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Guilds….fashion accessory or permanent plastic surgery?

Figured I would try this posting stuff….seems like a good way to convey my ideas, in a not so concise manner.

Will try a simple topic, but an important one nonetheless.

Guilds, the primary social grouping feature in many MMO’s. They go by several names, in FFXI they were called linkshells, LoTRO – fellowships, WoW and others – guilds. No matter what these social structures are called, they all provide one important service, a way for players to gather together etc.

Guilds can further be differentiated in what they may stand for, what they do, and why they were created.

We have social/casual guilds, “hardcore” guilds, family/religion etc. guilds, special purpose – i.e. bank guilds. Even with these labels, in different games they may mean different things, or even be a compilation of a multitude of characteristics.

One may have a family guild, composed of family members (moms, dads, kids etc), and then also be founded on a basis of Christianity (it exists I saw one while playing LoTRO). Another example, would be the best of the best raiding guilds….”hardcore” and l33t players…where they are on so much etc etc etc.

But in MMO’s are guilds really needed? In some games one could argue you need to…or you are not getting anything accomplished (FFXI, LoTRO). However, in many other games where PuGs are common and they are always going on….are guilds even needed. For example, take a look at WoW. There are shouts for 5 man instances, and with the LFG tool….makes it even easier.

Also there are many shouts for raids (LFM 25 ony, 10 ToTGC, 25 man VoA), and for the most part depending on the quality of the PuG these groups can be very successful….without the structure, support, and leadership of a guild. For the players who have no guild, PuGs are the way to go, and looking at some players while in Dalaran…there are some well geared people with no guild.

With the ability to get l337 loot without the “guild”…..why do we have them in WoW? I think Blizzard has seen this and hopes to address this with the next expansion. I do think the idea of guild levels and other assorted benefits are very nice….feels like WAR. Without a system to benefit players to be in a guild (or have game mechanics that require a guild), WoW guilds sometimes, do seem to be window dressings…to be discarded when they are no longer in style. Scrub guilds come and go, morons get booted…mechanics to keep people in guild, keep guilds together are needed. I love guilds, they are a place to chill. find things to do, and meet cool new people.

Currently I am in Shadow Rising on Drak’ Tharon….awesome guild. So glad i joined….if i hadnt seen them recruiting…I think I would have canceled WoW months ago.

The posts that made me think Shadow Rising is “da bomb” or the posts that have sealed my fate and condemned me to eternal slavery?


http://clearcasting.wordpress.com/2009/07/21/fashion-first/ – very amusing post.

random fun for the day.
http://rpgfan.com/news/2010/40.html —– Boobie mousepad. win. fail? win!

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  1. January 29, 2010 at 1:01 am

    A mooo waaa hahahahahahaha!!!!Now to actually read your post.

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