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Screenshot Friday…stolen title is stolen…

February 18, 2011 18 comments

Chim kill woot!

Short dwarf is short


Melee Huntard go!

oh look who rolled another healer!

pew pew pew! LOL SMITE

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Screenshot monday :P

January 24, 2011 5 comments

Hey guys where's my horsey T-T


Who doesnt like gifts?


Yes yes I know I am perfection. Everyone wants to be like me!

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December 13, 2010 7 comments

….Sorak the cow…..

instead of seeing this….

We have this….

We now have Sorak the goblin….


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December 9, 2010 2 comments

Never participated in one…so lets take a shot!


Nice blog i just found today. check it out!


1. Disk or Download? Download FTW. As much as waiting in line can be fun….

2. Did you experience any difficulties? IE: Login servers crashing, late delivery, etc? Nope none at all!
3. What are you doing first? IE: Speed leveling to 85, rolling a new race, completely avoiding the new content, etc? For my main – speed leveling to 85 is 1st!

4. Mt. Hyjal or Vash’jir? Went to Mt. Hyjal 1st, and then went to Vash’jr to get the seahorse!

5. Worgen or Goblin? WORGEN! /howl!! Although, I am a hordie at heart!

6. Questing, dungeons or both? At this point, questing….although it drives me crazy.

7. What was the first piece of gear you replaced and with what? Hmmm…..I don’t remember? call me weird, but if i don’t like the piece I will not use it….unless I absolutely have to.

8. Did you take any time off from work or school? Sorta…does getting sick count?

9. Will you be keeping the same spec and main, or changing to a different toon? Same toon. Bubble Priest GO!

10. What’s been your favorite aspect of Cataclysm so far? Hmm. The Cutscenes for sure, and the less convoluted quest system. (no more go to A to get quest from C to D then go back to D)

I cant wait to check out the rest of the areas, dungeons, and most importantly the raids!!!! /drool….I CAN HAZ RAID!?

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Screenshot fun!

December 8, 2010 6 comments

Wish i was a gold digger!

yes I know this was taken before Cata, but thought it was cool….look at all that gold! Zug’s gold? hmmm. Also…why is the floor slotted? So gobs can look up skirts?

Gilneas Pron?

Hmmm. I always knew humans were repressed! Look! It’s Sorak’s Sheep!

I choose you Squirtle!

TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!! Squirtle! go!

reminds me of a certain lock.....

Nuff’ said

So awesome! flying to oblivion!

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11/12 wut?

October 8, 2010 3 comments

looks whose magic has betrayed them.... :)

Take this you silly internet dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unicorns, rainbows, and kittys!

September 22, 2010 3 comments



This is my ultimate fear…..

Come to life……


Must go and find some way to blacken my soul again…..

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Baldness FTL!!!

September 16, 2010 3 comments

If there is one thing about me that is kind of strange (hush, I know there are a lot of things werid about me), is I do not like waiting or not know when something is going to happen.

Prime example – Release date for Cata.

Possibly Nov 2nd. Not confirmed it appears as of yet. But if that is true…I have a list to do that I want to get done in WoW.

1.) Get another 80 toon, at this point appears will be my Tauren Druid. Followed by my Night Elf Death Knight.

2.) Help guildmates who do not have the King Slayer to get it.

3.) Help Zug get his Shadowmourne.

4.) Get a drake possibly. Meh not too worried about this.

Hopefully this date will hold firm…otherwise….grrr….someone’s gonna get some pain!

A few nights ago. Got to meet in game….Repgrind


She is a blast and a great person! (although, for some reason for longest time I thought she was a he). Now this maybe due to all the human male toons? And I know it is bad to assume and base things on words and image. So Rep! Sorry to make that mistake!

A couple of night ran a couple of randoms with them and other guildees, and then last night a few more. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t get any screenshots, but after one CoS….nekkid dancing happened. Not sure how it happened….it just seems whenever there is that box there….I have to jump on it and /dance!!! For some unknown reason, I decided to hit the B-day suit macro….yes I am bad.

Unfort we were all turned into meh humans. But fun nonetheless. However poor Rep was turned into a BALD human male. So ugly! Shirl surprised us all with the sexy supervillian outfit. :) Poor Njeri was crying. /pat pat it will be better soon.

We managed as well to knock out some achievement in Occ for some peeps as well, not too shabby!

In my alliance guild, got the Full house achievement and after that there were a few hiccups, but nothing that could be solved with a few bandaids.

On the note of badges/emblems to be converted soon for the next patch….seems like a good idea. But it seems with the conversion rate, gems, saronite, BoAs will become more expensive. I have to sit down and look at the math closer, but it appears to be best to spend those emblems now.

OMG the worgen models….so sexy! I cannot wait to make a Worgen fury Warrior!!! RAWR!!! FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!!!

And my favorite bit of RP:

Bronzebeard: “A lone orc against the might of the alliance!” (I imagine him thinking WTF is this orc smoking)

DB Saurfang: “Dwarves……” (DB is thinking…they have no idea!)


Also the bit with Saurfang Sr. shows up….and then usually stupid ass King Variass shows up and tells him men to stand down to allow a “grieving father” to get his son…heartwarming….still gets me everytime.


September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

What do all of these games have in common??


Some lasted for a while others did not.

With some, AoC, UO, Aion, and LOTRO, I had no qualms about canceling and then uninstalling the games from my PC.

I had no attachment to them, and there was no “magic” when playing those games. They felt like soulless clones.

With FFXI—yeah I am playing FFXIV open beta now…so you know I am just playing FFXI – 2.

The final game…Warhammer Online (WAR)

I SO wanted this game to work. The Warhammer IP is such an awesome world. It is a fantasy world, but it is a brutal one. Even the pretty elves are not without their flaws. The humans are a bunch of religious fanatics. A very brutal brutal world.

WAR was also the 1st game where I got into PvP. For the most part Tier 1-3 to me at least was balanced and not too bad within Scenarios. in Open RvR combat…..made me want to bash my head in. Inbalances killed it, and people who do not know how to work as a team.

Tier 4…oh god how I wanted to love thee. By this time ugh….hated those scenarios…..CC, Roots, Knockbacks galore, and Order’s guards bugged…..Serpents Passage made me want to cry…and due to its low # requirement…it was all that ever popped it seemed on Ironforge.

Tier 4 RvR…..again beat head into wall…..poorly implemented.

Also…no PvE content…or a severe lack of….and the biggest “PVE” thing to raid your enemies capital city….severely bugged/gimped etc.

Although, recently I have heard that WAR has done some good things….Rivs even went back for a bit. I am tempted to reinstall and head back maybe.

The one thing that has me tempted to go back…..SKAVEN to be added as a mobs etc. Sorry for those Order or Chaos players. I am a servant of the horned rat at heart. Playing the table top game and having a millions rat men it seemed to swarm the enemy!!!!

Sorry Blood God or Sigmar, Skaven and the Horned Rat is where it is at. They really should add them in at some point. I know I would come back to wage WAR!

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hawt hawt hawt

September 7, 2010 2 comments

Do you want to see…

Are you sure?






This is actually pretty tame.

Although in due time i bet people will be modding this stuff to make it not so tame.

Note: found the image on a forum i browse, apparently lots NPC’s have dirty lines. There is a Taru errr Lalafell who likes to measure manhoods….yeah…..dirty dirty Japanese. :)

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