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…..MS paint is win…..

August 29, 2011 10 comments

never trust a goblin......

Ok here is my entry to Looking for More! All i gotta say…MS paint is win.


July 21, 2011 4 comments

Star Wars: the Old Republic

Oh yeah bitches!

Yes, I am an MMO junkie.

And yes, Slice is going to roll another healer once again, but with one special ability, LIGHTSABER BITCHES!

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Random screenshots :)

July 19, 2011 6 comments

AHing SR Style.

Beth down!

New content? Really? Or is Blizzard trying to be green?

June 10, 2011 13 comments

Maybe its a little burn out or perhaps just summer blues? But looking at WoW….is Cata really as great as we all thought/hoped it would be?

Looking back, overall, I did like the feel and look of the new zones….but it does seem something is missing…Oh yeah a story…..while leveling thru Northrend you know you would be seeing LK and many things tied to him or he even made an appearence. I think Deathwing makes one appearence, rag makes 1, and so does Cho’gall, the questing areas can be done very quickly.

Another thing as people who have been playing WoW for a lot longer then I….many fights recycle samethings over and over again. Packaged as a new fight, but in reality it is not.

Sure I still get pumped about doing the fights, but once the excitement is done and fights analyzed ( how well we did, where we did wrong), they are still all too similar.

Magmaw – reminds me a lot of Marrowgar. At times heavy tank dmg, with periods of heavy raid damage, and adds (bone spikes) which need to die.

Omnotron Defense System – Northrend beast 2.0. A fight involing numerous bosses with differnt abilities to avoid.

Maloriak – For some reason reminds me of Lord J. Kill adds, burn boss, avoid bad, dispel buff (remedy), spell steal buff, etc etc etc.

Chimaeron – Anub 2.0. Only heal to a certain point. Burn.

Atramedes – Sindy…avoid bad stuff when she is in air. Avoid big bad spell (searing flame/and her drawn in ability). Avoid the circles of sound, avoid killing your raid with engulging magic.

Comes down to it…too many fights are too similar….Firelands looks to be a little different. :) (but then again how much can one change a fight to not make it too similar…I dont think there really can be a “unique” fight)

Also – FIRE CAT! Must be mine. Screw legendary staff. HAWT CAT! (RANDOM THOUGHT OF AWESOMENESS)

Do we have the “b” team on wow now?

With Diablo 3 on Blizzard’s plate, their new codenamed game, expansions for Statcraft 3….is Blizzard’s “B” team on WoW? To be honest I would not be surprised.

Look at the horrible bugs that came with Dragon Age 2’s release…how did they miss those bugs…how did quality control miss that? Did Bioware once again take the “A” team and place them on SWTOR and Mass Effect 3? I would not be surprised….

Seems like that it maybe the case with WoW as well. Months for a new raid….4.1 was meh. Once we get 4.2 what is next? The Abyssal Maw stuff? Oh wait…that was supposed to be with release, just like the firelands were supposed to. So instead of giving stuff they would have early, they are going to pre-package and say hey new stuff for joo. However, in reality, it is late dinner for us. 4.3 and on better be brighter and MORE awesome…or it will really show they put Team B on work for WoW and are just trying to milk WoW for all its worth.

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Is the grass greener on the other side?

February 14, 2011 7 comments

Anyways….Troutwort has a very nice “What if” post.

Take a look here: Epic Moustaches

Copying off of Trout..I wonder what my toons would be if I was on the other side.

Liyhe (priest – F blood elf): Hmmm. Probably would have been a spacegoat! /waggle! (as much as I like it…can only take so much)

Orangeslice (paladin – F blood elf): Human.

Melonslice (druid – F Tauren): Night Elf, especially with the change to ToL….thank god. :)

Velineda (mage – F blood elf): Human.

Ifurita (rogue – F blood elf): Worgen.

Thormgrim (DK -in a moment of craziness i made a male orc): Worgen.

^all female toon of course, well maybe not the rogue and the DK. Male Worgen are teh cool.

Only issue with some of the alliance races is their cast animation…look odd to me. However, this is because I have played nothing but horde. Then again…all casting animations besides Blood Elves look odd to me. Orcs look like they are slapping things. Trolls look like they are throwing a Ha-Do-Ken (sp). Forsaken look odd….Taruen look like they are doing the wave or shooting a spirit bomb (wrath). Humans….are they posing for a dance off? Dont recall gnome or dwarf casting. Dranei look like they are in pain with some casting and at other times looks like they are doing tai chi??? Night elves…remind me of COWS—lets do the wave, or lets shoot a spirit bomb (wrath).

The Alliance toons…well the males….look like gorillas lol. A little too top heavy? But then again…that is on both sides. However for some reason it makes the males on the alliance side it looks off?
To me it gives off too much of a bestial nature and seems out of line with many of the ideals of the alliance? If there were a difference between humans (barabarians and city humans) it would make more sense, but humans in WoW to be one homogeneous race.

In trouts comments, someone mentioned home: I am not sure if I would call either side “home” I prefer the look of the Horde characters overall more, but I prefer the Alliance areas looks. I tend to like things that are more orderly, civilized, and less chaotic. (Silvermoon being the oddball). The time did spend as Alliance in Choice was a good time indeed. The alliance cities do not seem oddly placed out as some of the Horde Cities. (Thunder Bluff and Org) *cough* Alliance towns feel more like towns and cites rather then nomadic dwellings or sewers….. (exception of Silvermoon) ALSO THE BAR AREA THE ALLIANCE HAS IN DALARAN IS BETTER THEN THE HORDE ONE!!!! THEY HAZ A BEER GARDEN!

Anyways…no matter how it looks, grass is going to be greener on the other side. :P

There are elements on both factions that I like. If there were high elves on Alliance, I would faction change!

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Looking back….

December 1, 2010 10 comments

Evil Garrosh!

With less then a week to Cata, I am sure many of us are chomping at the but for the new content!

My list

1.) WORGEN WARRIOR (FURRY errr Fury)!!
2.) Leveling and seeing the new Cata zones. (priest 1st, then maybe druid 2nd)
3.) Raiding and 5 man instances.
4.) WORGEN (Rogue – combat biatches!)
5.) Worgen priest….Shadow!
5.) goblin…maybe.
6.) Hopes Garrosh DIAF!

Even with these new changes coming next week….is there anything we are going to miss from WoTLK era? I know change is good but is there something that will be missed?

1.) Dalaran – I know it was a small ass city with tons of people in it…but it was homey in a way. Don’t ask me why lol. I guess it would be that it was pleasant and not warlike? The city of magic, mages, and fancy towers. Org looks like a military camp, even more so now, and Stormwind is too closed in with the narrow street etc, probably even more so with the latest patch.
2.) As much as I hate her….gonna miss Sindy! /tear. She reminds me of my mother…constantly nagging me!
3.) WoTLK raid instances (specifically TotC and ICC), this is where I really started to get into raiding and WoW and where I met some of my closest friends and my lovely lock! These instances have a special place to me. <3
4.) The look of the WoTLK Tier sets. Although I only really ever collected 9 and 10, Tiers 7 and 8 looked cool imo. Especially the priest T7 or was it T8?
5.) Cairne Bloodhoof RIP homie. :(
6.) Thrall as Warchief!

Is there anything you are going to miss from Wrath?

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I’m sorry but all names are taken.

September 17, 2010 15 comments

Its friday! Woo~

Also looking back on some of my favorite reads for the week, has to be this:


Very funny read, and so so true.

Good names are hard to come by and by large are duplicated by all.

Look at all the Johns, Michelles, etcs. Where is something original and cool. And no Clementine is not cool. Neither is Hubert. Anyone named those are gonna have high psych bills. :)

Lets take a look at my paladin’s name. Orangeslice.

Hmmm…47 others have the same name. Not too shabby. The cult of Slice is starting.

Now some of my guildee and friends.

Lyssi at Dot and Hots….only 8. Step it up girl!

Sorak….wow….Sorak is a player…lots of clones. 107!

Delerius over at thedenofdelerius. 40…not too shabby!

Zarigar (I have to admit, this is a cool and unique name) – 12 Zarigars out there…is his plan to take over the world coming to light?

Arvash – 3…wow….someone needs to get out more.

Arelin – from Repgrind fame – 55. playa playa!

Anyways peace out! TGIF.

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September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

What do all of these games have in common??


Some lasted for a while others did not.

With some, AoC, UO, Aion, and LOTRO, I had no qualms about canceling and then uninstalling the games from my PC.

I had no attachment to them, and there was no “magic” when playing those games. They felt like soulless clones.

With FFXI—yeah I am playing FFXIV open beta now…so you know I am just playing FFXI – 2.

The final game…Warhammer Online (WAR)

I SO wanted this game to work. The Warhammer IP is such an awesome world. It is a fantasy world, but it is a brutal one. Even the pretty elves are not without their flaws. The humans are a bunch of religious fanatics. A very brutal brutal world.

WAR was also the 1st game where I got into PvP. For the most part Tier 1-3 to me at least was balanced and not too bad within Scenarios. in Open RvR combat…..made me want to bash my head in. Inbalances killed it, and people who do not know how to work as a team.

Tier 4…oh god how I wanted to love thee. By this time ugh….hated those scenarios…..CC, Roots, Knockbacks galore, and Order’s guards bugged…..Serpents Passage made me want to cry…and due to its low # requirement…it was all that ever popped it seemed on Ironforge.

Tier 4 RvR…..again beat head into wall…..poorly implemented.

Also…no PvE content…or a severe lack of….and the biggest “PVE” thing to raid your enemies capital city….severely bugged/gimped etc.

Although, recently I have heard that WAR has done some good things….Rivs even went back for a bit. I am tempted to reinstall and head back maybe.

The one thing that has me tempted to go back…..SKAVEN to be added as a mobs etc. Sorry for those Order or Chaos players. I am a servant of the horned rat at heart. Playing the table top game and having a millions rat men it seemed to swarm the enemy!!!!

Sorry Blood God or Sigmar, Skaven and the Horned Rat is where it is at. They really should add them in at some point. I know I would come back to wage WAR!

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So much potential…but was lacking something….

July 21, 2010 4 comments

Looking back at the plethora of MMO’s out there avaialble to play, what is it about certain ones that take a hold of you can hold you in place?

The first MMO I tried out was during my senior year at Denison University, and it was Ultima Online. I had friends who had played it during highschool and the like..but for me the graphics, the interface and the gameplay was ZZZZZZ.

“You want me to level up my sword skill by stabbing a pig for 2 hours? No thanks. I think will go and drink some Natural Light now.”

Let down with my first experience in an MMO, I swore off them for years….managed to stay away from the Evercrack. That was until about a year after graduating college. Final Fantasy XI was released…and BAM! Thus an addiction was formed. Although many found the arduous grinding, pains of LFG, and pain in the arse missions, I found them to be fun. To me the “hardcore” nature of the game was enthralling. Sure fighting crabs for levels upon levels, camping NMs (Notorious Monsters), and losing crafting material when failing was a pain, but I loved the game. (Sure it may have been the FF fanboy in me, but still.)

Sitting around talking with Linkshell members, seeing the “trade” chat was fun (Galka meat sword do you need it? /tell). Hating on the WoW players filled my days there.


A link to my FFXI character above. I did not have all the BiS gear but it was decent. 6 – 75 jobs…what can I say I loved to level in a group environment. It is something I miss when now playing WoW.

However, things change and you move on….Sky, Dynamis etc soon lost interest. It was time to move on.

Burned out on FFXI, I tried out Warhammer Online. Oh how I wish this game would have been better. So much untapped potential. An awesome intellectual property wasted on mediocrity. No endgame….well there was some but so little to keep people occupied…unless you were 100% PvP gung ho ALL THE TIME. (no thanks….) Class balance was out of line….Hello Witch elf…dead Archmage slice…Witch Elf then moves onto kill Dwarf Ironbreaker…come on…balance people! Out of control root/snares/CC.

Other honorable mentions.

Lord of the Rings Online – Now this was a game I wish I had given more of a chance. (although with it going F2P, I may have to spend more time there) Beautiful graphics, rich lore and story. Interesting classes and races.
The bad: seemed too empty. Questing alone or as a duo became tough. (Wanting to burn the shire….yes, please!)

Age of Conan – beautiful graphics, and ummm boobies….that is about it….waste of time. /sigh Once again a great IP wasted.

Aion – OMFG amazing looking game. I just wish it wasn’t so grindy…if it was more of a FFXI grind then ok, but a single player grind…hellll Nooo!!!! But with recent patches seems like they have altered it and added more quests. But the heavy emphasis on PVP is keeping me from coming back. I like a little PVP but not so much as it be THE focus of the game.

Perfect World International……waste of time…you get what you pay for. Was not my cup of tea.

Dungeons & Dragons Online – has potential. Not sure I like the control scheme. But will put some more time into when I get a chance.

Champions Online – was very fun at the beginning…the arch nemesis idea was cool. TRAVEL POWERS WERE SWEET!!!!!! However a lack of quests was annoying, killing mobs gave pitiful XP, and lack of endgame killed this for me.

This then beings me to my mistress at this current time – the dirty dirty game which serves all styles of play: World of Warcraft.

When I was a FFXI player…you could not get me to touch WoW with a 10 yard stick…although I do admit I did weaken and bought the CE of Vanilla WoW and played for about a month (my poor forsaken lock)….then did the same with BC….my poor belf hunter T_T

Obligatory SQUEEE pic.

What is about FFXI and WoW that has kept me from leaving them on the street corner like the others?

1.) Endgame content. Sure lots of game may not have them in place at launch, but hell have something substantial at least at launch, or at least show you are working on it.

2.) Environment and lore. Sure AoC, WAR and LoTRO had it, but the others did not. Even with AoC, something about it….doesnt feel right to make an MMO out of.

3.) A balance of PvP and PVE. Ok FFXI had a pitiful PVP but aleast is focused on PVE and did it well I feel. WoW seems to got the balance right well until the next patch :P The Others – something was missing.

4.) Most IMPORTANT for me – It is the group of people you find and play with. This here is what has kept me in FFXI and WoW the longest. People make the game for you NOT the game. It is this what I think some people have forgotten. With no people, there is no guild and no raid.

AND BTW FFXI > WOW! (as far as my fav MMO’s) Now if they combined the two I would be happy….

Lets hope Star Wars: the old republic, Final Fantasy XIV, and Tera will have something that will hold me in rapture.

Oh yeah Tues 25 main brief recap:

Lower Spire owned – prob could have 3 or 4 healed that. Bubbles are op’d.

Rotface owned the fight took a bit long though lol. But managed the oozes well imo.

BP owned, Fester shoulda been owned.

Wow….BQL on 25….a little more difficult but shouldnt be…….very healable if people manage mechanics.

And as usual Zug err Flavi made out like a bandit! :P

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Axe or mace? which do you prefer?

July 20, 2010 10 comments

Ok 25 freakin primordial saronites later….thanks hun (Lyssi) for the last two!


finally has gotten Shadow’s Edge…lol. I am excited to have this weapon, definitely cool, but as you can see my ret set is far behind my holy set.

For the most part I do think Blizzard does a good job with their epic weapon and the means to get them, only thing I do not disagree is how epic weapons become outdated lol. But once Cata hits all our epic gear will soon be outdated anyways…man what a vicious way to keep players playing. :P

25 man raid tonight. Should be interesting as usual. :P

25 man raid noooo!

Hopefully will be smooth as butter. Or at least bacon and eggs!!!

I will say having a week off work and visiting Lyssi has lifted my spirits once more. Lets assault hell once more!!! LK dead…yes, please! Slice the kingslayer will bring all the belfs to the yard!!

MMO champion…Guild perks…look awesome. Will promote guild cohesiveness I hope! :)


Btw my one of my new favorite magic cards. Perfect for a white aggro deck imo.

Da man!

And an good ol’ favorite!

MY Precious!

Sure the mana cost is high, but depending on what you play can be very easy to get out on the battlefield in a few turns. Dredge + Rise from the Grave

Or Priest of Titania or Elvish Archdruid and a few elves boom. Make sure you have duel lands as well :P

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