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On 2-27-10. Shadow Rising strolled into Ulduar to knock out some hard modes. Some fights were harder then others. Others were lolwut, that’s it??

Prior to the run, I watched the videos…but till one actually gets in there and gets the hands dirty it is not the same. But still some prepardness is better then none. It maye be just be because we outgeared a lot of the fights…Heartbreaker seemed a lot easier then showed on the video for hard mode XT.

My personal favorite fight of the night was XT and Kologarn – things went smoothly poeple got out the bad relatively fast.

 The Iron Council fight…did not like, we did get it down pretty easily (although it did take a few tries to get things down pact)

http://worldoflogs.com/rankings/players/Ulduar/Assembly_of_Iron/10N-Hard/Holy_Priest/?page=1#p-2650192  —-RAWR i be 26th.

But I think it was Ari who mentioned….we did outgear a lot of the Ulduar fights. The 1st ranked holy priest in the Iron Council fight did 6913 HPS…that parse was uploaded on 10-7-09 it appears. So they were not in Ulduar gear only I assume, but not in ICC + T10 gear (like I was).

Comparing the spells the top ranked holy priest vs what I used…it is very different.

1.) Prayer of Healing 31.2% 

2.) Flash Heal 20.8%

3.) Prayer of Mending 20.7%

My spell break down

1.) Renew 22.0%

2.) Circle of Healing 17.7%

3.) Binding Heal 17.0 %

With the rest of my spells being pretty evenly used.

I am kind of surprised with the Prayer of Healing being their most used spell.  It has a relatively high casting speed. One can lower the cast time with haste, and various amount of Serendipity. But to maintain stacks of Serendipity one has to cast Flash Heal or Binding Heal. How did they not have issues with mana? Its also party only heal. Raid dmg can be kind of hectic with the Iron Council, I am kinda surprised it was used so much….but guess it is just a different style of play.

Renew, then flash heal as needed. Circle of Healing when people need, Prayer of Mending as well. Prayer of healing as needed.

(I think i read somewhere PoH was changed at one point?)

In other healing heavy fights…Dreamwalker….raid dmg is heavy…adds are crazy…need more DPS…so can focus more time on the dragon rather then the raid.

Happy monday  – happy healing…blarg…..its monday.

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