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Sorry I just needed to day something about this.
A quick recap…Ensidia kills Lich King on 25 and gets 3 day ban for exploiting.
People are all over the fence as is this fair etc or they got their just desserts.
Maybe this is me being too willing to damn people for their actions…I do feel the punishment fits. If you do something in this game to cheapen or exploit the game…you do deserve to be punished for it. Common sense and rules are there to keep society out of anarchy. (for example, I sped to work this morning, so I got a damn speeding ticket. I am not happy about it but I broke a law etc)
People have know about the 10 man lich king kill and I assume other guilds have been watching and planning etc. If something in the 25 man version then allows you to give you an “unfair” advantage over the encounter….you shouldn’t use it. You are deliberately breaking in essence a rule, and approp punishments should ensue.
In FFXI, poeple were duping items that were rare and difficult to obtain…they were doing this for 6 months. Square Enix investigated the data for 6 months and banned 12k+ accounts. Sure there was drama about that….and all the same QQ i saw there is the same QQ about this issue. I still think the same way….don’t cheat…or you will pay the consequences.
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  1. February 4, 2010 at 7:28 pm

    The issue of the unfairness comes from whether or not Ensidia knew what was happening. The use of Saronite Bombs on any encounter is standard for engineer rogues.The question is, did they figure out in the encounter that it was doing something unusual and then keep doing it in a deliberate attempt to trivialize the encounter, or was it an unknown that happened to work in their favor?As far as I know, there was no video from Ensidia so we don't really know.But I bet Blizz watches the chat channels on these world firsts and if someone actually types out that they feel they have found an exploit and are going to abuse it Blizz will take action.However, Blizz really shouldn't hold an outside party responsible for discovering a flaw in a new mechanic. Something like a known issue, like an evade bug, is easier to point the exploit finger at. Unintentional side effect? Not so much.I don't feel that we, as the player base, have enough information to justify either side. I'm just hoping Blizz does.

  2. February 4, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    I have no issue with guilds getting world 1sts, but I really find it hard for a world ranked guild get banned for no reason. As you mentioned there must have been something in that attempt said or done which caused Blizzard to act.I know in FFXI….GMs can go invisible in game and watch people in game and monitor chats. So I am not surprised if Blizzard can do the same.

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