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….yay or time for a rant?

March 17, 2011 7 comments

This is what Omnotron did to us last night. ^.^

remove DK’s from WoW…just kidding! I like the class as a whole.

In my guild, it pretty common to have a 5 man with a healer, and 4 dk’s or 3 dk’s…

On the outside…ok this is awesome!

Let me state from experience…it is not as fun as it sounds.

From my own taxing experiences…the damage Dk’s take is proportional the amount of DK’s in your group.

Heavyarms (Arv), Cayle (Sorak), Zevaris (zug), Arelin (repgrind)…I am scared to heal all of them once in a 5 man.

They must have a unknown debuff – Drives ‘em Crazy – Causes your healer to panic and go mad. Cause soul break to your healer.

HAHA in all fairness it is funny and amusing when they all get together. :)

Last night’s raid was a different story…10 wipes on a boss that is on farm normally? Omnotron? Not sure what happened there….oh yeah slimes didnt die, etc etc. Oh well. Still one shotted Magmaw, and Chim. Atra seems a little wonky as well. oh well! everyone raid has an off night from time to time. :) (and I forgot to swap to Holy for Atra – fail priest!)


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