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Axe or mace? which do you prefer?

July 20, 2010 10 comments

Ok 25 freakin primordial saronites later….thanks hun (Lyssi) for the last two!


finally has gotten Shadow’s Edge…lol. I am excited to have this weapon, definitely cool, but as you can see my ret set is far behind my holy set.

For the most part I do think Blizzard does a good job with their epic weapon and the means to get them, only thing I do not disagree is how epic weapons become outdated lol. But once Cata hits all our epic gear will soon be outdated anyways…man what a vicious way to keep players playing. :P

25 man raid tonight. Should be interesting as usual. :P

25 man raid noooo!

Hopefully will be smooth as butter. Or at least bacon and eggs!!!

I will say having a week off work and visiting Lyssi has lifted my spirits once more. Lets assault hell once more!!! LK dead…yes, please! Slice the kingslayer will bring all the belfs to the yard!!

MMO champion…Guild perks…look awesome. Will promote guild cohesiveness I hope! :)


Btw my one of my new favorite magic cards. Perfect for a white aggro deck imo.

Da man!

And an good ol’ favorite!

MY Precious!

Sure the mana cost is high, but depending on what you play can be very easy to get out on the battlefield in a few turns. Dredge + Rise from the Grave

Or Priest of Titania or Elvish Archdruid and a few elves boom. Make sure you have duel lands as well :P

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Nothing exciting here…move on! Wait…

July 6, 2010 6 comments

Nothing WoW related…well maybe one thing….

My lovely paladin has finally gotten rid of that ugly ilvl 200 shield and replaced it with this!

Shield!! NOM!

It took a while to get. 4 wipes on Northrend beasts….wow people if your healers have a snobold on them….kill the snobold ASAP…i dont care about your DPS!!! Other then that everything else was oneshotted…I was surprised…and I WAS the only one who could use the shield! /dance!

Downloaded DDO…not sure if I am sold on it. I dont like the constant clicking…if i wanted to do that I would play Champions of Norrath or Diablo. However, it is nice to play some good ol’ fashioned D&D. The DM piping in every now and then is cool. And stats galore…./drool.

Also what surprised me is LOTRO is heading in the same direction this fall, and truthfully that intrigues me. My 3 months there was a blast. I may have to check it out when it swaps over for the Free to play but pay for junk model.

What i see with this model and it can be a good idea for old, less popular games to stay viable.

Over the weekend, I did place a reserve on FF14

Its gonna be sweet. Catgirls ftw :P

From a lot of the videos from E3…the gameplay, graphics are soooo much vastly improved. I am definitely excited for it.

Also check this out.

It’s epic win!

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July 1, 2010 12 comments

Ok NDA has been lifted…and i will admit I had a moment of girly nerdiness glee. /shoves it back into its jail.

Some interesting things out there…but WHY are they releasing it so early, the NDA that is? This is the closed beta, more then likely a lot of things will be changed. So why are they revealing thing now?

1.) To get our hopes up and RUTHLESSLY crush our souls/hearts with their digital porn clips of zone, skills, and /emotes!

2.) See above – with all this “teasing” are they trying to keep people interested in WoW. This is very feasible. I can see many people getting bored with the current content. Furthermore, with the shortness the RS is, that is not going to keep the extremely bored paying for their WoW SUBS.

3.) Could Blizzard be worried about other MMO’s coming out? I feel that Blizzard did when WAR 1st hit the scene. With FF14 out in December, TERA, and SW:TOR out in early 2011, could they feel some of their territory will be taken? Possibly. SE has a proven record with FFXI, and shit Bioware makes one hell of a game. Both games and even TERA had a lot of people looking at them at E3.

4.) Also WoW is quite an old game now. It is great that it catered to the masses, hence its greatest strength and its greatest crutch. So many people who HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY IN A GROUP IT IS SO AMAZING THAT I CONSTANLY FACEPALM EVERYDAY. It is TOO EASY to get a toon to 80 and “HEY GUYS CAN I READZ WIF U 4 EPICZ?” But its simplicity allowed casual gamers to get into the MMO genre and made MMO’s more visible to the greater audience. But come on….graphics need changed and all great things need to end. Hence once again – they are trying to shake up Azeroth and give it, in my opinion, a more raw feel, Get back to that animosity between Alliance and Horde, also even between the factions contained with in each side.

5.) They lifted the NDA early…cause they are genuinle NICE people and want to make us happy…..yeah i laughed when I wrote #5.

Some of the teases it did like.

1.) WORGEN MODEL FOR DRUID!!! One thing i did not like was…why why….worgen cat form? Makes no sense to me…why not let them just shift into a WOLF…you know cause that would make sense….

2.) Troll and Dwarf locks….pretty f’ing sweet imo.

3.) Mohawks on Cats and Bears for trolls….looks sweet but hurt da eyes….they BURN!!!

4.) LMAO BLUE and GREEN items with a higher ilvl then current epics…wait…that makes me sad in da pants…

5.) Tauren and Space goat mounts…for their paladins….loooks cool. Elekk and Kodo paladin mounts = win!
(and no my pally with me Belf4lyfe!)

6.) PW: Barrier

What I wish they would put in Cata.

1.) Worgen Paladins…yeah…HAWT!

2.) That GM’s would actually do something about people constantly talking in trade about stupid stuff….yeah i know turn it off…..but come on….people talk about stuff that no self respecting human being talk about etc…..some people should not be allowed to breed I swear. /grumble.

3.) Maybe a new class but not heroic.

4.) Food actually being useful….fish feasts…getting old.

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