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We got the plague!!! And how it burns!!!

Oh plague quarter how I hate thee.

This wing still plagues us…yeah i know bad play on words.

The trash is being handled easily. Festergut also is being downed (although with the 3 ranged setup) quite easily…one shotted last night.

Festergut kill (my thought process)

1.) Pop shields to help cut down on raid dmg when there is a lot of gas.

2.) PoM on MT and laugh while it bounces around the raid. Rince and repeat.

3.) If hit with the spore make sure to move in a little to make sure tanks and hit, never hurts to make sure. 🙂

4.) Keep tanks shielded whenever possible – and the boss.

5.) Keep other members shielded when possible. When I can spare a GCD

6.) As damage gets heavy on the 1st tank…heal heal heal. shield shield shield. Pop trinkets and other abilities as needed to keep 1st tank alive and keep mana up.

7.) Once the 2nd tank gets to dance with Festergut. 3rd inhale. Pop Pain Suppression. And Spam heals…shield on others as needed, since raid dmg should be minimal. Keep 2nd tank alive.

8.) Once Festergut is about to cast Pungent Blight…shield the raid. Keep tanks up and top off raid.
9.) Loot!!!

Rotface on the otherhand…still kicks are arse all over the place. I might be incorrect in thinking this…i think the healing is ok. The problem occurs when the slimes become unmanagable. Slime management is the key to this fight.

At least for me…this fight throws my rhythem off. For other fights…other fight mechanics for the most part does not phase me too much. However, when I am hit by the infection…have to stop and run out and find the other slime. That means…its me time…keep myself alive and try to keep kiter alive etc, not run in the puddle and avoid Rotfaces slime spray. And when the slimes come out hot and heavy….argh!

Rotface (my thought train)

1.) Doz runs in – PoM, Del has the hots. Once Rotface and Doz are dancing cheek to cheek. Shield.

2.) Watch out for Slime Spray – watch for the infection.

3.) Once infection hit….hope its not me….shield the victim. Watch them and heal them.
4.) Once a big slime is out….watch the OT…chase them when they get out of range….shield shield, heal heal.

5.) If I am infected….crap…..run out and find the other slime…dont stand in slime.

6.) Crap a fellow healer is infected…..

7.) Slime explodes…….doh….where is everyone…..Doz…where are you!!!!

8. ) SLIMES………crap….ahhh…..shield….flash heal….wtf is going on.

There was improvement in the Rotface fights last night though. Getting very good at not getting hit with his slime spray. That cuts down on the oh shit healing. Things also seemed smoother till the 1st slime explosion and the faster slime spawns.

One point the healing team does need to work on (again i might be wrong) is better awareness on the MT after the slime explodes. Need to not get to far from MT and always be ready to pop heals on them.
Once we get the slime management down, he will go down…and at least then I can internalize a game plan and fight will become like clockwork. 🙂
Not related to post – sorry to me guildmates if i seem quiet during raid time….that’s just me…when time to raid…i shut up. Time to listen and think what i can do better….cause i do feel I need to improve 😛

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  1. February 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    OK, that picture almost made me bust up in the middle of a meeting."4.) Keep tanks shielded whenever possible – and the boss." You mean me, not the boss mob, right? lolSlime management really is the key. I'm talking to someone else that's slamming his head against the encounter and we're starting to wonder if we should treat it more as a burn fight. There is an achievement relating to the number of times slimes combine… maybe we need to change up how we deal with the merges towards the end.We started getting better last night when people were paying more attention to the location of the slime and less attention to where the tank is. Have to intercept the slime, not chase it down.

  2. February 1, 2010 at 7:10 pm

    LOL yup boss = Arioch. I was saving that picture for a long time…awesome picture. I agree…watch the slime not the tank. Interseption, not chase is the key.

  3. Doz
    February 3, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Usually on the slime explosion I can be found close the the boss. I have gotten into the habit of popping shield wall when its time to re-engage the boss to make it alittle easier on you guys. You do a great job healing Liy. Especially when the healers remember to heal the MT and not put two healers on the OT.

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