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Nakama….busting the azian out

Nakama – Nakama (仲間) means colleague, compatriot, friend or comrade.

Today is Friday and I would like to intoduce ya’all to some of the peeps I see in the crack know as WoW. (disclaimer – if i forget someone I am sorry!!! You all rule!)

As I mentioned before I part of the guild Shadow Rising on Drak’Tharon!! BTW we are recruiting so check it out!


Prot/Ret pallys, warlock….and of course maor priests!!! (well that is my pref!!)

The boss lady, overlord, mistress of the dark abyss, aka our GM.

Arioch. – Awesome mage, great leader…and for some reason people find her intimidating? I don’t see it lol. And did i mention – purple hair? (Fashion 1st! Do not cover up da foxtail!)

and her life mate – Zambra – cool guy, great rogue, and seems to always be chill and calm? At least that is they way it sounds on vent. (Rogue buffs, also has killed me 2x, once in HoS and then last night in the plague works….evil stun)

Dozzer – Warrior mooooo tank. Awesome tank. know his tanking stuff, has a lot of alts. Very amusing as well, his comments are amusing, great ldr as well. (Doz tanked the 1st ToC i was in, likes to fall thru floors though :P)

Zug! Orc DPS and has a PHD in WHIRLWIND!. funny guy…also a great tank…but refuses to tank anymore 😛 Awesome DPS. Always seems to be needing those shiny rocks. Also very knowledgeable about all aspects of da game, and an army of alts. (one thing of note – tried to get me to rhyme in my interview)

Moogik (crit chicken) – smoking is bad!!!! jk..i am an addict as well. Our resident boomkin….moonkin aura…yum…other then that…that is all we need him for 😛 Kidding aside, great DPS, cool guy, and pro at rooting those blood beasts.

Tel (holy/ret pally) – poor poor Tel. Always getting picked on. Nice guy though….never around when SP plate drops though…..just recently promoted to an officer…so Ari and the other officers cant trash him anymore lol.

Unholysoth (DK) – cool name. Lord Soth from Dragonlance is a great character. At least that is where I am assuming he got the name from (his alt is Darkdalamar…so has to be Dragonlance). Cool guy…very good player…rock DPS charts. Solid player. (seems to have bad luck in getting his trinket for his mage though)

Kagan (DK) – don’t know too much about Kagan, but also a solid tank and player. His cats….dont seem to bright sometimes…lol. One tried to eat its own tail last night XD

Sorak (resto/enhance shaman) – great guy, and healer. Also has an army of alts…..*cough* no life. However, he has one flaw….seems to like to die!!! 3x in one fight! Suicidal Cow….prob on the inside wants to be a troll. Also I cant seem to beat him in the healing charts….ever….hax….

Del (bear/rest druid) – awesome dude. Great healer….talkative and does his research on fights. Seems to be infatuated with GS though 😛 (aint we all though, GS is life!) Also seems to kick me arse in healing…haxing druids and shammys. Also has an army of alts…with “del” somewhere in there. (he is an ally spy – he was a NE Druid…..need to watch him.)

Hal (orc hunter) – nice guy….a little tooooo infatuated with Pie. Beer is better then Pie imo. He is gearing up nicely to raid. Listen and researches. thumbs up imo.

Lyss – (lock) – new lock to the guild…lvl 50? Has an evil ally druid and lock on Bloodhoof…..recently transferred her horde lock here and joined up. Nice person, talkative and has a blog….named DoT and HoTs. (Likes to post WoW pron pics)

Spliff (MOOO hunter…..er….troll now) Dont know too much about Spliff….except pro dps and kiting those bloodbeasts.

Zar (troll shammy – elemental) Also dont know too much about Zar – except he is good player, and will not heal 😛

Shirl – (belf lock) – alchy/herb – nice person. always courteous etc. Much grats to anyone who can get loremaster….I could never do that…..(she hooked me up with some herbage in game!)

Too anyone I may have forgotten about…sorry!!…as i said before…u rox. TGIF I’m out…well i wish….5 more hrs to go.

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  1. February 1, 2010 at 5:43 am

    RAWR!I am scary GM!!u iz in mai feedreeder nao=)Nakama is Japanese?

  2. February 1, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    🙂 Nakama is Japanese.Arioch – san.

  3. February 1, 2010 at 7:02 pm

    Of course its from Dragonlance. =)And yes, Scourgelord Tyrannus must hate me. I've ran H PoS 20+ times and have seen the trinket drop once, which I lost.

  4. February 1, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    Don't feel bad Dark, each time I see the trinket I lose it too.I'm still rocking ilvl 200 trinkets on my lock too 😦

  1. April 6, 2012 at 9:12 pm

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