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Support Jobs….

August 30, 2011 7 comments

Support Classes…I miss playing one. If I am not mistaken EQ had them, FFXI had them, why do a lot of MMOS drop them?

1.) Probably cause they would not do well in a PVP setting?
2.) Game mechanics are not designed with a support slot in mind.

But there is something said to have a good support class.

In FFXI, i miss being the Bard – you really had to know the range on your songs and how to hit approp party memebers with approp spells. Also at time know when to heal heal with /whm subjob, or pull mobs with /nin.

Tanks – depending on your tank for the group – you could get double Mage’s Balled for the Paladin tank. Or Attack song and acc song for a ninja tank. Attack song x2 or attack and acc song for DPS. Magic DPS/Healers would get Mage’s Ballad. Sleeping adds as needed.

Ahhh it was always something to do.

Makes me sad there is nothing in WoW for such a role. Having a bard to fill in buffs a raid maybe missing. Helping out the healer in a time of need, and keepin mobs CC’d.

/random post is random!


July 15, 2011 17 comments

Criticism – always a nasty subject to think/talk about.

Why are people dying?
Why are tanks dying?
Why are people DPS low?

Of course the best tool to use in a parse, like World of Logs. But when in the middle of a raid and you dont have time for in depth analysis, what are you to do?

for a general snapshot look at recount and combat log it will tell you some info at facevalue. DPS, deaths, etc.

With this use your past epxerience in coordination with the mechanics of the fight.

If you know you have killed a boss before and have an idea of what your dps did before, that should give you an idea.

For example, when we killed Beth’tilac the 1st time I had an idea on what the DPS should be doing for a 2nd kill. So whan we went back and we were having an issue….you have to tell them…pick it up. Guess what…they did and what do you know a kill!

People may get defenseive when you ask of this…you will get responces (we are doing all we can or so so did this) or no responces.

You know what (this is going to sound mean) – DPS your main role is pew pew and not to die from dumb. Do what you can do to maxumize your dps, that is your role. You don’t have to worry about dying from boss hits, you do not play whack a mole with life bars. You don’t for the most part really have to worry about anything…many mechanics so far you cannot interrupt (there are a few notable exceptions) you just have to worry about going at full steam.

Also if healing is not working, take yourself out of that role. For me I was failing up on top of the web this week. For some reason, things were not clicking, sent my druid up there and boom.

Don’t be afraid to make changes.

Healers – if people are dying, nothing I can except is know the mechanics of a fight better, learn to anticipate dmg and movement of DPS and/or tanks. Know when to inately use a cooldown, learn the flow of a fight, also don’t LoH cayle. :P

Healers also like tanks should know the fights well prior to heading in. (then again everyone really should know how a fight goes.)

ok…why did i die healers!! tanks…remember you can control the ebb and flow of a fight. It is their decision on moving a mob or not moving, etc etc that can make or break a fight. Once again, tanks (in my opinion) should know the fight in and out BEFORE even tanking it. they should note when they should be moving, which mechanics to use to the raids advantage etc. They are the generals/kings of the battlefield.

For a tank – World of Logs is not going to be super helpful. But remember to know your cooldowns, what your specs particular weekness maybe, and don’t be afraid to take lead and go with it. Communication is key as a tank!

With that being said, I do not hate DPS, tanks, or healers. They all have to work together to achieve a kill. And I am not trying to say one role is easier then another…well maybe perhaps…dps…and that may get me in trouble.

All in all remember to have fun and this is a game…but i guess i take more seriously then others. :)

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New content? Really? Or is Blizzard trying to be green?

June 10, 2011 13 comments

Maybe its a little burn out or perhaps just summer blues? But looking at WoW….is Cata really as great as we all thought/hoped it would be?

Looking back, overall, I did like the feel and look of the new zones….but it does seem something is missing…Oh yeah a story…..while leveling thru Northrend you know you would be seeing LK and many things tied to him or he even made an appearence. I think Deathwing makes one appearence, rag makes 1, and so does Cho’gall, the questing areas can be done very quickly.

Another thing as people who have been playing WoW for a lot longer then I….many fights recycle samethings over and over again. Packaged as a new fight, but in reality it is not.

Sure I still get pumped about doing the fights, but once the excitement is done and fights analyzed ( how well we did, where we did wrong), they are still all too similar.

Magmaw – reminds me a lot of Marrowgar. At times heavy tank dmg, with periods of heavy raid damage, and adds (bone spikes) which need to die.

Omnotron Defense System – Northrend beast 2.0. A fight involing numerous bosses with differnt abilities to avoid.

Maloriak – For some reason reminds me of Lord J. Kill adds, burn boss, avoid bad, dispel buff (remedy), spell steal buff, etc etc etc.

Chimaeron – Anub 2.0. Only heal to a certain point. Burn.

Atramedes – Sindy…avoid bad stuff when she is in air. Avoid big bad spell (searing flame/and her drawn in ability). Avoid the circles of sound, avoid killing your raid with engulging magic.

Comes down to it…too many fights are too similar….Firelands looks to be a little different. :) (but then again how much can one change a fight to not make it too similar…I dont think there really can be a “unique” fight)

Also – FIRE CAT! Must be mine. Screw legendary staff. HAWT CAT! (RANDOM THOUGHT OF AWESOMENESS)

Do we have the “b” team on wow now?

With Diablo 3 on Blizzard’s plate, their new codenamed game, expansions for Statcraft 3….is Blizzard’s “B” team on WoW? To be honest I would not be surprised.

Look at the horrible bugs that came with Dragon Age 2′s release…how did they miss those bugs…how did quality control miss that? Did Bioware once again take the “A” team and place them on SWTOR and Mass Effect 3? I would not be surprised….

Seems like that it maybe the case with WoW as well. Months for a new raid….4.1 was meh. Once we get 4.2 what is next? The Abyssal Maw stuff? Oh wait…that was supposed to be with release, just like the firelands were supposed to. So instead of giving stuff they would have early, they are going to pre-package and say hey new stuff for joo. However, in reality, it is late dinner for us. 4.3 and on better be brighter and MORE awesome…or it will really show they put Team B on work for WoW and are just trying to milk WoW for all its worth.

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Name? Race?

March 25, 2011 12 comments

Bacon is win!

So ok the mage is now on Winterhoof, pending a faction change….ewwww I am a barbaric Alliance now! (again)

Anyways…how do you pick a name?

I used to always want a name that was Rpish i guess. I could never really understand the reasoning for naming your toon a funny name. However, the more I play MMOs that stance has changed and I have some odd names: Orangeslice, Melonslice, Bigbadworgen, Limeslice, Nattysilce (named after Natural Light)

I am not saying a “normal” fantasyish name is bad…but it seems not having one is just as common now. From odd names, to toons named after words – Nation, Tribute etc.

Choosing a race seems to be very biased. People appear to pick the cool looking race or the pretty race. Races not featuring these characteristics tend to be on the low end. How many femtaurs does one see? Dwarves in general? Or people go for min/maxing picking the best race/class combo.

So what should I name my “new” alliance toon?

Some sort of slice?
A new name?
Same name they were on Drak?


Should I stick with aesthetics? Or min/max?

Dranei – the 1% hit is nice I will admit. Gift of the Narru i meh. bonus to JC….

Worgen – the 1% crit is ok, Darkflight is nice. Skinning bonus…..

Human – the reputation bonus is nice. Spirit bonus is blah (mages get no benefit for it). Expertise – BLARG!, although Every man for himself would be nice if i PvP’d more. But no real PVE benefit.

Gnome – no…..not going to be the Sorak equivalent on Alliance. Although, female gnomes are teh cute. Escape Atrist – ok i guess.

Dwaves – Stoneform…cool i guess. Gun bonus…. >,<

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Hybrids – why not?

October 7, 2010 5 comments

When it comes to a lot of things hybrid appears to be a good thing.

For automobiles – hybrid vehs are somewhat better then the traditional car.

For food – fusion dishes can spark life into old recipes.

In pen and paper RPG’s – many of the more interesting classes are not quite one dimensional. (rangers, bards, clerics, etc)

Video games – once again many characters are multi-dimensional in their abiities and or spells.

Why is it for many MMO’s we see you can be this can, X job can do this and should not do this etc.

One thing that has always bugged me (and I do not play a made in WoW, although it does interest me), is mages stuck in ONE school of magic. Other lore (DnD, FF etc) mages are masters of magic being able to pull from more then one school of magic.

In WoW – Arcane, frost, and fire are one’s choices. Also depending on the gear, only one (maybe 2) at any given point will be a viable “optimal” raid spec. Shouldn’t the design of of a class, especially a DPS class allow for most of the specs to be viable in a raid environment? Also shouldnt the design of the gear also lend to this?

Seemed like arcane is the best spec atm for mages…though this may change to Fire and then fire will be the only one for a bit.

Looking at the other “Pure DPS” classes in WoW:

Rogues (excluding the ones spec’d into subtlety) Combat and Assassination seem to be both viable raiding specs.

Hunters (excluding BM) have Survival and Marksmanship.

Warlocks – all 3 are viable raiding specs it appears.

Hell, Death Knights seem to have multiple tanking and DPS trees, until cata.

While the other Hybrid Classes are able to hold their own, depending if they are DPS, tank, or healer.

Is it just laziness on developers parts to only let one spec of the “pure” DPS classes to be the top at any given moment, while Hybrids are good to go? Seems a bit unfair. (poor frost mages)

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Silver Platter

September 30, 2010 1 comment

Do you prefer pampering and handholding? Or do you prefer to look for things, research, and *shock* write things down?

As someone mentioned in the FFXIV guild:

“WoW is a game, FFXI/14 is a lifestyle.”

Talking with some LS mates in FF14, they all prefer the “hardcore” nature of XI/XIV over WoW.

1.) They like finding out new things – recipes, exploration, and finding enemies to fight.

2.) They do not like NPC’s telling them where to go and what to kill for the most part.
“Killing 10 rats and come back to me.” – they do not like. (Ironically, many of the Battle Leves are like that – the only difference is in…errr there is none really, except that depending on the difficulty the amt of xp, gil, and items vary greatly.)

3.) Crafting is not boring. It is not craft X of this to this lvl and then learn new recipes at trainer and rince and repeat. Many of the items require one to actually take advantage of learning other crafts and broadening your knowledge.

4.) You are not retricted to “leveling up” by quest/killing monsters. Crafting, harvesting, killing monsters, and guild leves (aka quests) give you XP.

5.) One is not only a Gladiator, Archer, Botonist, Miner. At any point you can swap your class/job on the fly. Your character is defined by your Physical Level (which is your base stats, and your elemental resistances), and your class level.

6.) Leveling up a different class has benefits as well. For example, lets take Conjurer – they have shock spikes (which has a chance to stun your opponent when they hit you) and stone skin, and Cure.
You get those abilities, you then decide you want to tank and take up the way of the Gladiator – you can then equip those Conjuror abilities also on your gladiator. Boom super tank. Let’s then take a different Gladiator, lets say they have leveled Marauder for its defensive buff, and Pugilist for its Chakra ability (self heal). Same class but tailored to the player’s style.

I am still on the fence with FF14, I do like it. It is like a nice pair of broken in jeans, comfortable and feels right.

But then again the style WoW provides is also familiar as well. I admit, I like it!

1.) WoW is nicely made for the casual player to the hardcore player.

2.) WoW is no matter what you say, it is very easy to play, and easy to pick up. Until endgame, you can play it without thinking. Raiding in WoW, however, does require research and work to do well. Not any scrub can expect to walk into a lot of raids. The game is well made for the masses.

3.) There is a lot of information out there on it. READ IT!!! Take advantage of it.

4.) I also like the look, and lore of Azeroth! /waggle, cow, orcs, what is not to like!

5.) The character system of WoW nice, where you can level new alts, especially, if you get sick of looking at your toon! (Wish they had more features to make your toon look different, but oh well.)

Which game is better is up to debate. However, for sure they are marketed/made for two very different types of gamers.

“WoW is a game, FFXI/14 is a lifestyle.”

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Is bigger better?

September 21, 2010 8 comments

As Cata looms closer and closer, more information is being released. Is this a good thing?

What do we have to look foward to? It like knowing what you are getting for Christmas in advance. For some people they are avoiding reading info, others are eagerly absorbing information as it comes out (I know I love more info, I hate being in the dark!)

Either way there was pros and cons to either way.

Staying in the dark

1.) You are surprised and have that feeling of awe and wonder.
2.) Giddy as a school girl when you find out something new.
3.) Excited about learing everything yourself, self fullfillment.

1.) You are not able to hit the ground running.
2.) People may wonder why you do not know where everything is.

Reading all info out there

1.) Once Cata is one out can hit the ground running!
2.) Can be a source of info for guildees who may have not been keeping up.
3.) You know what to expect and what to do.

1.) Lessened feeling of surprise.

What do you prefer, do you prefer too be in the dark and surprised when it arrives? Or are you like me? gimme info NAO!!! NOMNOMNOM! Or maybe you only read what you want to read and avoid lore spoilers?

Guild Levels…what do you think?

Overall I think it is a good idea, and is a good way to perhaps promote guilds as the social/organizational unit in MMO’s.

However, like with any good idea, there is some glaring issues.

How exactly is guild experience earned? Per Blizzard, doing any activity etc will allow for it. A very generic answer. Is there a cap per hour? Does one activity earn more experience over another?

Another thing is appears Blizzard is no longer just counting the top 20 contributers, appears all guild members will count toward guild xp.

Is this a good idea? That really does favor LARGE guilds, does Blizzard only want big super zerg guilds out there only?

Many of the really good rewards and achievements appear to be geared toward larger guilds.

Reach Guild Level 25? that will take a long time….

Catch 100,000 fish – this may or may not take a while.

Kill 50,000 critters?

I remember in Warhammer: Online there were guild levels and the larger your guild was, the faster your guild leveled. This promoted huge zerg guilds rather then guilds who could work together in my opinion.

Blizzard, do you really just want a few huge guilds out there??

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I’m sorry but all names are taken.

September 17, 2010 15 comments

Its friday! Woo~

Also looking back on some of my favorite reads for the week, has to be this:


Very funny read, and so so true.

Good names are hard to come by and by large are duplicated by all.

Look at all the Johns, Michelles, etcs. Where is something original and cool. And no Clementine is not cool. Neither is Hubert. Anyone named those are gonna have high psych bills. :)

Lets take a look at my paladin’s name. Orangeslice.

Hmmm…47 others have the same name. Not too shabby. The cult of Slice is starting.

Now some of my guildee and friends.

Lyssi at Dot and Hots….only 8. Step it up girl!

Sorak….wow….Sorak is a player…lots of clones. 107!

Delerius over at thedenofdelerius. 40…not too shabby!

Zarigar (I have to admit, this is a cool and unique name) – 12 Zarigars out there…is his plan to take over the world coming to light?

Arvash – 3…wow….someone needs to get out more.

Arelin – from Repgrind fame – 55. playa playa!

Anyways peace out! TGIF.

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Good news everyone!

September 14, 2010 4 comments


The evil annoying Professor is down!!! (25 man heroic)

Now this is a fight with a lot of mechanics to watch for, it also has a lot randomness contained within, you cannot control. This inability to control the randomness with some mechanics makes this fight a pain. It is no wonder that according to WoW progress that 4944 (6.55%) have killed the Prog on 25 man heroic.

Also, one of our Hunter’s, when he obtained Heroic: Plagueworks Achievement, also got It’s over 9000. :)

Unbound Plague is an example of a mechanic you can control, and with proper control the raid can prevent deaths and etc.

A mechanic you cannot control is whom is targeted with a ooze. The ooze holding a raid member in place and then the Prof. throwing a goo at said member is just bad freakin luck.

Avoiding what you can to avoid sillly deaths is necessasry to down the annoying Prof. Dying to things like plague and goo is a no-no. Too many deaths and you will not have the needed DPS to kill him in phase 3. The raid wide damage when he gets to 4 stacks on a tank is rough. (I know that sometimes death is seemingly unavoidable at times, bad luck is bad luck)

After that waltzed on thru the rest of ICC and went onto Mr. Arthas…last fight, 1 attempt/10 min before end of raid night. Walked in and owned him. 25 man Kingslayer title obtained! Also:

Archus, Greatstaff of Antonidas obtained as well! :) All in all a great night of raiding.

Tuesday night. Hope to have the same fun. Raiding is fun. Questing is not!

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September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

What do all of these games have in common??


Some lasted for a while others did not.

With some, AoC, UO, Aion, and LOTRO, I had no qualms about canceling and then uninstalling the games from my PC.

I had no attachment to them, and there was no “magic” when playing those games. They felt like soulless clones.

With FFXI—yeah I am playing FFXIV open beta now…so you know I am just playing FFXI – 2.

The final game…Warhammer Online (WAR)

I SO wanted this game to work. The Warhammer IP is such an awesome world. It is a fantasy world, but it is a brutal one. Even the pretty elves are not without their flaws. The humans are a bunch of religious fanatics. A very brutal brutal world.

WAR was also the 1st game where I got into PvP. For the most part Tier 1-3 to me at least was balanced and not too bad within Scenarios. in Open RvR combat…..made me want to bash my head in. Inbalances killed it, and people who do not know how to work as a team.

Tier 4…oh god how I wanted to love thee. By this time ugh….hated those scenarios…..CC, Roots, Knockbacks galore, and Order’s guards bugged…..Serpents Passage made me want to cry…and due to its low # requirement…it was all that ever popped it seemed on Ironforge.

Tier 4 RvR…..again beat head into wall…..poorly implemented.

Also…no PvE content…or a severe lack of….and the biggest “PVE” thing to raid your enemies capital city….severely bugged/gimped etc.

Although, recently I have heard that WAR has done some good things….Rivs even went back for a bit. I am tempted to reinstall and head back maybe.

The one thing that has me tempted to go back…..SKAVEN to be added as a mobs etc. Sorry for those Order or Chaos players. I am a servant of the horned rat at heart. Playing the table top game and having a millions rat men it seemed to swarm the enemy!!!!

Sorry Blood God or Sigmar, Skaven and the Horned Rat is where it is at. They really should add them in at some point. I know I would come back to wage WAR!

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