out.
  2. Can not remember the Druid’s name but it was something lame. Would only heal me the tank and himself and let the mage, lock (Lyssi) die numerous time in DTK. Eventially booted him and got a freakin awesome druid.
  3.  Me as a Prot Pally forgetting to use Righteous Fury….”Damn why is my threat so low…why is Lyssi taking punches to the face by the troll?!?!?!” “Slice do you have fury on…” “Ummmm…no…” Now Lyssi goes – Aura?, Right Fury? before Qing up. 🙂

My favorite experience in the random finder was a pre 80 group in “normal” Halls of Stone.

Group: Me as prot pally, lyssi as lock, 2 enhancement shamans, and 1 resto druid.

We all enter buff up and etc. I mention I am not used to Prot, the rest understood. The druid kicked ass, as did the 2 enh shamans. Run went off with a hitch and no wipe etc. People were courteous. DPS rocked, things died fast. I bet the druid and shamans were surprised a tank was worred about their mana. 🙂

Afterwards, the druid said thank you and left group, Lyssi, the 2 enh shamans, and I said some more thank you etc. Just needed a campfire and would could have made smores and sang koombaya. The 2 shaman, seemed to be fromt the same guild and also trolls, maybe a husband and wife team? no idea. Normally i die a little when i see HoS now. But that one restored my faith in it…a little. :p

Why are we drawn to the more negative things in life? We like to pick at scabs. We slow down whenever we see a car accident. When the news is on…how many stories are actually positive…i bet ya not too many. Look at the rise of some reality TV shows…horrible people doing horrible things on TV. Why as human beings are we so keen on holding onto the negaive?


Interesting article. Guess we are really like rats! 😛

Stay frosty.

Edit: By the way…Zug’s Grandma is the most intimidating member of person known to SR members.

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  1. March 4, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    Those shammys were geared to the teeth and just doing insane dps for their level. I was so happy to be #2 on the meter over all and even #1 on one of the bosses.

    That was a really good group. I don’t think that healer has had such a good group. She kept going on about how she hardly had to heal anything. Between her and the shammys I was always at full health even when I had to life tap a ton.

    I think everyone was too scared of Ari to pick her on that survey 😉

    • March 4, 2010 at 9:31 pm

      Agreed, they were very well geared. They also played well.

      I felt sorry for the Druid as well, she did an awesome job, but she must have been somewhat bored.

      Ari win? No way when matched up against Zug’s grandma.

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