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How to break the wall…just add water! err wait.

August 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Like most I can be a stubborn individual….we keep on doing things over and over again till we succeed. Its the same thing in WoW…we do fights over and over again till we win and learn the ropes.

But what is it that causes the wall to fall or stay in place, like the Wall of China?

The Great Wall


Why do we hit the wall on certain fights?

1.) Over focused or not enough focus.
-Being over focused
a.) can be the infamous healer tunnel vision
b.) over concerned about one fight mechanic at the expense of another
c.) DPS overly concerned about #’s or also getting tunnel visioned
d.) loss of focus due to fatigue or frustration

2.) Raid composition/cohesion
-Let’s face it getting people up to speed on fights can add to the “wall’s” formation. Getting people used to mechanics and how to handle things can be rough in a fight. Another issue is when fighting a boss learning how your raid mates/fellows healer/DPS work and handle certain things, until you know how things run…focus maybe less then normal. Being able to run with a consistant group does wonders. Furhermore, when you add more people the harder it is to get the “raid” to work as a unit. People are individuals and will do their own thing to survive at time. Also with larger raids it maybe harder to get to know EACH and everyone’s playstyle. Larger raids = less room for certain mechanics (i.e. Vile Gas, Defile etc)

3.) Lack of preparation/experience
-We all have experience in this. Take when ICC 1st came out, it was new and exciting and everyone did not know everything about every encounter. It was a lack of experience which build “walls” at that time. As time goes on…what makes the “wall” in this case I would surmise the culprit is lack of preparation. This can be in the form of lack of buffs (food, flasks etc), proper raid roster, being up to date on the latest boss strategies, or even lack of the current best “raid” spec.

4.) Real life
-cuts in to the amount of raiders
-when on break and coming to the game, there maybe a period of getting back in the routine

Is there a way to combat the wall?

“You bet there is laddie!! All it takes is a ale and a few dwarves!”

Dwarf Team!

Back on track….is there a way to combat the wall? Besides with small bearded people?

Although, there is no cure all for overfocus or lack of focus there are a few things we can do to help.

1.) Be conscious about your surroundings and the flow of the fight.
2.) If tired etc. Take a stretch get away from the keyboard for a moment. take a smoke, grab a drink etc.
3.) If frustrated take a breath and remember, “it’s a game!”

Sadly, nothing can be done about real life and raid composition. Only thing that we can do is strive to be our best, make due with what we got. Look up the startegies etc. Being prepared can help make up for experience and raid composition many times. Remember, Blizzard has stated: “Bring the player, not the class!”

3rd suggestion to help break down the wall!

-Remember to have fun. WoW is a game, not a job!

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(Cure Disease) Can i have it?

August 9, 2010 5 comments

Ahhh good old Professor Putricide. Everyone’s favorite crazy doctor. His clever, whitty sayings, he says over and over again. A dedicated family man, look at the attention and love he shows for his “sons” is heartwarming.

F that…this bastard needs to die!!!!!

He is irritating on 10 man, a bastard on 25 man, 25 man Heroic…../wrist.

In Heroic version, the Professor and his slimes have a lot more hitpoints.

He also starting in Phase 1 throws out “Umbound Plague” – great another new things to pay attention to. Trust me this is a nasty disease. I am so going to pick up the addon to help manage this.

His slimes also hit for a lot more and with the added craziness of the UB going around it can be a bit rough. The slime explode for a lot more…I need to get better at stacking as well. I was only hit for it 30 times last week. Need to get there faster >< I think if a slime expodes its about 250k damage so..yes you need a lot of bodies to soak up the dmg. From lock pets, hunter pets, ghost wolves, elementals or snake trap and the raid…you need bodies there to share the love errr the pain!

The transitions are also a pain – 2 slimes out instead of the normal stunning gas. So if you still have a slime out from before…yeah wipe city. Also in the transitions he places a debuff on you so you can only DPS effectively the same colored slime. So if you are orange you can only really DPS the orange slime and vice versa.

Also the p3 damage is high…so he needs to die fast. too many stacks and boom down goes the raid know.

I am sure he will go down soon. :) As someone once mentioned – "The fight is not hard, it's all about managing the mechanics." Truer words have never been spoken.

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For the greater good? Or memememememe?

April 29, 2010 5 comments – good read. Not your typical wall of text.

I will agree with Del, I do not see anything in his post that I disagree with. WoW is a game and why play a game if it is not fun. Once it becomes not fun, un-fun, boring etc. it maybe time to move on. However, until we get to that point, why do we still play even at max level, and upper tier gear? Del hit is right on the head we play/raid – for our friends. In SR people are willing to cut gems, look for mats on alts etc.

Disclaimer: I do not believe in the below. I am super nice asian dude!~

However, I do understand and see there are reasons for others to play/raid in this game still. Lets take some of the upper world guilds. Sure they may make friends etc. But at that point the driving point is not fun or friendship, it maybe for the sponsorship dollars, presssure to be world first, and the desire to be the best at ANY cost. That is greed, inflating the ego, and memememememememe.

They may work together to achieve, but how many are wondering…I hope that loot drops, oooo when we get this more money, more fame, more epeen? At that point, from an outsider looking in, it appears to be more of a job then a game or hobby. At that point do we care more about our own fame and development rather then the guild a whole organism? Or are we only concerned enough about it for the fame such a tag shall garner?

When in the game/raid…what do we think about? Loot? Fame? Thrill/Challenge? There is nothing wrong with those, deep down inside we all want that…human nature dictates we look out for ourselves. Self preservation is the name of the game. Look at the numerous posts about X ninja’d this, omfg this person looted a gbank and ran, and trade trolls….I think you see my point, we want what other have.

Very rarely does one hear anything good about the happenings in WoW…we like to focus on the negative and with morbid curiosity watch/read it. /popcorn. Sure we have those individuals who level’d non stop for charity…and that is great…but what about the players who griefed them on the way….

Who wants to hear about the nice when we can see who ninja’ed what…that makes for much more fun. We are drawn to the bad more then we would like to admit. Like slowing down to glance at a car accident.

Also the fake bravado being on the internet brings tends to bring out the worst in people. Makes us do and say things we would not normally do in real life. /ethug mode engage!

Why be nice when I can get away with things I normally cannot?? /ponder

Now you may disagree with me but the average WoW player is going to be somewhere in between the members of my guild (For the greater good!) and a douche bag guild (not going to name a certain guild). Scratch that I am going to assume the worst…if chat troll, ninja looters, rage quitters, hackers, gold sellers/byuers are within WoW’s population, I am going to make the conclusion,  many people raid/play WoW for themselves only.

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Teasing is bad, sometimes good. :D

April 14, 2010 3 comments

Ok Blizzard is teasing us with class previews and the new Mt Hyjal, retaking of gnomewhatisnameagain, and the Echo Isles for the trolls. Why do this now? Why release all this information so early without a release date. All this is doing is raising expectations, and when Blizzard cannot meet them…they will eat crow.

Not sure why Blizzard is doing the samething as Mythic did. Why promise all this stuff and fail to deliver in the end. Cata is going to be a very ambitious project: re-designings zones,  adding new zones, and 2 new races. If I am not mistaken Blizzzard wanted to add a dance studio for WoTLK? Not in…where is it? More veh combat was also promised, well more then we have currently.

Mythic when they were hyping up WAR, said 3 capital cities each for each of the 2 factions. The Empire was released without their tank, as was the Dark Elves. The Dwarves and the Greenskins were released without their melee DPS. The RVR t4 action was clunky at times. Too much dependence on your faction controlling the other zones. (T1 1-10, T2 11-20, T3 20-30, T4 31-40.)

We shall see if Blizzard can deliver on the promise. I have my doubts.

If the level 85 abilities are any indication of the thought being put into Cata, i am really worried.

Ok enough with the QQ and etc.

As already mentioned by our fearless leader….we forgot to change the raid difficulty to 25….wiping to trash in VoA…wut??? But I should have been paying more attention, when Tir invited people and the screen said raid difficulty was set to 25….Tir you are an evil sick femtaur!

Tonight ICC 10….Sind and LK going down to Chinatown!!!!!!

New Lootwhore has been crowned and it is Nelchalen! 4 pieces of loot last night and 2 crafting plans…hmmm…did a certain pally hit the JP button. (sorry old FFXI joke)

Grats boss on getting yout priest to 80..i can retire my priest now XD

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April 13, 2010 1 comment

!st this pic rocks!!

2nd – Guilds, Content, and WoW.

I know I may have touched on this before, but I really wonder how Blizzard is going to keep people happy till Cata. One little sanctum instance is not going to keep people happy.  Well its to late now…but Blizzard  should have had something in place to extend the life of ICC perhaps, but not with artificial lock….that is lame. More wings etc?

ICC its supposed to be some massive fortress, but it did not feel epic in scope. Especially when one compares it to Kara, or even Ulduar. Where are all of Arthas’ soldiers…ICC is pretty empty…oh wait they are all on the outside having a BBQ.

With such easy access to “endgame” what exactly does a guild provide in game?

Read Lissanna’s post!

It has some very nice points and overall an awesome blog to read.

Getting back on point – I do agree with Lissanna’s idea of  making 10 and 20 man raids rather then 25.  25 is an awkward number.  5 less kittens to herd into a box…err raid.  5 less people to worry about standing in bad, 5 less people to deal with when handing out loot. 5 less people afking at bad times. 5 less people to umm…

I will have to disagree with the Guild Level idea. I think it will help bring guilds back to the fore front of being a “need” to raid. If they do it well the benefits to being in a guild that is lvl’d up should shine.

I know some may disagree with me –  but I don’t like this, lets PuG this or PuG that…the system in place is like a “loot pinata”. With that system in place…anyone and their momma can get epics. This hurts guilds and recruiting. This is one of the reasons that it took me so long to play wow seriously….the ease of obtaining loot. I hate going back to an old game, but in FFXI every piece was earned and no so easily thrown out 3 months later. Each piece of loot was earned and well deserved.

Maybe Blizzard needs to look into some items that need to be required to be farmed to pop a boss, have a item with a high cost that needs to be purchased or something. It’s kind of sad a new 80 after grinding out a few days of heroics can be quite well geared. (although that is how my priest did it.)

Cata. changes…ok Blizzard…take your designers and you may want to hit them with whiffle bats will they bleed. Lifegrip…Wild Mushroom…wall of fog….why….if you wanted people to worry about sure succeeded. But it is still early and things may change. :)

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Raid Kitten pt deux

March 30, 2010 4 comments

Go read the inital part for a refresher. Take it as gospel, the koran, etc for being a raid kitten.

Also check out

I agree with what Tir has written. (he may have a temper at times, but the man does know his stuff, and he is genuine when he wants the guild to succeed and besides he is a nice guy).

I admit that I do not think I am a “good” WoW player. It takes me a while to learn mechanics, as Slo mentioned you can read and watch all the videos, but till you actually see the fight first hand, all that other stuff is fluff. The written strats and the videos are reference materials only and really should not be taken as gospel.

Raid Leaders and members must: Learn, adapt, and evolve as appropriate. Otherwise we die. A raid is a living breathing organism composed of its members, when one faile, the raid dies.

Be prepared when you head into a role you are not used to, be it healer or DPS, or tank. Spec, gem, enchant appropriately. If you are not used to DPSing – spend more time with it. Not used to tanking, do more of it…(yeah i know i need to tank more).

Watch your threat meters, don’t get tunnel visioned into lifebars (I am bad at this sometimes), procs, etc. Dont stand in front of a boss (if it has cleave) or behind it (if it has a tail attack). 

Also learn the habits of your fellow raid members if possible. Learn to think what would they do in a certain situation. For example, Ari and I were targeted by the ice tombs. My reaction is if someone runs toward me and we need to be spread out, I will run from them. Forgetting Ari can blink, she can move faster then I, should have allowed her to move as they are better equipped for the task.

When possible keep raid channels and vent clear for raid information that needs to get passed on.

I do not want to sound like an ass here but there is no other way to put this. Joking and fun is all good, but please can the chatter when about to pull or when in the middle of combat. If you talk while in combat…and hitting that push to talk key  – you may miss something you need to GTFO from, cast a critical spell needed,  or cut out someone trying to relay an important piece of info to the raid.  Combat time is srs bizness. I don’t care if its lolNaxx, or totc 10 something can happen to screw the raid over. (like a certain Paladin or Shaman not being in a healing spec :P still cracks me up)

If you are getting replaced or not picked, do not take offense. Means comp is not working and need to try something else out.  Once the kinks are worked out alt ways can be worked out etc. If you are getting replaced, take it as moment to Learn, adapt, and evolve. Is your spec off? Rotation off? Gemmed, enchanted incorrectly?

The game is not about the loot. Its about, as Tir mentioned, beating the “endboss”. If loot is your driving goal. You may wanna review why you are in a guild. If you just want loot, join a PuG.

A guild raid is a beautiful thing, a guild is like a family. A guild is like that security blanket one can always rely on.


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10/12 woot?? Monday morning raid report.

March 29, 2010 4 comments

3/29/10 Shadow Rising went into ICC 10 to kill some stuff.

I know myself…I was tired. Was tempted to ask for a replacement, but meh manned up and went thru with it.

Wiped once on Blood Princes….not quite sure what happened…Kinetic bomb maybe?

2nd try was poetry in motion. Couple of times I did lose track of Soth. /panic.  I also wanded a ball as well. (ok that does not sound good, but meh will keep it in)

Then went onto Prof. /pwned.  Got me a new belt.

I want to be knocking on Arthas’ door soon, not playing with his pet dragon.” – Arioch from Clearcasting

As you can see, we hit a brickwall. Ground Phase and Airphase seem to be going ok. Just slow down the DPS on the tombs a little.

Also the draw – in ability she does. Seems like we are getting that down, noone is dying from that anymore for the most part.

Protip: As soon as she does it, rotate your camera to the direction you wish to run. Hit the ground and zoooooommmmm. GTFO.

2nd phase at 35%…I know I messed up. Note to self: leave room behind for people to hide.

People need to move as soon as the ice tomb is broken,  and also get away from the person being targeted with the tomb.

I am sure we will get her down. :)

And then hello Lich King! Can we borrow some sugar for lemonade!

Also for some early morning excitement check out Its “stimulating”


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Skill vs Luck.

March 15, 2010 15 comments

1st off some good news SR is 9/12 for 10 man ICC. Kill the Bloodqueen last night. 9 wipes and 10 try, the kill shot….or was it the DoT shot…?? (will post a SS later on)

In this fight, the dmg is chaotic and at 1st overwheming. After a few more tries it is not as overwhelming. It does become crazy after the bloodbolt whirl. Especially if poeple are grouping up and OOR.

One thing to note is, she does cast bloodbolts at random people before the whirl as well, people need to stay apart from those as well. She seems to cast those standing at range. There were a few time i got the low health warning all of a sudden, as i got hit with the splash effect.

With the red beams of death…still got issues with those. I am trying to run toward the person and then stopping about 3-4 steps. before meeting up with them. Seems if both people are moving they will miss one another.  Another point is that the healers and ranged might be a bit too far out…when someone targeted way out there with a melee…the dmg can hurt. Or a far out person gets target with another far out person and catches a healer in the middle.

From a healing standpoint – I do think it was a weird comp we had for that kill. One thing I would to try out if  the same team is brought in. Would be to put  Hex and I or a shaman for that matter toward the middle. So the chainheals can hit more people if that is what they are using.

With Hex off to the far side, I don’t think the chain heal was at its most effective, if I am wrong please correct me. Also with Tel being targeted sometimes, the other 2 healers need to be more aware of the tanks, there were times when the tanks got dangerously low. But with that fight DPS also needs to stay alive + tanks it can be hectic. Having a druid there would have helped out a lot as well. *stare Del, Tatia*

The kill attempt – we did have one of our best DPS die and then I died as well. Not sure how we managed to kill her.  Healers -1, Blizzard 69

Dreamwalker…..I dont want to think how many times i have read that strat. So I am not sure where it is going wrong? Its it the healing? Is it the add control? 2 tanks, 3 healers, 5 DPS?

4 healers, 2 tanks, 4 DPS?

No idea!

It really does boil down to HPS.  Different healers are better at it then others. I do think I could get higher #’s but with that fight all the adds makes me worry. And priest imo, are not designed to put out the raw power needed at time like a shaman, druid, or pally can.

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Nerf? Buff? Nerf? Buff? EZ MODE IKE?

March 3, 2010 2 comments

Is it a slap in the face for serious raiders? A blessing for the more casual minded?

If you don’t know what it is, here is a recap.

“As many of you may have noticed, the Icecrown Citadel raid buffs have been activated. These buffs increase total health, healing done and damage dealt by 5% for all raid members. In addition, the number of attempts on the final bosses of each wing and the Lich King allotted raid groups on Heroic difficulty has been increased to 35. These buffs — referred to as Strength of Wrynn for the Alliance and Hellscream’s Warsong for the Horde — can be deactivated by speaking to your faction’s leader at Light’s Hammer.”

Just reading it…looks awesome…helps the whole raid out.  For guilds stuck at the 4/12 etc, this will be a lightning bolt to the heart.

For more progressive minded guild…like Herding cats mentioned, it does feel like a slap in the face perhaps. I am not too happy about it myself but I do understand Blizzard’s reasoning behind it. GET MAOR PEOPLE TO SEE DA GAME. MEANS MORE MONEYS

Blizzard: Dude lets add a zone wide buff to the raid. People will be happier and we will gets moar moneys.

I am glad they at least did implement it so you can disable it, so one can still down bosses without. So I guess it is not that bad. But still it does feel like..they are saying the vast majority cannot handle the dungeon. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!

It will be up to RL/GM to see if their people can handle things without the buff or not.

Edit: I guess it is ok to use…1st heroic mode Lich King kill used the buff.

But onto happier news





“Priest Tier-10 4-Piece Healing Set Bonus: Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster’s Power Word: Shield and Renew spells by 5%.”


This is better then sliced bread, wind rider cubs, and Blue-proto drakes..I know what my Emblems of Frost are going toward. :)

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Country road take me home…to the place i belong.

March 2, 2010 4 comments

Ok 2nd character is almost to 80, wooo!!! Now the seond time through WoW has been a very different experience, but these 2 characters Liyhe, and Orangeslice were not my 1st characters.

WAYYYY back when WoW first came out I bought the collectors edition, cause a friend from college convinced me to play. (When I buy games…I will ussually opt for the bigger, shinier stuffs)

Installed the game….and waited….waited…waited….for it update and let me log in. I log in and immediately make a Horde character, my friend is playing horde so i was kinda stuck, but i did not mind. Undead are cool, Horde is cool, and Thrall owns.

So I roll up and undead male Warlock named Khalad. (he is no longer in esistance…he is deleted….kinda regret it though). The 1st undead town was cool looking (to a very new WoW player), quest givers all over the place. Go kill this….grumble…go fetch this for me….blarg….here is your imp…an imp….geee thanks….go and kill some more things…here is your Voidwalker…ok back then it was freakin sweet.

Blueberry I choose you!!. Go kill that mob, while I DoT it, shadowbolt it…and hack at it…yes I did not know any better I meleed with a sword as well…LOL. I think I got bored of the game and the lock around lvl 16. (I was still a hardcore FFXI player at the time and did not have time to devote to 2 MMO’s so goodbye WoW after the 30 day free trial).  I think I also tried out a Taruen Warrior (Thormgrim), Gnome mage (yes i know, I was drunk i think when i created it), and a NE Druid. These characters I have no idea which server they were on.

Time goes by and I am browsing thru my local gamestop….and a green box with the words “Burning and Crusade” on it, falling for its evil trap I note is says new races!!! Space goats and ELVES!! For the horde side….ok win…must buy…I happily pay the employee 30 and i gleefully go and reinstall WoW and the new expansion…..made 2 characters immediately to try out the new races. Blood Elf hunter named – Liyhe, and a Dranei Paladin – Kurik (I am not totally sure on the name) – these were made on Sister of Elune if I remember correctly.

I got the space goat about the 24…before I got sick auto attacking to kill stuffs. The hunter interested me as my favorite job in FFXI is ranger. The pet companent was interesting as well. SO excited when got my 1st pet…got one of those Sabrertooth tigers around Tranquilen. Well my interest in WoW did not last once again and Hunter only made it to 24.

A few months later i tried again and rolled a space goat priest, I dont remember her name (Salathera?)…but the waggle was the bomb. Anyways..that character lasted till about 35 ish?

My intial expeditaions into WoW were shortlived and noob filled…my specs would make Conan and Crom cry. It would cause oceans to recede, and babies to turn into stone. I think my intial tries with WoW would have been sucessful if there was a decent guild to join.

Ok WoW faded from memory and the collectors box and BC box gathered dust. Until a few months ago…I think it was around August or Sept…I was bored of FFXI…a friend in the Columbus area, he convinced me to play WoW again and roll a Priest on Uther….I rolled one up…Belf of course onry. It was in this latest try where i found all the damn WoW sites and blogs…i was hooked…my friends then quit…and i was at 67ish..i quit for month…came back and powered my way till 80.

Looked around blogs and located Clearcasting and Shadow Rising  :P (also thru Ari’s blog…located Lyss’s blog or was that thru Rivs blog?)

 The rest is history as one could say.

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