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Fun or Progression?

Ok Day 2 – no nicotine and no caffiene. Not fun. Cold turkey.


Why do you play this game? Why do poeple raid? What keeps bringing people to the kitten box/litter box? hmmmm???

Why do you play this game/Raid?

This will get a freakin huge range of answers. We will see care-bear answers of “oh i wanna play with my friends and family, we dont care about raiding.” Midrange answers like: “I wanna play with my friends, meet new people and raid on the side.” Asshole answers “I want loots and will do anything to get it.” Hardcore answers of “I want to complete all content, analyze the encounter to its elements and destroy it, and collect the phat loot, at the expense of real life!”

Seriously poeple there is an easy way to answer it….you like it. Simple. It you didnt like it, why would you keep on spending $15 on it. (people doing it as a job…face it they dont enjoy it. They either cheat and hax to accomplish stuff, or they are earining 10 cents an hour farming eternals in Shadowmoon Valley – NI HAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )

I correlate WoW to me at least, a fun way to blow off some steam. Spam healing people is fun or Crusaders Striking mobs in the face is also a blast. I admit seeing shields on people and big heal crit #’s make me smile….

I also think making progress in content is fun. If things are not working, go back and re-evaluate, swap individuals in and out as needed. Face to wall – not fun. If this involves doing outside research on fights do it. If it involves doing research about your class – do it. (although I admit i have been slacking a bit on looking up anything recent in the world of priesting, also I need to work on my awareness as well)

It does not take a lot of time to watch a video and jot down a few notes. It doesnt take a degree in rocket science to know that str is not going to help you as a priest 😛

Internet people….look into it.

Other people may think this is crazy and I do not think so. Its the same damn thing as people going ape shit over a concert or a movie star. I dont see why people cry at the sight of seeing someone….weirdos.

One thing I am really enjoying is leveling a new character…Paladin is at 70 at the moment. Not sure how to DPS on real mobs….you know like the ones in dungeons. On a dummy I can get to 1475 DPS….any tips on melee dps are appreciated.

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  1. February 25, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    If your blog would ever stop eating my comments I would comment more..1475 DPS on a dummy is great. At level 70 that's really great =P

  2. February 25, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Hmmm. I am really not sure why it is eating your comments. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM1475 on a target that doesnt move etc lol

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